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Maori Deeds of Land Purchases in the North Island of New Zealand: Volume Two



1844. 28 November.New Plymouth District.We have received on the twenty eighth day of November in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty four from the Agents of the New Zealand Company in London by the hands of John Tylston Wicksteed one of the Agents of that Company forty red blankets, eighty white blankets, forty pieces of print, thirty six shirts, four hundredFitzroy Block yards of calico, twenty frocks, eleven hats, thirty pounds of soap, nine double barreledReceipt for money, cattle, and goods. guns, two hundred and fifty pounds of tobacco, fify four lbs. of powder, four jackets, twelve dresses for women, six boxes of caps, five dresses for women, six other dresses, one linen dress, six shawls, three combs, three rugs, three pairs of trowsers, sixty iron pots, twelve calves and Fifty Pounds in money in full consideration of our altogether parting with all our pieces of land and places within all our lands described in this deedBoundaries. that is to say all the places at Ngamotu within the following boundaries: Commencing on the Western side of the Wesleyan Mission Station at the place called Waitapu thence along the line surveyed by "Tukapo" thence towards the West till it reaches the end of the survey of Captain Creagh's place numbered twenty-six on the plan of the land at the place called Harakeke, thence in a Southerly direction to Kokoari thence it goes along the surveyed line in an Easterly direction to Waerengapoka the end of the survey of Aubrey's place numbered forty nine on the plan of the land near Te Henui thence in runs along the surveyed line to Hawehawe thence in an Easterly direction along the survey of Thatcher's place numbered thirty six on the plan of the land to Te Henui and Eringa, thence along the stream to the surveyed line outside of Thatcher's survey thence across the Te Henui thence along the surveyed line to Paipai thence to the beach thence along the stream to Te Papa thence in a Northerly direction to the surveyed line at Waerengapoka, thence along the main road to Watitiri, thence across the stream to Taurangakawau here it turns and goes to the cliff at Te Puia thence outside of Bain's house to the Swamp thence across to Waiwhakaiho thence to the sea coast at Waitapu. These are the boundaries which we have been gone over and pointed out by us along with Mr. McLean Mr. Forsaith and Mr. Whiteley and Haki; the pas, cultivations, burial places, and reserves are all that we retain and we agree to sign our names to a proper deed of cession hereafter, on being requested so to do, to the Agents of the said Company of all our places in the said land excepting these places above mentioned.


[Here follow signatures.]

Correct Translation.

T.E. Young,
Translator Native Department.