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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two

Patea, Section No. 71, Patea District

Patea, Section No. 71, Patea District.

This Deed made the sixteenth day of July one thousand eight hundred and seventy1873. 16 July.Patea District. three Between Her Majesty Queen Victoria of the one part and Wheronika Te Ikamouwawe of Wanganui in the Province of Wellington in New Zealand an aboriginalPatea(Section No. 71). Native of New Zealand hereinafter called "the said Vendor" of the other part whereas one Hare te Kaho was entitled by virtue of his services as a private in the Native Contingent to a grant from the Crown of an estate in fee simple in the piece of parcel of land hereinafter described and intended to be hereby conveyed, and whereas the said Hare Te Kaho died on or about the tenth day of February one thousand eight hundred and sixty eight without haying made any valid disposal of the said piece or parcel of land or any part thereof, and whereas the said vendor is the heir at law of the said Hare te Kaho and has contracted and agreed with her said Majesty for the absolute sale to her said Majesty of the said piece or parcel of land at and for the price or sum of Fifty pounds, Now this Deed witnesseth that in consideration of the sum of Fifty pounds paid by her said Majesty to the said vendor (the receipt whereof is hereby acknowReceipt for £50. ledged) he the said vendor doth hereby convey and assure unto her said Majesty All that piece or parcel of land situate in the Patea District in the Province of Taranaki containing Fifty acres two roods and ten perches more or less and being section number seventy one (71) on the plan of the said District and Bounded on or towards the NorthBoundaries. [50a. 2r. 10p.] East by section number sixty one one thousand three hundred and twenty links on or towards the South East by section number seventy two, four thousand and twenty two links on or towards the South West in part by a Public road and in part by a line one thousand three hundred and five links and on or towards the North West by section number seventy four thousand and seventy two links, as the same is more particularly delineated in the plan drawn hereon and thereon colored red, with all the rights easements and appurtenances thereunto belonging, To hold unto her said Majesty tier heirs and successors for ever, In witness whereof the said parties hereto have hereunto set their hands.

Weronika te Ikamouawe.

Signed by the said Wheronika Te Ikamouwawe in the presence of—

James Booth, J.P.
Wm. Thos. Owen.


Monday, 11th August, 1873.

Received for Registration at Ten o'clock a.m.Registration.


A. Shaw Douglas,
Registrar of Deeds.