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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two


[ko te tohutoro i roto i te reo Māori]


This Deed1858. 5 March.Hawke's Bay. written this fifth (5) day of March 1858 witnesseth the full and undivided consent of us the Chiefs and people of the Ngatikahungunu tribe to part with a portion of our territory to Victoria the Queen of England and to Her Successsors for ever and ever.
Te Mata. Receipt for £400. In consideration whereof Victoria the Queen of England covenants to pay us the sum of Four hundred pounds, which said sum of money we have this day received from Mr. Cooper. This is the sum which we are to receive but Mr. Cooper will arrange with our relatives.
Boundaries. This is the portion which was reserved in our sale of Te Mata some time since. The boundaries commence at the Te Karituwhenua and on to Te Hau, and along the ridge at Te Mata to Kahurangi, here it turns and on to the source of Te Ngakau o Hape and on to Ototara, and till it comes out at Ngaruroro thence along the river till it joins Karituwhenua.

Enough we have after deliberation, deep concern and a final farewell unreservedly parted with this our Territory inherited by us from our Ancestors together with its streams and tributaries, its lakes, its waters, its forests, its scrub, its minerals, its banks, its pleasant places, its inferior portions, its valueless appurtenances whether on the surface or under the surface and all things whatsoever of and belonging to the said land, we have on this day now transpiring unreservedly parted with, the same being solely our property, to Victoria the Queen of England and to Her Successors for ever and ever.

In witness of our assent to all the conditions contained in this deed we hereunto append our signatures and marks.

And in witness of the consent of the Queen of England to all the conditions herein contained, there is hereunto attached the signature of Mr.McLean Commissioner for the purchase of land for the Governor of New Zealand.

(Sd.) Donald Mclean.

Te Hapuku Ika o te Moana x.
Meri Hineitaka x.
Te Whakatomo x.
Paratene to Akonga x.
Te Koko x.
Arihia per Hapuku x.
Te Hapuku Koao x.
Poito x her mark.

Witness to payment and signatures—

James McCabe, Surveyor, Auckland.

A True Copy of Original Deeds and Translations.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, February 21st, 1876.