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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



1862. 12 February.Wairarapa District.This Deed conveying land written on this day the twelfth of February in the year 1862 conveying the full and true consent of us the chiefs and people of Ngatikahungunu whose names are hereunto signed to entirely give up a portion of our land to Victoria the Queen of England and to the Kings or Queens her successors for ever. And in considerationTe Whiti.(Additional.) of our consenting to entirely give up this portion of our land Victoria the Queen of England on her part consents to pay to us the sum of one hundred pounds £100.
Receipt for …£60
Received cash—
  13 Aug.,, 186020
  24 Jan., 186220
Twenty pounds £20 was paid to us on the 13th of August, 1860, Twenty pounds £20 more was paid to us on the 24th of January 1862 and sixty pounds has this day been paid to us by D. McLean Esq. This piece of land is situated at the Whiti, the boundary on the Eastern side is the Tauheru River the other boundary is the land already sold to the Queen, we will show it to the surveyor. The acreage of the land given up by us this day is seven hundred and forty acres but should there not be 740 acresBoundaries. [740 acres.] satisfactorily arranged on the South side of the land already ceded to the Queen then we will arrange on the North side of the ceded land a sufficient quantity to complete the 740 acres. One hundred acres of this land at Totara Kotipu and Motungarara is to page 369be returned for Hamiora Pukaiahi. We have entirely given up possession of this piece of land to Victoria the Queen of England and all things above and below the land and all appertaining to it as a sure possession for her for ever and ever. And in testimony of our consent we have hereunto signed our names and marks.

Na Ngatuere x his mark.
John William Pohotu.
Na Hamiora x his mark.
Na Kingi Ngatuere x his mark.
Na Paraire.
Na Ihaka (na Hoani i tuhi).

Na Ngatuere te tikanga kia tuhia enei ingoa—W.N.S.

Na Ruta.
Na Penerope.
Na Ria.
Na te Harawira.
Na Ihaia.
Na Hone Hinu.


Kenneth H. Kerr.
Malcolm Fraser, Surveyor, N.L.P.D.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, January 11th, 1876.