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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



1848. 29 November.Grey and Bell District. This Deed written on this 29th day of November in the Year of Our Lord One thousand eight hundred and forty eight is a document showing the full and true consent of us the people of Puketapu whose names are attached to this deed of cession to sell give up and entirely relinquish all the land of which the plan appears on the margin hereof—that isBell Block. to say the land over the boundaries of which Mr. Bell and Carrington accompanied us— to be a permanent possession for the Governor of New Zealand and for the Europeans to whom the Governor may be pleased to allot that land for ever.
Receipt for £200. And in consideration of our entire relinquishment of this land to the Governor for the Europeans the Governor agrees to pay us £200 or as our Maori mode of expression hath it £100 twice told this is the payment which Mr. Bell and Captain King promised to give us and we arranged that there should be only one payment for this land and we have now received it all in one lump.
Boundaries. [1,500 acres.] These are the boundaries of that land: Commencing at the sea coast thence running inland to Ngatokorua thence to the main line of road to Otuwetaweta thence to Whakapirikakaka from thence it runs in a southerly direction and straight inland along Carrington's survey to Te Pui-o-te-Rangi thence in a southerly direction to Te Matai thence following the survey inland to Rorongia it goes no further inland than this thence straight on the South of the survey to Te Putatutonga thence along the survey towards the sea to Te Pitau thence to Wharewhiti thence to the main line thence a little to the south thence along the survey to Te Wioa from thence the survey runs towards the North exclusive of the reserve of which the plan appears on this deed and that place was set apart for us the Maoris for ever.

And we now consent on this day to altogether relinquish all our places within these boundaries together with the streams trees and all things thereunto belonging to the Europeans as being land which we have declared shall be the property of the Europeans for ever.

And in token of our consent to all the conditions of this deed we hereunto subscribe our names and make our marks.

And in token of the consent of the Governor to all the conditions of this deed the name of Henry King Resident Magistrate of Taranaki is hereunto subscribed.



Correct Translation.

T. E. Young,
Translator, Native Department.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, August 20th, 1875.