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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



1853. 28 November.Wairarapa District.This deed of sale of land written on this twenty eighth (28th) day of November in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty three 1853 is a document of the full and true consent of us the Chiefs of Ngatikahungunu whose names are hereunto attached to fully cede a portion of our place to Victoria the Queen of England and toWaihora. the Kings and Queens who may succeed Her for ever. And in consideration of our solemn consent to fully cede our land Victoria the Queen of England on Her part agrees to pay us the sum of Three hundredReceipt for £200. Pounds in money (£300). Two hundredBoundaries. Pounds of that money we have received from Mr. McLean on this day. One hundred Pounds £100 being the final payment will be paid to us in May 1854. The boundaries of the land commence at the mouth of the Waihora thence till it reaches Mangapokia thence to Ihutu, Te Awatoetoe thence to Tauokahukura thence to Taheki-o-Ngatirangi thence to Taumata-a-te-hewenga thence to Ihupiri thence to the river to Takanga-o-inanga, thence to Te Rorokoko, thence to Kahumingi thence to Taueru, thence in a southerly direction to Waipaua, thence towards the sea to Maumaupuha, thence to Wainuioru to Piripi's boundary, thence to Te Whererei, thence to Makahakaha, thence to Maniatorokoia, thence to Te Tahanga-o-nehu, thence to Umukaikore, thence to Te Paopao thence into Te Ahiokaraka and on to Waihora. Well we have fully sold and ceded this land with its trees its minerals its waters its herbage and every thing appertaining to that land under the shining sun of this day to Victoria the Queen of England and to the Kings or Queens who may succeed Her for ever. And in token of our consent to the provisions of this document we hereunto sign our names and make our marks. And in token of the consent of Victoria the Queen of England on Her part to page 281the provisions of this document Mr. McLean Land Purchase Commissioner of the Governor of New Zealand has hereunto signed his name.



Correct Translation.

T. E. Young,
Translator, Native Department.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, January 13th, 1877.