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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two

[Deeds—No. 203.]

Deeds—No. 203.

Sections at Pitone, the Hutt, Nos. 1, 2, and 3, Wellington District.

We the undersigned owners of land in Sections Nos. One (l) two (2) and (3) three in1876. 22 August.Wellington District. the Hutt District in the Province of Wellington specified in the schedule below in consideration of the sum of Six hundred and sixty two Pounds ten shillings (£662 . 10 . 0) Paid into our hands by the Minister of Public Works, by the hands of Charles HeaphyPitone(Sections 1, 2, and 3). Esqr. V.C. Do hereby convey to Her Majesty the Queen, her Heirs and Successors and his Successors and Assigns All that piece of land in the said Sections Nos. l one 2 two andReceipt for £662 . 10 . 0 . 3 three as described in the Schedule hereunder written together with all ways, rights, and appurtenances thereto belonging and all such estate right title and interest in and to the same as we are or shall become seized or possessed of To hold the premises to Her Majesty the Queen her Heirs and Successors and Assigns for ever.

Henere Te Puni.
Makareta Ngapaki.
Matene tauwhare.
Hapurona Hamama x.
Hori Henare x.
Apihaka Epiha x her mark.
Tiaki Puni x.
Patehepa Te Puni x her mark.
Hana Ngahina Matene x her mark.
Patu Matene x.
Ngapaki Te Puni x his mark.
Rahiri Pane x her mark.
William epuni.
Nopera Henare x his mark.
Eruera Hohua x his mark.
Mawene Hohua.
Atanatiu Te Puni x his mark.

page 416

Signed by the said Henare te Puni, Makarete Ngapake, Matene Tauware, Hapurona Hamama, Hori Henare, Apihaka Epiha, Tiaki Puni, Patehepa Te Puni, Hana Ngahine Matene, Patu Matene, Ngapake te Puni, Rahiri Pane, William E Puni, Nopera Henari, Eruera Hohua, Mawene Hohua and Atanatiu Te Puni by signing their names or making their respective marks the same having been previously read over to them and explained to them by an Interpreter of the Native Land Court, and they appearing clearly to understand the meaning of the same in the presence of—

H. Halse, Judge, N.L.C., Wellington,

this 22nd day of August, 1876, at Wellington, New Zealand, and of—
Ihaiha Porutu, Assessor, Wellington—Ateha, o Poneke.


Boundaries. [6a. 2r. 20p.]All that parcel of land containing Six acres two roods and twenty perches more or less, situated at Petoni, in the District of Port Nicholson, in the Province of Wellington and lying on either side of the road from Wellington to Wairarapa, Bounded on the South by the Harbour of Port Nicholson, on the North by the Wellington and Masterton Railroad site and on all other sides by Native Reserved land, as the same is drawn on the plan in the margin hereof and there coloured red.

Maori Version or Clear Statement.

Maori précis.Komatou, kua tuhituhia iho nei o matou ingoa, ko nga tangata no ratou nga tekiona nama 1, 2 me 3 kei roto i te Takiwa o Heretaunga, i roto o te Porowini o Werengitana, e takoto ana i runga i nga moni (£662 . 10 . 0) E ono rau e ono tekau ma rua pauna me te tekau hirini, kua homai nei e Meiha Hare Hiwi, V.C. ki o matou ringaringa mo te Minita mo nga Mahi nunui o te Koroni, kua tukua, kua hokona rawatia atu e matou ki a Kuini Wikitoria, me ona uri, me nga Kingi, Kuini, ranei, i muri i a ia, me ona whakarerenga iho ranei: Tera piihi whenua katoa kei roto i aua Tekiona nama 1, 2 me 3 kua whakahuatia ake nei, e whakaaturia ana e te tuhituhinga i raro iho nei. Me nga mea katoa e takoto ana e pa atu ana ranei me nga rori e haere ana ma runga, me era atu mea katoa ranei o runga o taua whenua, me a matou take, kereme, mana aha atu ranei, ki taua whenua. Kia puritia taua whenua ki a Kuini Wikitoria me ona uri me nga Kingi, Kuini ranei, me ona whakarerenga iho ranei ake tonu atu.


L. M. Grace,

Interpreter under the Native Lands Acts, 1873-74.

Pukapuka Apiti.

Terawahi whenua katoa e ono eka e rua ruri e rua tekau pati te nui, koni atu iti iho ranei kei Pitoone kei roto i te Takiwa o Poneke, kei roto i te Porowini o Werengitana e takoto ana i tetahi taha o te rori e haere atu ana i Poneke ki Wairarapa, ko nga rohe enei, ki te taha ki te Tonga na te Moana, ki te Hauauru na te ara o te Reriwe o Poneke me Mahitaone na ki era taha atu katoa na etahi whenua Rahui mo nga Maori, kua oti nei te whakaatu e te mapi e piri nei ki te taha o tenei pukapupa, he whero nga taha.

Copies of deed signed by Wiremu Paki Taura and Harata Uru. Note.—An exactly similar conveyance to the above was signed by Wiremu Paki Taura on the 23rd Sept., 1876, in the presence of R. Parris, R.M., Taranaki, and Wilf. Rennell, Licensed Interpreter, New Plymouth; and a counterpart of the same deed was signed by Harata Uru on the 19th Oct., 1876, before H. Eyre Kenny, Resident Magistrate, New Plymouth, and Wilf. Rennell, Licensed Interpreter as aforesaid. The former conveyance was certified by Charles Heaphy, Trust Commissioner, on 19th Oct., 1876, and registered in Wellington as No. 25,446 by John E. Smith, Registrar, on the 20th Oct., 1876; and the latter was certified by Trust Commissioner on the 16th Nov., 1876, and registered as aforesaid as No. 25,717 on 24th Nov., 1876, by same Registrar. These deeds have not been copied.
Wellington,September 18th, 1877.

H. Hanson Turton

Trust Commissioner's certificate. I, Charles Heaphy, the Trust Commissioner under "The Native Lands Frauds Prevention Act, 1870," for the District of Wellington, do hereby certify that I have, with respect to the within-written Instrument and the alienation thereby witnessed, made page 417the enquiries directed by the said Act, and do certify that I am satisfied with the result of such enquiries. Dated this 19th day of October, 1876.

Charles Heaphy,
Trust Commissioner.

No. 25,447.

Received at 3 p.m. Friday, 20th October, 1876.Registration.


John E. Smith,
Registrar of Deeds.

Recorded 42 Vol. Deeds, fo. 98.
Index 13 Yol. C. fo. 568.
Fees £1.

A True Copy of Original Deed, Maori Précis, Certificate, and Registration.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington,September 18th, 1877.