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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



Picton, 19 May, 1874.
1874. 19 May.Puketapu District.This is a Deed of confirmation by us the chiefs and people of the hapus of Puketapu living at Waikawa in the Province of Marlborough to all the conditions of the Deed of Cession dated the 27th of February 1874 by the chiefs and people of the hapus of PukeMoa-Whakangerengere No. 3. tapu of all that land known as the Moa-Whakangerengere-Whakaahurangi block of which the boundaries are set forth in that Deed that is to say commencing at Te Muriwai thence to Kurapeti thence to Ngatoro thence to Maketaua thence to MangawharawharaBoundaries. [32,830 acres.] thence to Waitepuke thence to Mangamawhete thence to Te Harongamuka thence to Te Hononga thence to Manganui thence to Amaia thence to Te Puketirotirohanga thence page 43to Whakaahurangi here it turns and runs in a Southerly direction to Waipuku thence to Te Wera thence to Kuratawhiti thence to Panitahi thence it follows the boundary of the Queens land to Te Muriwai. We have this day received £50 by the hands of Wi Tako Ngatata. Sufficient. We fully concur in the above mentioned Deed and we have ceded entirely all our rights claims and interests in all the land of which the boundariesReceipt for £50: Marlborough claims. have been above described, to Victoria Queen of England her heirs and successors for ever.

(Sd.) Hone Tane Rawa x his mark.
John Hebberly.
Joseph Hebberly.
Rihari Tahuaroa x his mark.
Henere Te Moana x his mark.
Neta Ropoama x her mark.
Maata te Naihi x her mark.
Hene Tane Rawa x her mark.
Utiku Te Wawai.
Te Karira Tahuaroa x his mark.
Pehimana Tairoa x his mark.
Hemi te Kapua x his mark.
Komene Pata x his mark.
Karena Taituha x his mark.
Tinihana x his mark.
Reu Takurua x his mark.
Timothy Mokoare.
Wiremu Pata x his mark.
Taituha Pata x his mark.
Riwai Tanerawa x his mark.
Wi Putu.
Wi Hema x his mark.
Waitahakirau x his mark.
Pirihira Mokai x her mark.
Roka Pawaau x her mark.
Ema Tauwekau x her mark.
Mere Mau x her mark.
Pirihira Mihi x her mark.
Hana Pioi x her mark.
Maikara te Arawhakangau x her mark.
Mere Waitaora x her mark.
Heni Hineahi x her mark.
Mata Takanga x her mark.
Katarina Keenau x her mark.
Makareta te Kaua.
Hara Haronuku x her mark.
Hona te Aupoke x his mark.
Te Rangiwiroa Witikau x his mark.

Witnesses to signatures, marks, and payment
of the money—

(Sd.) T. E. Young, Translator, Nat. Dept.

I the undersigned hereby certify that the foregoing is a correct English translation of the Deed to which it is attached.

R. Parris,
Civil Commr., New Plymouth.

Tuesday, 25th August, 1874. Received for Registration at one o'clock p.m.Registration. (l.s.)

A. S. Douglas,
Registrar of Deeds.

A True Copy of Original Deed, Translation, and Endorsement.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, September 17th, 1875.