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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



Wellington, December 27, 1853.
1853. 27 December.Paeroa. We have received from Mr. McLean the sum of Two Hundred Pounds £200 once toldReceipt for £200. as a payment for our lands the boundaries of which are hereunder described.
Boundaries. The boundary commences at Upokopakira thence to Mangakaiahinu thence to the Tetawha thence to Papahikurangi thence along the banks of the Uhiroa to te Pihanga thence to te Whangai o moengi thence to Otakanga o te muruahi thence to te Kopuru thence in the Whangaehu to Huangarua to Kaikanohi.

Now we have for ever sold and given up this land for ever.

Balance remaining, £300. The sum remaining for final Instalment is £300 Three hundred pounds to complete the purchase of this land.

Ngairo Takatakaputea x,
And 2 others.


H. T. Kemp, Native Secty., Wellington.
John P. Russell, Settler, Wangai Moana, Wairarapa.