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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



1874. 3 March.Urenui District.Know all by these presents this Deed made the third day of March in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy four Witnesseth that we the Maoris chiefs and others of the tribe Ngatiuenuku of Ngatitupawhenua of Ngatirangi of Ngatiteuruwhakawai of Ngatimaru whose names are written underneath do hereby consentOnaero-Urenui-Taramouku. to sell hand over and finally give up to Victoria Queen of England her heirs and successors all that block of land called Onaero Urenui the boundaries of which are as follows. Commencing at Onaero at the mouth of the Mangapo stream following theBoundaries. [36,000 acres.] course of the Onaero River to Mangatiti to Pukemai to Pouri to Whakakoro to Punitotara to Poukehewa to Omati to Kokohiko on to Waikoatu turning here to the south it goes straight on till it strikes the Taramouku River at Komakotangiata turning here to the East it follows the course of the Taramouku in its windings till it gets to the junction of the Waitoro and Wharawhara streams following the course of the Wharawhara till it gets to where the boundary of the Waitara-Taramouku block strikes the Wharawhara turning here to the North it goes on to Wharetiti turning here to the East it goes on to Tuipaki turning to the North it goes on to Ohaupari to Pungapopohi turning here to the East it goes on to Tongirere turning here to the North and inclining to the East to Puiatoa and turning again to the North it goes on to Taumatarangi and continues on till it strikes the River Mangawhiro following the Mangawhiro to its junction with Urenui following the course of the Urenui River in its windings till it meets the Europeans survey line turning here to the South West it follows that line in its windings till it gets to Onaero where it commenced. Mr. Parris has agreed that the following land shall be reserved for us, for Rangipito Rakatau and all their people fiveNative reserves. hundred (500) acres. For Horomona, Epiha Henere Matene and all their people two hundred (200) acres. The plan of the said block of land is drawn in the margin of this Deed. The purchase money for the said land as fixed by Mr. Parris and agreed to by us is three thousand five hundred and thirty pounds (£3530) which sum we have this dayReceipt for £3,530. received from Mr. Parris. The money that we have this day received is the final payment for this land. In token that we consent to the conditions of this Deed as written we subscribe our names.

(Sd.) Rangipito.
Himiona te Oka x his mark.
Eruera Hereora x his mark.
Katene x her mark.
Pitama Pirika.
Eriwata x his mark.
Teito x his mark.
Ariwia Ihaka x his mark.
Catherine Willison.
Teiweti Hira x his mark.
Riti x her mark.
Katerina Pamariki x her mark.
Hariata Hare x her mark.
Peti Hawhe i her mark.
Tumai x his mark.
Wiremu Kingi.
Harawira Mokena.
Henare Punaruku.
Keremeneta Manupohe.
Hone Hough.
Hare te Paea.
Natanahira x his mark.
Pikihuia x her mark.
Hera x her mark.
Roihi x her mark.
Weringa x her mark.
Rehara x her mark.
Eraita x her mark.
Hone Hakaraia x his mark.
page 60 Te Waka te Teira x his mark.
Matina Hekiera.
Te Peina o Maru.
Karo Hapurona x her mark.
Tahna Kaiwakawa.
Whakapaki x his mark.
Te Kati Watene x his mark.
Rawiri Waiaua x his mark.
Peka x his mark.
Matiu Huriwhare x his mark.
Renata Kauereo.
Wi Rakatau x his mark.
Ani Karepa x her mark.
Katene Hotene x his mark.
Ngahuinga x her mark.
Mere Puka x her mark.
Wiremu Hawhe.
Iritana x his mark.
Mere Rakatau x her mark.
Mohi Ngawahine x his mark.
Pepene x his mark.
Pamariki Raumoa.
Ngarere x his mark.
Hariata Pamariki x her mark.
Te Rina x her mark.
Eraia x his mark.
Waka te Huka x his mark.
Horomona x his mark.
Wi te Arei x his mark.
Rangimarukore x his mark.
Hone Pumipi.
Keropa x his mark.
Teieti Kotuku.
Piripi Tana.
Apiae x his mark.
Hikitia x her mark.
Hariata Ihaia x her mark.
Oriwia Matiaha.
Te Hae x his mark.
Ko Teieti.
Mere Horomona x her mark.
Maraea Matareinga x her mark.
Sarah Hough.
Tame Watene.
Hoera Tiwa.


Fred. A. Carrington, Superintendent of Taranaki.
J Stephenson Smith, Commr. Crown lands.
W Carrington, J.P.

I, the undersigned, hereby certify that the foregoing is a correct English translation of the Deed to which it is attached.

R. Parris,
Civil Commissioner, New Plymouth.


Registration. Tuesday, 25th August, 1874. Received for Registration at one o'clock p.m.

A. S. Douglas,
Registrar of Deeds.


A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation, Declaration, and Endorsement.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, September 9th, 1875.