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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two


[ko te tohutoro i roto i te reo Māori]


This Deed written and consented to on this day that is the fifth 5 day of December in1851. 5 December. the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty one 1851 is a paper of theHawke's Bay. full consent of us the Chiefs and all the people of Mohaka of Waikare and of other places now assembled at this meeting on behalf of ourselves our relations and ourMohaka. descendants who shall be born after us to entirely give up our land to Victoria the Queen of England and to all the Kings and Queens Her successors for ever.

The boundaries of the land.

The boundary commences at the mouth of the Waikare River the boundary runs.Boundaries. thence in the course of the Waikare river to Patuwahine just below Maungaharuru on reaching which it proceeds along the survey line of Mr. Park the surveyor, of Paora Rerepu, of Poihipi of Hungahunga, of Maremare, of Hohepa, and of others of us on to Paiwahie that is to the River of Mohaka itself whence the boundary continues in the Mohaka River down to the sea and on to Waikare.

Now we have considered talked over and fully thought over sighed wept over and bidden farewell to and entirely given up all these lands of our ancestors which have descended from them to us as contained within these boundaries which have been described by Mr. McLean and which are delineated upon the plan attached to this Deed of consent as a lasting possession from us under the shining sun of this day with its rivers lakes waters minerals and timber and with all things belonging to the said land to Victoria the Queen of England and to the Kings and Queens her successors for ever.

And in consideration of our solemn consent to sell and entirely to give up theseTotal price £800. lands of ours the Queen of England agrees on her part to pay us the sum of eight hundred pounds £800 once told. Of these monies two hundred pounds £200 once toldReceipt for £200. has been paid into our hands by Donald McLean Esquire on this day.

£200 Two hundred pounds once told will be paid to us by Mr. McLean in the days of November in the year 1852.

£200 Two hundred pounds once told will be paid to us by Mr. McLean in the days of November in the year 1853.

£200 Two hundred pounds once told being the final instalment for these lands will be paid to us by Mr. McLean in the days of November in the year 1854.

One portion only has been reserved for ourselves within the boundaries of the landBurial-placereserved.[100 acres.] now sold where Kohu-o-te-Rangi and other of our ancestors are interred at Tu Heru-o-tureia about one hundred 100 acres in extent but the cattle of the Europeans may graze upon it if it is not fenced. There are no other portions reserved for us.

And in testimony of our assent in the presence of this assembly to all the conditions of this Deed which has been explained and read to us by Mr. McLean we hereunto sign our names and marks.

And in testimony of the assent of the Queen of England to all the conditions of this Deed the name of Donald McLean Esquire the Government Land Commissioner is hereunto subscribed.

(Signed) Donald McLean,
Land Commissioner.
Hone Te Wainoha.
Hone Kingi Para x, and 293 others.

Witnesses to the receipts of this money and to these signatures—

(Signed) John Williams Harris, Settler at Turanga, Poverty Bay.
William H. Harris, Settler.
Wiremu Tako, Wellington Chief.
Moananui, Ahuriri Chief.
Wm. Lewis, Trader, Wairoa.
Angus McQuarrie, Cooper, x his mark.
James Williamson, Clerk.
Alex. McQuarrie, Carpenter.
James Buchanan McKain, Trader.

True Translation.

(Sd.) Wm. B. Baker,
For Chief Commissioner.