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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two

Te Aro No. 4 (McCleverty's Agreement), Wellington District

Te Aro No. 4 (McCleverty's Agreement), Wellington District.

The Natives of Te Aro having represented that within the limits of the lands assigned 1847. 7 October.Wellington District. to them by the deed, no kumera plantations can be made, and that they have those plantations on sections 8 & 9 in the Town District to a limited extent which sections TE ARO No. 4. are leased by Messrs. Bethune and Hunter.Agreement.

To these plantations they have no legal right but His Excellency the Lt.-Governor has approved that for the purpose of cultivating that vegetable production one half of the Section 26 Ohiro District and which adjoins 8 & 9 Town District shall be assigned to them from March 1848.

The portion thus given to the Natives of No. 26 Ohiro District is 50 acres, included Boundaries. [50 acres.] within the boundary A. B. C. D. E. the boundaries being the Sea on the South; the Sea and Ohiro Stream on the East; the boundary line of No. 25 same district to the North, and a line dividing off the said 50 acres, running parallel to the Eastern boundary line of 8 & 9 Town District on the West.

W. A. McCleverty,

Wellingtong, October 7th, 1847.

This ½ section was sold by the Natives interested therein to Mr. J. Hunter with the full concurrence of Hon Mr. Mantell this twenty-fifth day of March 1863.

George F. Swainson,
Comr. of Nat. Res.

Wellington, March 20/63.