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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two

Deed Receipts—No. 6

page 435

Deed Receipts—No. 6.

Horowhenua Block (Ngatiraukawa Claims), Manawatu District.

We the undersigned members of the Ngatihikitanga, Ngatipareraukawa, Ngatiparekowhatu1874. 7 February.Manawatu District. and Ngatikahoro hapns of Ngatiraukawa tribe hereby acknowledge to have received from the General Government of New Zealand by the hands of James BoothHorowhenua. Esquire on this seventh day of February one thousand eight hundred and seventy four(Claims of Ngatiraukawa.) the sum of one thousand and fifty pounds sterling in recognition and final extinguishment of all our claims to that portion of land lying on the West Coast of the ProvinceReceipt for £1,050. of Wellington Bounded as follows on the North by a line commencing at Tauteka'sBoundaries. post on the sea beach at Mahoenui thence inland to Te Rua o Te Whatanui thence in a direct line to the Ohau river which it crosses at Tokaroa thence along a line bearing Eastward to the Tararua range, on the East by the Tararua range to Pukemoremore, on the South by a direct line from Pukemoremore to the mouth of the Waiwiri stream; on the West by the sea coast from the mouth of the Waiwiri stream to the commencing point at Mahoenui as the same is more particularly delineated on the plan drawn hereon and colored red, Excepting certain reserves hereafter to be surveyed between the PapaitongaReserves excepted. and the sea these reserves being made with the full consent of Keepa te Rangihiwinui to whom the block in question being part of the Horowhenua block was awarded by the Native Land Court. We hereby agree not to alienate by sale or mortgage any of the above reserves.

Matene te Whiwhi.
Na Karaipi te Puke.
Horomona Toremi x his mark.
Whatene Tiwaewae.
Nerehana te Paea.
Rakera Kipihana.
Aohau Nikitini.
Ngawiki Tuainuku x her mark.
Kipihana te Kanaroa.
Tamihana Te Rauparaha.
Rakapa Topeora x her mark.

Signed by Matene te Whiwhi and others the word range between "Tararua" and "on" in the eleventh line from the top having been previously inserted in the presence of—

T. E. Young, Translator and Interpreter, Genl. Govt., Wellington.
Roera Hukiki.
Hoani Taipua.

I hereby agree to allow the reserves mentioned above to be made for the Ngatiraukawa hapus whose representatives have signed the above receipt but only for those of them who have been permanent residents on the block in question.

Meiha Keepa Rangihiwinui.

9 February, 1874.

Witness—T. E. Young. I, Te Keepa Rangihiwinui on behalf of myself and the Muaupoko tribe whoseNative reserve. [1,300 acres.] names are registered in the Native Land Court as being the persons interested in the Horowhenua block hereby agree to convey by way of gift to certain of the descendants of Te Whatanui to be hereafter nominated a piece of land within the said Horowhenua block near the Horowhenua lake containing one thousand three hundred (1300) acres the position and boundaries to be fixed by actual survey. The said piece of land to be conveyed in such manner as will prevent its alienation by sale or mortgage by the persons to whom it is to be conveyed.

Meiha Keepa Rangihiwinui.

11th February, 1874.

Signed by the said Keepa te Rangihiwinui this eleventh day of February 1874 in the presence of—
J. H. H. St. John, Inspec. A.C., J.P.
T. E. Young, Translator Native Dept., Wellington.

A True Copy of Original Receipt.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, December 14th, 1875.