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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two

Description of Land

Description of Land.

Boundaries. [19,600 acres.]All that block of land containing nineteen thousand six hundred acres or thereabouts situate at Waikanae in the Province of Wellington being part of Te Ngarara block bounded towards the South by the North Western boundary of the Waikanae block commencing at the South Eastern corner of Tupe's claim and bearing Magnetic East to the Tararua Range, towards the North West by the Western boundary of Tupe's claim to its intersection with a line running from Toheaumu to Kapakapanui Trig station. Towards the North by the production of said line from Toheaumu to Kapakapanui Trig Station. Towards the West by a line running from Kapakapanui Trig Station to Puke Atua being the South Western corner of the Ngatiraukawa claim. Towards the North by the Southern boundary of the Ngatiraukawa claim to the Tararua Range, and towards the South East by a line running along the summit of the Tararua Range to its intersection with the Southern boundary line of the block.

Wi Parata Waipunaahua.
Wi Tamihana te Neke.
Hemi Matenga.
Tutere te Matau.
Tamihana te Karu x his mark.
Rihi Kapoata, by Wi Parata.
Ihakara te Ngarara.
Eruini te Tupe x his mark.
Eruini te Marau.
Wi Perahama Putiki x his mark.
Pohipi Hikairo.
Ropata Ngapaki x his mark.
Horomona, by Wi Parata.
Enoka Hohepa.
Te Hemara Waiho x his mark.
Hamapiria Waiho.
Hepero Rihi.
Reupena Takurua by W Parata.
Teira te Ngarara W Parata.
Manahi Maniapoto, by Amapiria.
Poharama, by Wi Parata.
Epiha Ngarara x his mark by Ihakara te Ngarara.
Tamati Mukaka.
Hana Kohiwi x his mark.
Te Hira Maeke.
Watene te Awio.
Te Watene te Nehu x his mark. Te Uinga Ngapaki.
Heni Karoro x her mark.
Mata te Hawe x her mark.
Rakapa te Puke x her mark.
Hunia Pohia x her mark.
Hare Temo.
Erina Tanu x her mark.
Ane Waiho x her mark.
Peti Hohepa Ngapaki x her mark.
Riria te Matata x her mark.
Meri Tawa x her mark.
Merekai Putiki x her mark.
Hema Tini x her mark.
Roka Poihipi x her mark.
Unaiki Parata x her mark.
Raniera Ellison mo Hariata Tutere, dead.
Te Kahu Tatara x her mark.
Te Kahu Tatara x her mark.
Wi Hau te Pane x her mark.
Marara Wi Parata x her mark.
Metapere Ropata Ngahoe.
Inia Tuhata Wi Parata, Trustee.
Rangitianu Tuhata Wi Parata, Trustee.
Hira Wi Parata x his mark.
Pipi x her mark.
Te Uinga Ngapaki.

page 135

Signed by the said parties (with the exception of Hoani Ngapaki and Wi Rititona) by signing their names and making their marks and by proxies as noted (the words "being part of Te Ngarara block" after the word "Colony" between the 20th and 21st lines from the top being first inserted and the words "of Te Ngarara block" after the word "part" between the 9th and 10th lines from the bottom having been first inserted) in the presence of—
James Booth, R.M.
Richard Booth.

14 January, 1874.