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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



This Deed1859. 18 July.Poranghau Middle, South for the conveyance of land written on this day the 18th of July in the year of our Lord 1859 is a Deed with the full and truthful consent of us the Chiefs and people of Ngatimanuwhiri to sell and convey fully and finally a portion of our land to page 535Victoria the Queen of England and to all Kings and Queens who may succeed her for ever, arid this consent is given on behalf of ourselves our relatives and descendants who may hereafter be born. And in consideration of our having consented to sell this land the Queen of England on Her part agrees to pay to us the sum of four hundred pounds stg. (£400) for our land. We have this day received three hundred pounds (£300) of
Receipt for£300
Balance due100
this money from Mr. McLean and one hundred (£100) yet remains to be paid to us and pur relatives at some future period. The boundaries commence at the Rae p Manuwhiri and on fromBoundaries. thence to the top of the hill called Whawhakanga from thence to Taipu a Tamake from thence to Taumata o te Rangiaiwa and on to Mangaorapa from thence crossing the stream and on to te Ure, thence to the Rotoiti thence to the Koko o Mauuwhiri thence to the Koko o Patao thence to the Koko o Hikataeroa thence to the Ahikaruae thence to Tiakipake thence to Paerangiaia thence to Paeroa, running thence to the North and on to Ngapaeruru, here it follows the boundary of the land transferred to the Queen at Mangawhero and keeps to that boundary till it closes at te Rae o Manuwhiri. One portion of the land within these boundaries is to be returned and made over to the
Native reserves.
1. Wiremu Matua500
2. Mere Hora100
3. Atareta Hineitanpea500
4. Rora Rangikatau200
(persons) whose names follow, that is to say to William Matua five hundred (500) acres, to Mere Hora one hundred (100) acres, to Atarata Hineitaupea five hundred (500) acres, to Rora daughter of Piripi te Rangikataua two hundred (200) acres making altogether thirteen hundred (1300) acres which are to be secured to the persons named by Crown Grants from the Queen, and these are the only portions of land to be returned to us within these boundaries. The localities of lands so returned are to be determined by the officers of the Queen. And we have duly and sufficiently regretted considered taken leave of and altogether parted with this land of our ancestors which has descended to us with its rivers, waters, lakes, forests, plains, and vegetation, trees, rocks and every other thing above or below the surface of the ground and everything appertaining thereto. We have under the shining sun of this day made over and fully transferred to Victoria the Queen of England to be held by Her and all Kings and Queens her descendants as a lasting possession for ever and ever. And in proof of our consent to the conditions specified in this Deed we have affixed our names and marks. And in proof of the consent of the Queen of England to the conditions specified in this Deed the name of Donald McLean Chief Commissioner for the purchase of Native lands for the Government of New Zealand is affixed.

Signed Donald Mclean, Chief Commissioner.
Signed Ko Wi Matua.
Signed Ko Te Ruru.

Witnesses to the payment of money and signatures—

G. S. Cooper, Dist. Commissioner, Napier.
H. Fitzgerald, Provincial Surveyor, Hawke's Bay, Napier.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hansois Turton.

Wellington, February 28th, 1876.