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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



Wehave received on this day the 21st of January in the year of our Lord 1862 the sum1862. 21 January.Wairarapa District. of One hundred and fifty Pounds £150 this is the sum which we agreed with D. McLean Esqre. should be paid to us for our land at Wairarapa the boundaries of which are written on this Deed. One hundred and fifty Pounds £150 was received by TeTaheke. Manihera at Ahuriri in the year 1858.Receipt for £150.Recd. in 1858, £150.
The Boundaries commence at the boundary of the land sold by Mitai Poneke thence in and down the Ruamahanga River to Tuakipuku and along the shore of WairarapaBoundaries. lake to the Taheke here it turns and goes to Nga Kiori and on to the River Wakaehu and on to the Matau thence to the Tawai, thence to the Kotenga poronui, thence to the Mairi thence into and down the Waiohai thence to the boundary of the land sold by Mitai to the Kunenga and closes at the Ruamahanga.
One hundred acres of this land are to be reserved for Wiremu Tamihana HikoNative reserves also one hundred acres for Wiremu Tutere and one hundred acres for Tamaihikoia.

And in consideration of this sum of One hundred and fifty pounds paid to us on this day, we entirely give up this Land to Victoria the Queen of England for ever and ever.

Na Te Manihera.
Na Wiremu Tutere.
Tamaihikoia x his mark.
Te Matenga x his mark.
Aperahama Matenga.
Paratene Nuku x.


W. E. Thomas, J.P.
George F. Swainson, Surveyor.
Malcolm Fraser, Surveyor, N.L.P.D.

A True Copy of Original Receipt and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, January 13th, 1876.