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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two

Burial Grounds, &c

Burial Grounds, &c.

Now in consideration of our final surrender of all these lands of ours to Mr. McLeanNative reserves. on behalf of all the Governors of this Island, Mr. McLean by virtue of the authority vested in him on that behalf by the Governor consents to reserve certain places for us the Maoris, viz.—
I.First. Mr. McLean consents to our catching eels in the lakes which exist in localities which have not been (are not) drained by the Europeans, that is to say in those large lakes which we have been accustomed to catch eels in formerly.
II.Second. That little piece of ground containing 12 acres where Te Kawana Hakeke is buried in the sand is reserved for us, but the cattle of the Europeans may run upon it.
III.Third. That piece of ground which was surveyed by Te Paka (Park) Surveyor, to which Mr. McLean and we ourselves consented to, viz., Parewanui, the boundary of that piece is at Upokotopia thence to Mangaroa thence to Te Makari coming out upon the Rangitikei river, this contains about one thousand six hundred acres (1600).
IV.Fourth. The cultivations within the boundaries for the Europeans on the North side of the Rangitikei river, that is to say over against the Pa at Te Awahou will be continued to be cultivated by the Maoris in those localities not settled by Europeans for the space of three years at the expiration of such term all such cultivation must be left for the sole use of the Europeans, the day fixed for leaving these cultivations is the 10th of March one thousand eight hundred and fifty two (1852).
V.Fifth. The Pa and cultivation at Turakina bounded on one side by the stream of Makirikiri and by the survey line of Barker? (Park) on the other side, this contains about 900 nine hundred acres.
VI.Sixth. That piece at Otukapo which was recommended by Te Watarauhia (teacher) to be kept as an eel fishing station containing fifty 50 acres.
VII.Seventh. A small piece of ground at Waratuna close by the karaka (trees) of Aperahama also a small piece close by where Rihiona is to cultivate, these two places are to be occupied during the space of two years after which time they are to be left entirely for the Europeans.

These are all. Here end all the reserved places, there is no other place where we will establish ourselves upon these lands which have now finally gone to the Europeans. The great surveyed roads only through our reserved lands are consented to by us to be laid out at such time as the Governor shall think fit to order it to be done. These are roads for the Europeans as well as the Maoris.