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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



This document conveying land written on this the (3rd) third day of January in the1854. 3 JanuaryWairarapa District.Awaiti and Part Pahaua. year of our Lord (1854) one thousand eight hundred and fifty four is a paper of the unreserved consent of us the Chiefs and people of the Ngatikahungunu whose names are hereunto attached on behalf of ourselves our relations and descendants who page 301shall be born after us to transfer for ever a certain portion of our land to Victoria the Queen of England and to the Kings or Queens who may succeed Her for ever and in consideration of our full consent to sell this piece of our land Victoria Queen of England agrees on her part to pay us the sum of (£1500) one thousand five hundredPrice £1,500. pounds once told (£600) six hundred pounds of this money we have received this dayReceipt for £600, first instalment. from Mr. McLean (£450) Four hundred and fifty pounds we are to receive in the month of January in the year of our Lord (1855) One thousand eight hundred and fifty five and (£450) four hundred and fifty being the final instalment in January (1856) one thousand eight hundred and fifty six. The boundary commences at Pohaua and followBoundaries. sthe Pohaua stream to Kaikaikuri thence it follows the Kaikaikuri to Wakapuni and on to Awea following the Awea to the sea and along the coast to Pahaua. The reservesNative reserves. for ourselves are not large being Kepa's settlement at Huariki tho landing place at Pukaroro proceeding inland to Rerewakaitu as a cultivation our pa and the land occupied by us at Pataua and it is agreed that if we require more land for cultivating (500) five hundred acres shall be returned to us by the Land Commissioner. These are all the reserves, we have entirely given up and bid farewell to this land which we have inherited from our forefathers with its rivers its streams its lakes its springs its timber grass and stones with its plains and fertile spots its sterile spots and everything above the surface or under the surface and everything thereunto belonging we now for ever deliver up and trausfer to the Queen of England under the shining sun of this day to be the property of the Queen of England or of the Kings or Queens who may succeed her for ever. In testimony of our consent to all the conditions of this Deed we hereunto affix our names and marks and in Testimony of the consent of the Queen of England to the conditions of this Deed the name of Donald McLean Principal Commissioner for purchase of Native lands is also hereunto affixed.

Donald McLean, Land Commr.

Ko Wereta Kawekairangi x.
Ko te Kuru.
Te Wereta Haimona Pita.
Te Kuini Hinepaketia x.
Te Waihiko.
Ko Ngairo x.
Hoera Wakataha.
Ahitana te Wakatohe x.
Heremaia Tamaihotua.
Wiremu te Weu.
Piripi Patoromu.
Wiremu Kingi.
Ko te Hapuku.

Witnesses to these receipts of money and signatures—

H. T. Kemp,

Native Secy., Wellington.

John P. Russell,

Settler, Whangai Moana, Wairarapa.

Received by us this day the (2) second day of January in the Year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty five (1855) the sum of £450 once told this is the second instalment which in accordance to agreement we were to receive this year from1855. 2 JanuaryReceipt for £450. Mr. McLean for our piece of land which we sold to Victoria Queen of England the boundaries of which are described in the within written Deed that is in our Deed of Sale written by us on the (3) third day of January (1854) one thousand eight hundred and fifty four.

Heremaia Tamaihotua.
Piripi Patoromu.
Maraea Hinepaka.
Tamati Patoromu.
Aneti Mati x.
Nikorima Maretu x.
Horomona Matatuhi i te rangi.
Katerina te Heke x.
Erena Tungane x.
Riria Ngaruru x.
Matenga Kairahui x.
Karanama Te Ana x.
Emere Poki x.
Maraia Te Whanaumahui x.
Rora Hinewaia x.
Maraia Rerepoti x.
Mata Kaiauta x.
Hanita Anaru (2 yrs) x.
Pohipi Tarewa x.
Honi te Koti x.
Rawiri Toputeiki x.
E. Mira Mekemeke.
Ani Patene Takai x.
Ruta Te Rongo x.
Maraia Tangaengae x.
Hera Patiti x.
Patoromu Toikau x.
Roihi Hihi.
Wi te Haeata x.
Hoera Wakataha x.
Te Kepa Oraora x.
Hoani Te Maire x.
Henare Hoera (4 yrs old) x.
Heni Hoera (9 yrs).
Paratene Te Maire x.
Irihapeti Te Iwipu x.
Pohu (2 yrs) x.
Te Wehi Kore x.
Ihaka Korokaihau x.
Matiaha Hiwaru.
Hori Korama (3 yrs) x.
Tohe (5 yrs) x.
Maika Matiaha Hiwaru (3 yrs) x.
Wiremu Matiaha (12 yrs) x.
Kere Wera x.
Turuhira Kere (4) x.
Rawinia Kere (7) x.
Harata Turu x.

Witnesses to these receipts of money and signatures—

Daniel Riddiford, Settler, Orongorongo.
Richard Prouse x his mark.
G. S. Cooper, District Commissioner.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, February 5th, 1876.