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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



Land between the Rivers Timaru and Katikara.
This deed of cession of land written on this day the eleventh of May in the year of1847. 11 May.Omata District. Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty seven is a true consent by us on behalf of our people and children and of all our descendants after us to the sale, giving up andTimaru And Katikara. entire abandonment by us of all the lands within the boundaries hereinafter set forth in this deed of cession of land for the Governor of New Zealand for ever with the streams bays trees and all things appertaining to that land; and on the twenty eighth day of February One thousand eight hundred and forty eight we shall cease occupying and cultivating the place called Turere by the side of the Katikara river and all the places upon which we have worked within the boundaries which are now for the Governor:
These are the boundaries: Commencing at Pirirata thence along the coast to WaioheruBoundaries. thence to Pitoone thence to Tataraimaka thence along the river to Katikara the boundary then follows that river till it reaches a place called Puoteau inland thence to Puketotara thence to Pukeporoporo till it reaches Purakautomo. When it reaches that place it goes right through the bush to the confluence of Kaiwiringaki with Timaru from thence following the Timaru river to Manawatarakihi thence along Wellington Carrington's survey to Motukawa and thence along the survey to Pirirata.

And we entirely agree to the boundaries which have been written in this document that is the boundaries surveyed by Wellington Carrington in the presence of some of us and with our knowledge as shown on the plan on the margin of this document.

In consideration of this cession of land within these boundaries which have been described the Governor of New Zealand agrees to give us One hundred and fifty Pounds Sterling We have received on this day one hundred pounds of that money from Mr. McLean; the balance of fifty pounds to be paid to us by the Governor of New Zealand page 10or by some person appointed by him, for us and our children on the fourteenth of May in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and forty eight in final payment for the land which has been surveyed sold and altogether given up by us for ever.

And in token of our consent our names are affixed hereto in the presence of the witnesses and in token of the consent of the Governor the name of Henry King Chief Magistrate of Taranaki is hereunto affixed.



We the undersigned have received on this twenty ninth day of August in the Year One thousand eight hundred and forty eight1848. 29 August.Receipt for £50. from Mr. McLean the sum of Fifty Pounds (£50) sterling being the final payment for all our lands described in another part of this document of consent to sell the land dated the eleventh of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty seven.



Correct Translation.

T. E. Young
Translator, Native Department.

A True Copy of Original Deed and Translation.

H. Hanson Turton.

Wellington, August 18th, 1875.