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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



Whereas1867. 5 April.Hawke's Bay. by the "East Coast Titles Investigation Act 1867" it is provided that the Native Lands Courts shall have power within a District described in the Schedule to the said Act to enquire into and determine the titles to all and any land or landsRuahine. whether claimed by or belonging to aboriginal natives or other British subjects, end(Deed of cession.) whether or not such investigation shall be required on the part of any person or persons claiming titles thereto and further to ascertain and certify what lands are or but for participation in the rebellion would have been the property of persons who have been engaged in the rebellion and whereas by the said Act it is further provided that such last mentioned land shall from the date of the certificate of the said Court be and be deemed to be land of the Crown discharged of any right title or claim by any person other than Her Majesty Her Heirs and Successors. Now this agreement made between Reginald Newton Biggs Esquire a Justice of the Peace of the Colony on behalf of Her Majesty on the one part and the undersigned Chiefs and Natives of the Wairoa District having rights or claims within the District described in the schedule aforesaid Witnesseth that in consideration of the said rights and claims and of the loyalty and good services of the said Chiefs and natives during the insurrection on the East Coast and of the covenant hereinafter contained on their part and in order to consolidate the claims of Her Majesty under the said Act and of the several hapus to which the said undersigned page 549Chiefs and natives belong the said Reginald Newton Biggs doth hereby agree to withdraw all the claims of Her Majesty under the said Act so far as relates to that part of the land comprised in the said schedule lying to the southward of the Ruaki Turi RiverBoundaries. and of a straight line drawn from the junction of the said river and the Huanga Reu River at Te Reinga te Paritu on the East Coast, as shown on the sketch map drawn hereon except the land comprised within the following boundary commencing at theLand excepted. mouth of the Kauhauroa stream up the river to its source thence to the Manga Poiki by the shortest line down the Manga Poiki to its junction with the Wairoa down the Wairoa to the mouth of the Mangaaruhe river up the Mangaaruhe to the mouth of the Manga Kapua up the Manga Kapua to its source thence a straight line to the junction of the Waikare Taheke and the Waiau thence following the course of the Waiau to its junction with the Wairoa thence to the mouth of the Kauhauroa the commencing point as shown on the said sketch map where the same is colored pink and marked A. And the said Reginald Newton Biggs further agrees that within the said last described block a reserve of—acres shall be made at Pakowhai for the use and benefit of the undersigned Mere Karaka and her hapu, and that twenty sections of fifty acres each between the River Wairoa and the River Kauhauroa shall be given under Crown Grant to Pitiera Kopu, Paora te Apatu, Maihe Kaimoana, Kohea and other owners of land between the said rivers in such proportions as may be hereafter agreed on. And the undersigned chiefs and natives for their part in consideration of the said covenant and reserves and of 800 pounds sterling paid to the said hapu agree to withdraw all otherReceipt for £800. claims whatever which they or any of them may have within the said block marked A and hereby cede the block and all their right, title, and interest therein to Her Majesty and Her Successors.

And it is further agreed by the said parties hereto that this agreement may be made a rule of the said Native Lands Court as witness our hands this fifth day of April 1867.

At Wairoa in the Province of Hawke's Bay.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, February 23rd, 1876.