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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



We the undersigned Landholders and Chiefs residing at and 1847. 18 October.Wellington. District. belonging to Ohariu in the Port Nicholson District agree on the eighteenth day of October one thousand eight hundred and forty seven to give up to Her Majesty's Government all cultivations which we have hitherto had on sections in the Ohariu and Makara Districts belonging to European OHARIU AND MAKARA. Settlers on our receiving from Lieutenant Colonel McCleverty subject to the approval of the Lieutenant Governor or Governor portions or blocks or land which we have seen Exchange for other lands. and accepted of as shewn and coloured red in the annexed plan containing in all two thousand two hundred and eighty two acres and twenty four perches more or less. The blocks, contents, and boundaries are as follows.
First Native Reserves "77" "88" "97" Ohariu District are in one block containing three 1. Ohariu. [351a. 2r. 7p.] hundred and fifty-one acres two roods and seven perches—the block is bounded on the North by section "69" on the East by sections "3" "4" "7" and "8" on the South by section "78" all in the same District, and on the West by a block of land between sections "88" and "75" in the same District.
Second. A portion of unsurveyed land containing one hundred and thirty one acres two 2. Ohariu. [131a. 2r. 16p.] roods and sixteen perches as referred to above between sections "88" and "75" bounded on the East by the former, on the West by the latter, on the South by section "74" and on the North by section "72" all in the Ohariu District.
Third. Native Reserve "98" on which the Pah is situated, it contains one hundred and 3. Ohariu. [131a. 2r. 9p.] thirty one acres two roods and nine perches, it is bounded on the North West by the sea, on the North by unsurveyed land and part of section "76" on the East by section "80," on the South by section "81" all in the same District and on the West by unsurveyed land as following.
Fourth. A block of land unsurveyed to the South West of the Pah comprising nineteen 4. Ohariu. [1,300 acres.] Native Gardens including one hundred and twenty-one acres—the block contains one thousand three hundred acres, bounded on the North and West by the sea, on the South by unsurveyed land. The boundary line being the Magnetic East and West, from the South boundary of section "35" Makara District running through the South end of the most Southerly of the Native cultivations namely five acres three roods and twenty-two perches and on the East by the boundary lines of sections "98" "81" "82" Ohariu District and "39" "37" "35" Makara District.
Fifth. Native Reserve "37" and "39" Makara District containing two Hundred acres 5. Makara. [200s. 0r. 32p. one rood and thirty two perches, bounded on the North by a rugged piece of unsureveyed land on the West by the aforesaid block on the South by section "35" and on the East by section "38" Makara District and "87" Ohariu District.
Sixth. Part of the block of land (500 acres) at Kai wara-wara containing one 6. Kaiwharawhara. [167a. 1r. 0p.] hundred and sixty-seven acres, bounded by the Kai wara-wara Stream on the East, by the portion of the block allotted to the Pipitea Natives on the South by the portion page 107of the block allotted to Taringa Kuri and his tribe on the West, and by settlers sections "7" and "8" Kai wara-wara District on the North.
a. r. p.
No. 1. Native Reserves "77" "88" "97" 351 2 7
No. 2. Block of land between "88" and "75" 131 2 16
No. 3. Native Reserve "98" (Pah) 131 2 9
No. 4. Block to South West of the Pah 1300 0 0
No. 5. Native Reserves "37" "39" 200 0 32
No. 6. Part of the 500 acre block at Kaiwara 167 1 0
2282 0 24

Produced before the Nat. Land Commr. as to investigation of the title of Te Haranui and as to Ohariu at Wellington.

Thos. H. Smith,
Judge, N.L.C.

July 3, 1866.

Registration. No. 100. Received for Registration at 11 o'clock a.m. 11th March, 1848.


Robert R. Strang,
Registrar of Deeds.

A True Copy of Original Deed, Translation, and Endorsement.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellingtong, January 12th, 1876.