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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



We have receivedon the twenty sixth of the days of February in the year One 1844. 26 February.Port Nicholson.thousand eight hundred and forty four from the Directors of the Company of New Zealand at London the payment being made by William Wakefield the Agent of the said Company Three hundred Pounds money, a full payment a satisfaction, an absolute TE ARO PA.surrender of all our title to all our claims, in all our lands, which are written in the Receipt for £300, in full payment.Document affixed to this Viz., All the Places at Port Nicholson and in the neighbourhood of Port Nicholson in New Zealand, and on the other hand The Pas, the Cultivations, the Sacred Places and the places reserved will remain alone for us and we consent ourselves to write our names in a Land conveying document hereafter if asked to write them, to the Directors of the said Company of all our claims within the said Lands. The only places left for us are those above mentioned.

(Signed) Te Awitu x his mark.
Mohi Ngaponga.
Hemi Parai x his mark.
Puihi x his mark.
Te Teira x his mark.
Te Teira x his mark.
Pukahu x his mark.

On behalf of the rest of the Natives of Te Aro.

George Clarke,Junior,

Protector of Aborigines.
The Witnesses to the signatures—

(Signed) William Spain, Commissioner.
(Signed) George Clarke, Junior, Protector of Aborigines.
(Signed) Thomas S. Forsaith, Protector of Aborigines & Interpreter to Comr. Court.
(Signed) Samuel Ironside, Minister of the Pa, te Aro.
(Signed) Arthur T. Holroyd Barrister at Law, Wellington.
(Signed) Thomas Fitzgerald, Assistant Surveyor attached to the Commissioner.

We certify the above to be a correct translation of the accompanying document.

Thomas S. Forsaith,
Protector of Aborigines and Interpreter to Comr. Court.
George Clarke, Junior,

Protector of Aborigines.
A True Copy of Original Deed, Receipt, and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, December 30th, 1875.