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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two

Manawatu-Kukutauaki No. 3 Block, Manawatu District

Manawatu-Kukutauaki No. 3 Block, Manawatu District.

1875. 19 November.Manawatu District.This Deed made the Nineteenth day of November 1875, between Her Majesty Queen Victoria of the one part and Ihakara Tukumaru, Hairuha te Hiwi, Kereopa Tukumaru, Tariwha te Arawai, Ereni Hutana, Hohepa te Hana, Renata te Roherohe, Ropata teKukutauaki No. 3. Ahua, Natana Pipito and Patihona, of Manawatu, Aboriginal Natives of the Colony of page 201 New Zealand (hereinafter called "the Vendors") of the other part, witnesseth, that in consideration of the sum of Eight hundred and seventy six pounds seventeen shillings and sixpence (£876 . 17 . 6) by Her Majesty paid to the Vendors, on the execution thereof (and the receipt whereof is acknowledged) the Vendors do, and each of themReceipt for £876 . 17 . 6. doth, hereby surrender, convey, and assure unto Her said Majesty, all that block or parcel of land containing eleven thousand five hundred and fifty acres or thereabouts, known or called Manawatu-Kukutauaki No. 3 as the same is more particularly described in the Schedule hereto, and delineated on the plan drawn on this Deed and coloured red; together with all rights and appurtenances thereto belonging or appertaining: Excepting all that portion thereof lying to the North West of a line commencing at aLand excluded. [4,000 acres.] point on the North east boundary where the Southern boundary of the Manawatu- Kukutauaki No. 1 Block joins the said North East boundary and running in a South Westerly direction till it joins the Northern boundary of Manawatu-Kukutauaki No. 7a Block, and containing four thousand acres: As the same is delineated on the said plan and tinted yellow: Provided always that the Governor shall have power to take such land as may be required for public roads or railways with the portion of land so excepted. To hold the said land and premises with the appurtenances unto Her said Majesty, Her Heirs and Successors, for ever. In Witness whereof the Vendors have hereunto set their hands the day and year first above written.

Ihakara Tukumaru.
Hairuha te Hiwi x his mark.
Kereopa Tukumaru x his mark.
Tariwha te Arawai x his mark.
Ereni Hutana x her mark.
Hohepa te Hana.
Ropata te Ahua.
Natana Pipito.
Renata Te Roherohe x his mark.
Ema Tukumaru x her mark.
Ruanui Tukumaru x his mark.
Himiona te Nui x his mark.
Tiaki Hekeratua x his mark.
Hamuera te Whatuiti.
Hariata Whatuiti.
Te U Hinemata x his mark.
Kahutawhare x her mark.
Heretini x his mark.
Hokepera Natana.
Areta Pipito.
Wiremu Hopihona.
Taimona Taikapurua x his mark.
Pahemata Poutu x her mark.
Riria Mekerika x.
Utiku te Ahua.
Kereopa Mekerika x his mark.
Hera Ngahupa x her mark.
Akenehi Mekerika x her mark.
Hoana te Ahua x his mark.
Keita te Ahua x her mark.
Mihiata te Tuki x her mark.
Hutana te rakumia.
Arihia Hutana.
Hikotaonga Hutana x her mark.
Metapere Kiria x her mark.
Hamarete Kiria.
Matona Horotai.
Hariata Kareaniri.
Ruhia te Ahua x her mark.
Mere Potoru x her mark.
Hepora Taruiha x her mark.
Warihi Te Hura.
Warihi te Tuki x his mark.
Katarina Teretiu x her mark.
Areta te Whena x her mark.
Kurupae Hakaraia x her mark.
Pirihira te Ahua x her mark.
Hamuera Hamene.
Mitarina x her mark.
Hoani Makirika.
Hakaraia te Wheua.

Signed by the said Ihakara Tukumaru, by Hairuha te Hiwi, Kereopa Tukumaru, Tariwha te Arawai and Ereni Hutana (by making their marks) and Hohepa te Hana Ropata te Ahua and Matana Pipito: Also by Ema Tukumaru, Ruanui Tukumaru, Himiona te Nui and Tiaki Heratua by making their marks by Miratana, Hamuera te Whatuiti and Hariata te Whatuiti by Te U Hinemata, Kahutawhare and Heretini by making their marks by Hokepera Natana, Areta Pinito and Wiremu Hopihona, by Taimona Taikapurua (by making his mark) by Petuera, by Pahemata Poutu and Riria Makerika (by making their marks) by Utiku te Ahua by Kereopa Makerika, Hera Makerika Akenihi Makerika, Hoana te Ahua, Keita te Ahua and Mihiata te Puki by making their marks by Hutana te Rakumia and 1 by Hikotaonga Hutana and Metapere Kiria (by making their marks) by Hamarete Kiria Matana Horotai and Hariata Kareanui by Ruhia te Ahua (by making her mark) by Teretiu by Mere Potoru and Hepera Tairuha (by making page 202their marks) by Warihi te Rua, by Warihi te Tuki and Katarina Teretiu (by making their marks) by Roka by Areta te Whena, Kurupae Hakaraia and Pirihira te Ahua (by making their marks) by Hamuera Hamene by Mitarina (by making her mark) and by Hoani Makerika and Hakaraia te Wheua the same having first been read over and explained to them in the Maori language by an Interpreter of the Court and they appearing fully to understand the meaning and purport of the same In the presence of—

James Booth, R.M.
Richard Booth.

Signed by the said Renata te Roherohe by making his mark after the contents had been Interpreted and explained to him by an Interpreter of the Court he appearing clearly to understand the meaning of the same in the Presence of—

James Booth, R.M.
Richard Booth.

At Awahuri on this eighteenth day of January, 1876.