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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



This Deed1859. 27 June.Hawke's Bay. dated the 27th day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty nine, is a paper of the full and true assent of us the Chiefs and people of Ngatikahungunu whose names are hereto subscribed, on behalf of ourselves,Ruataniwha North & Ruahine. our relatives and descendants to he born hereafter, to sell and absolutely convey a piece of our land to Victoria the Queen of England and to all the Kings and Queens Her Successors for ever.
Receipt for £3,700. And for Our consenting to sell this piece of our land, Victoria the Queen of England on her part agrees that our said land shall be paid for with a sum of Three thousand seven hundred pounds £3700, which amount we have this day received from Mr. McLean.
Boundaries. The boundary of this land begins at Taumata o Taonga and runs up the Mangahouhou to the wood which it reaches at Ngatipa, thence it runs by Kaitara to Turi o Taraia, thence to Wakapaupakihi, thence it follows the hill to te Umukuri and falls into Waipawa, thence to Makakahi, thence to Paeponga, thence to te Kotinga a Ruatipua, thence to Makaroro, thence to Waihora, thence to Timurangi, thence to Taumata o Mekura, thence along the top of the Ruahine to the Ranga a te Atua, Wahamaroke, te Awa a Tupekahu, Maroparea, Tanenuiarangi, Otaraotemarama, and on to Pohatuhaha, thence it runs down the boundary of the land sold to the Europeans down to Otuaroa, Otaratahi, te Reureuowhiuwhiu, te Whakariuwaka, and down to Whakaneketuri, andKereru excepted. straight on to Matakite (Kereru being left out) It then comes down from Matakitealong the boundary of the land which has been sold, to Mangatiaorea, thence to Mangamate and follows said stream to Upoko-o-Paua, thence to Wawaurangi, and runs through the wood called Te Puku to te Kahakaha, thence to Taumatakaingawakewake, thence along the hill to Mangaupokordro, where it turns and runs to Taneateko, thence to Tohu a Pakihiwi, Takapu Moari, and on to Te Tukurongo, thence tote Rakau Puhi, thence to Ngamoturiki where it falls into the Mangamauku to Mangaonuku and so itLands excepted from sale. closes up to Taumata-o-Taonga, where it ends. The lands contained within these boundaries which we have not sold are these Tutaetaona, Oparua, Haowhenua, Te Wairere, Otamaika, Ekatahi, Rangitekura, Kaiwaewae, te Kiriapou. These lands are the property of Te Hapuku and his tribes—they do not belong to us and we have accordingly excepted these lands from ours, which we have sold this day.
Native reserves One piece is to be given back to us out of these lands, one thousand one hundred and fifty acres (1150 ac.) in a place to be pointed out by the Officers of Government hereafter to be surveyed and conveyed by Grant from the Crown to the undermentioned people, that is to say, to Te Moananui, one hundred (100) acres, to Tareha, one hundred (100) acres, to Karaitiana Takamoana, one hundred (100) acres, to Renata Kawepo, one hundred (100) acres, to Paora Torotoro, one hundred (100) acres, to, Paora Kaiwhata, one hundred (100) acres, to Wiremu te Ota, one hundred (100) acres, to Noa Huke, one hundred (100) acres, to Karauria Pupu, one hundred (100) acres, to Urupene Puhara, one hundred (100) acres, to Ihaia te Ngira, one hundred (100) acres, to Ani Kanara and Tiakitai fifty (50) acres. These are the only pieces (reserved) for us.

Now we have fully and finally considered, wept over and finally bid adieu to these lands inherited by us from our ancestors, which with their rivers, lakes, streams, woods, plains, grass, trees, stones and everything either above or beneath the surface of the soil, we have absolutely conveyed and assured, under the shining sun of the present day, as a lasting possession to Victoria the Queen of England and to all the Kings and Queens Her Successors for ever.

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And in testimony of our assent to all the conditions of this deed, we have hereto subscribed our names and marks.

And in testimony of the assent of the Queen of England to all the conditions of this deed, it has been signed by Mr. McLean, Land Commissioner for the Government of New Zealand.

Donald Mclean, Chief Land Purchase Commissioner.
Karaitiana, &c., &c., &c.

Witnesses to the payment and signatures—

G. S. Cooper, Dist. Comr., Napier.
T. K. Newton, Storekeeper, Napier.
W. Rich, Contractor.

True Translation.

G. S. Cooper.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, February 17th, 1876.