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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



1859. 28 January.This Deed conveying Land written on this the twenty eighth day of January (28th) inWairarapa District. the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty nine (1859) is a deed containing the full and true consent of us the Chiefs and people of the NgatikahungunuTupurupuru. Tribe whose names are hereunto subscribed on behalf of ourselves our relatives and descendants who may succeed us transferring and giving up for ever a portion of our Land to Victoria the Queen of England and to all Kings and Queens who may succeed her for evermore.
Receipt for£l,810
Recd. cash—
17 Jan., 185650
10 Jan., 185830
And in consideration of our full and true consent to transfer and give up for ever this portion of our Land The Queen of England on her part consent to pay to us the sum of Eighteen hundred and ninety Pounds (£1890) of which sum £1810 has been paid to us this day by Mr. Searancke £50 has been paid to us by Mr. McLean on the 17th of January 1856 and £30 was paid to Ngairo on the 10th of July 1858 by Mr. Searancke.
Boundaries. [42,000 acres.] The Boundaries of the Land which we have agreed to give up are these, Commencing at the Rongo o Pahu on the Makahakaha Stream thence Eastward in a straight page 347line to the mouth of Haro (Stream) thence to the Manga o te Whitau and on to the Au tokitoki here it turns to the North West to the Mano o Kokiri and on to the Wai Koko, grassy flat and to Taumata taraihanga here it turns up the hill to the Maiwahia thence to the Cliff thence to the Pu o te Rehunga, Te Manga o Pohatu and on to Pariharakeke thence down the hill down to the source of the Whawhatiwahine thence to the Manga o Ariki on the Wainuioru River and up the Wainuioru River, Te Kai Kanohi, Te Waitae a Waipapa and on to the Horo Cliff here it runs inland to the Westward to the Wai a Wehi and thence to the Ranga rewa rewa thence to the Apiti on the Waipapa thence it runs up the Rangi Creek to the Ngutu Koko thence up the Awhenua Creek to the source of the Pohatu Te Waihanginangina thence to the Hinekaurangi thence to the Poti thence up the Hirere Creek and to the Motu o Topune thence down the Umu o te raunga Creek to Waihorohika here it turns and running along the boundary of the Land sold by Maika to the Queen Te Ahi a whanau and up the Hill to Nga puna Atataha and down to the Tauheru (River) and up the Tauheru River to the Kaikokorau where it runs up the Tamekiwaha (Creek) to the Kiki up which it runs to the Makahakaha Stream up which it runs to the Rongo o Pahu where the boundaries commenced.
1st. One hundred acres of Land is to be reserved for us at our settlement atFive Native reserves. Tupurupuru 2 at the Wharauke one hundred acres are to be reserved for the Kaninamu 3 at the Wainuioru four hundred acres are to be reserved for Wairua 4 at the Kohangumu five hundred acres are to be reserved for Wiremu Kingi te Hiakai, one of the Government Surveyors is to mark the boundaries of these Lands for our use.

And we have fully reflected, taken leave and for ever transferred this portion of our Land with its rivers streams lakes waters Trees grass stones and Cliffs with its good places and bad places and all above and beneath the surface of the said Land, with everything appertaining thereto we have fully and for ever transferred beneath the shining sun of this day to hold to Victoria the Queen of England and to all Kings and Queens her Successors as a lasting possession for ever and ever.

And in proof of our consent to all the conditions of this Deed we have hereunto affixed our names and marks and in proof of her consent the Queen of England on her part to all the conditions of this Deed Mr. Searancke one of the Commissioners appointed by the Governor for the purchase of Native Lands in New Zealand has hereunto affixed his name.

Wm. N. Searancke,
Dist. Commr.
Wiremu Kingi.
Ihaka Te Ao.
Te Wenerei.
and 27 others.


John Hildebrand, Settler, Ahiaruhi.
A. Gillies, Settler, Otaraia.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, January 31st, 1876