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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



Memo. of agreement made the Twenty second day of April One thousand eight1872. 22 April.Wairarapa District. hundred and seventy two Between Karaitiana Te Korou, Ropiha Te Akau, Kere Maka, Tamati Whiwhiana, Manihera Maka, Erihapeti Wakamairu, Ranginui Kingi, Meteria, Harieta Maka, Hoana Ritimana of Wairarapa in the Province of Wellington and Colony of New Zealand aboriginal natives of New Zealand hereinafter called theKurumainono.(Agreement.) Sellers of the one part and the General Government of New Zealand of the other part Witnesseth that in consideration of the sum of Two shillings (2/0) per acre They thePrice, £300. said Sellers do and each of them doth agree according to their several estates and interests to convey and assure unto the General Government of New Zealand all that piece or parcel of land in the District of Wairarapa being called by the name of Kurumainono estimated Three thousand acres being the same more or less Boundaries comBoundaries. [3,000 acres.] mencing at Mangaruato thence to Porikoti thence to Te Pua o hikarahui thence to Te Rakau o Puai thence to Te Kauru o te Waitotohuatu thence to Hinakoau thence to Te Rere turns here thence to Te Awa o te Waitotohuatu thence in the Creek to Te Koau o Teoi thence to the Aotiwhirangi block turns here thence along the line to Kaipo thence to Te Apiti thence to Mangaruato Together with all the rights ways assessments and advantages whatsoever thereunto belonging and all the right title claim and demand of the said Sellers to have and to hold all the said land to the General Government of New Zealand or their Assigns for ever and it is hereby expressly agreed and declared by the said sellers that they shall and will pass the said land through the Native Land Court without delay. In witness whereof the said parties have hereunto subscribed their names.

Signed by the said—

Karaitiana Korou.
Ropiha Te Akau x.
Kere Maka x.
Ta mati Whiwhiana x.
Manihera Maaka.
Erihapeti Wakamairu.
Ranginui Kingi x.
Harieta Maka x.
Meteria x.
Hoana Ritimana x.

Witness by—

Henry Bannister, Masterton, Storekeeper.

I recommend that one hundred pounds (£100) sterling be paid to natives on account of this purchase.

William Fitzherbert.

25 April, 1872.

A True Copy of Original Agreement and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, January 5th, 1876.