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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



1845. 22 March.The writing of this document on the twenty, second day of March in the year one thousandWairarapa District. eight hundred and forty five is by usMaungaroa. the Chief and people of Ngatikahungunu and by Mr. Forsaith, one of the Protectors of Aborigines the person sent here by the Government to arrange about our transgression against the laws of the Queen. Now we the Chiefs and people of Ngatikahungunu acknowledge our fault we have done wrong towards Mr. Barton we have without authority taken his property we have also doneCompensation for robbery. wrong against the laws of the Queen which say, let not any person steal. This is where we have done very wrong, we have trampled on the law of the Queen. We therefore agree to entirely cede this land to Queen Victoria and Her Successors for everBoundaries. as payment and in compensation for our transgression against Her law. These are the boundaries of the land now given up Commencing at Maungaroa thence direct to Hikapu thence direct to Rangiuru there it turns and comes on along the Coast to Maungaroa; but all the places, within these boundaries, which have been cultivated by the Maoris are to be excluded, and they are to use their present cultivations. We also agree to return all Mr. Barton's property which we still have that is everything that is not lost. It will be for the Governor to tell Mr. Barton to live quietly at this place which has now been given up. No person will ever in the future ask Mr. Barton to pay for this place because this place has been ceded to the Queen as payment for our offence. And in the event of Mr. Barton, going away and returning to his relatives and page 261 another European be sent by the Governor to live on his place we will not go to that person to ask for payment for this land described in this document but we will live on good terms with that European for over.

Now know all people, whether Europeans or Maoris that we agree to all these words and that we write our names and marks on the day above stated for the information of all the Tribes (to shew that) we have expiated an offence and made our peace with the Queen.



Correct Translation.
T. E. Young,

Translator Native Department.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, January 14th, 1876.