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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two


[ko te tohutoro i roto i te reo Māori]


1854. 28 December.Wairarapa District.This Paper or deed transferring land, written on this day on the twenty eighth (28) of the days of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty four (1854) is a paper of the full and true consent of us the chiefs and people of Ngatikahungunu whose names are hereunto subscribed, on behalf of ourselves, our relatives and Hikawera and Taratahi. descendants to entirely abandon and transfer a piece of our land of which the principal names are Hikawera and Taratahi to Victoria the Queen of England and to the Kings or Queens who may succeed Her for ever.
Receipt for£600
Received cash—30 Nov., 1854200
Balance due—Jan., 1856650
And in consideration of our having agreed entirely to give up this piece of our land, Victoria the Queen of England on her part agrees that we shall be paid the sum of One thousand four hundred and fifty pounds (£1450) in money; two hundred pounds (£200) of which amount were received by Wiremu Kingi Tutepakihirangi and Hiko te Tati in Wellington on the thirteenth day of November 1854; Six hundred pounds (£600) of the said amount have been paid into our hands on this day by Mr. McLean; and six hundred and fifty pounds (£650) are to be paid to us in the days of January in the year 1856, which is to be the final payment to us on account of this land.
Boundaries. The boundary commences at te Ahere, at the boundary of the land sold in the first instance to the Queen and runs down the river Waiohine to the Ruamahanga, thence up the Ruamahanga river to Taipu, where it runs inland to Parinuiokuaka and on to Taumataotao, thence to te Rewa, thence to Whakarei, whence it runs on and falls into the Waingawa, and runs up that stream to te Hanga o Hiangatangata, whence it runs down the boundary sold to the Queen in the first instance till it reaches the Ahere, where the boundaries meet in the Waiohine river.
Native reserve. [100 acres.] There is but one piece reserved within these boundaries between te Para and Waitangi as a site for houses for our eel-fishing expeditions: this piece is not to exceed one hundred acres. This is the only spot retained by us—there is to be no other place whatever kept back by us of the whole of this land.

Now we have fully thought over, considered, and bid farewell to, and finally and entirely given up this piece of land inherited from our ancestors, with all its rivers, streams, lakes, waters, trees, grass, stones, hilly places and plains, good places and bad, with everything either above or below the soil, and everything connected with the said land, which we have fully and finally surrendered under the shining sun of the present day, as a sure and lasting possession to Victoria the Queen of England, and to the Kings or Queens Her Successors, for ever.

And in witness of our consent to all the conditions of this deed, we have hereunto subscribed our names and marks.

And in witness of the consent of the Queen of England, on her part, to all the conditions of this deed, Mr. McLean the Land Commissioner of the Government of New Zealand, hath hereunto subscribed his name.

Donald McLean,
Land Commissioner.

Te Rangirurupuni x.
Mohi te Matorohanga x.
Raniera te Ngahu x.
Terina Paremata.
Eruera te Roto.
Te Waka Tahuahi x.
Te Kepa Pohuera x.
Hohaia te Rangi x.
Pirika Po x.
Tamati te Rou x.
Te Whaitere Takarawaho x.
page 321 Matiaha.
Matini Warahi.
Hori Kara Taha.
Hori te Hunga.
Ko Pehi Tutepakihirangi.
Riwai Tamati.
Manihera te Rangitakaiwaho.
Wiremu Kingi Tutepakihirangi.
Te Rei te Kahui x.
Eraita te Heru x.
Miriama Piripi x.
Hemi Matiaha. (8 yrs. of age) x
Ruka te Rangirurupuni. 9 years x
Matene Te Manga x.

Witnesses to the payment and signatures—

G. S. Cooper, District Commissioner.
Archibald Gillies, Settler, Wairarapa.