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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



Know all men this Deed was written on the 27th day of February 1874. We the1874. 27 February.Puketapu District. Maoris the chiefs and people of the hapus of Puketapu whose names are hereunder written have agreed to sell and hand over and altogether give up to Victoria the Queen of England her heirs and successors all that block of land known as the Moa-Whakangerengere-Whakaahurangi block of which these are the boundaries. Commencing at Te Muriwai thence to Kurapeti thence to Ngatoro thence to Maketawa thence to Mangawharawhara thence to Waitepuke thence to Mangamawhete thence to TeBoundaries. [32,830 acres.] Harongamuka thence to Te Hononga thence to Manganui thence to te Amaia thence to Puketirotirohanga thence to Whakaahurangi here it turns and runs in a Southerly direction to Waipuku thence to Te Wera, thence to Kuratawhiti thence to Panitahi thence it follows the boundary of the Queens land to Te Muriwai. The plan of that land is on the margin hereof. The payment for that land agreed to by Thomas Edward Young Esq. on behalf of Her Majesty and which we have agreed to take is £1700. That sum we have this day received from Thomas Edward Young Esq. That is all theReceipt for £1,700. payment for that land which payment we have this day received and we firmly agree that we will out of this sum of £1700 altogether provide for all interest "mana" and title of the Maoris residing in the middle Island at Arapawa and other places who are interested in the land described in this Deed. In token of our assent to all the words of this Deed we have hereunto signed our names and made our marks.

Wi Tako Ngatata.
Te Manihera Ngatoro x his mark.
Rangiwaia te Puni x her mark.
Wi Hapi Pakau x his mark.
Wi Rangiawhio x his mark.
Te Tahana Ngaio x his mark.
Karipa Tawake x his mark.
Ropiha Moturoa x his mark.
Tamati Ngapuna x his mark.
Mawene Hohua x his mark.
Wi Putiki x his mark.
Meihara Huriwaka x his mark.
Hamuera Taka.
Te Poari Pikihuia x his mark.
Rama Tupara x his mark.
Paratene te Whare.
Karena te Hau.
Hemi Makoare x his mark.
Hapurona Homama x his mark.
Matene Tauwhare x his mark.
Paratene te Poha.
Eruera te Kao.
Te Wiremu Otaki x his mark.
Reu Takurua x his mark.
Hemi Hohepa.
Tamati Mukaka.
Enoka Hohepa Kopiri.
Ihakara te Ngarara x his mark.
Taare Tahua x his mark.
Epiha te Ngarara x his mark.
Arama Karaka x his mark.
Henry Davis Bate.
Hori Henare Puni x his mark.
J. W. Hebberly.
Taniora Akaru.
Te Teira te Ngana x his mark.
Paati Matene x his mark.
Watene Te Nehu x his mark.
Eruini te Marau.
Hakopa te Puni his mark.
Wi Tauhei x his mark.
Ema Hetaraka x her mark.
Hohana te Mui x her mark.
Pera Rongoueroa x her mark.
Riria Ngahuhi x her mark.
Maraea te Ngana x her mark.
Patehepa Henare Puni x her mark.
Epiha Karena Te Wi Ari x his mark.
Moteria Ohiro x her mark.
Meri Hirini x her mark.
Ani Moari x her mark.
Raina Hohepa x her mark.
Eru te Puni x her mark.
Ramari Ropiha x her mark.
Heni Ihakara x her mark.
Rahera Eruini x her mark.
Arena Hebberly x her mark.
Wiremu Henare Puni x his mark.
Mere Paoa x her mark.
Ari Parata.
Mere Parata x her mark.
Hana Taura.
Mere Tupara.
Mina Tamati x her mark.
Ematini Enoka x her mark.
Ngapaki Pairoke x her mark.
Kataraina Tahua x her mark.
Te Waari Rauakitua x his mark.
Mere Tako.
Maraea Te Paki x her mark.
Ewata Enoka Hohepa x his mark.
Ani Pikiwera x her mark.
Amiria x her mark.
Hera Tipene x her mark.
Mere Anaru x her mark.
Raita Taare x her mark.
Hone Ngaweke x his mark.
Heni Tipene x her mark.
Mohi Puketapu.
William Hapi.
Hirini te Kohu x his mark.
Kete Kautarewa x her mark.
Karena Manihera x his mark.
Ihaia Porutu (by T. E. Young he being too ill to write).
Eruini te Tupeotu x his mark.
Atareti Pokai x her mark.
Oriwia te Ati x her mark.
Tare Matangi x his mark.
Ngapaki Te Puni x his mark.
Hana te Puni x her mark.
Eparama Matene x his mark.
Ritihia Eparama x her mark.
Hoani Warena.
Tiaite x her mark.
Pera Nutaia.
Wi Tipene.
Wikitoria Pahiko x her mark.
Ria Tutereiao x her mark.
Rakapa Tawaraki x her mark.
Ruiha Tamati Kiroa x her mark.
Horo Parata.

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(Sd.) George H. Davies, Govt. Interpreter.
" Aporo Tipitipi.
" Tiemi Ranapiri.

I, the undersigned, hereby certify that the foregoing is a correct English translation of the Deed to which it is attached.

R. Parris,
Civil Commissioner, New Plymouth.

Registration. Tuesday, 25th August, 1874. Received for Registration at one o'clock p.m.

A. S. Douglas,
Registrar of Deeds.

A True Copy of Original Deed, Translation, and Endorsement.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, September 10th, 1875.