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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 88


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Memorandum Of Association. Articles of Association. (For full index see margins)

Table "B" not to apply, and Interpretation Clause 1 & 2
Register Of Shareholders.
Contents, when open, evidence, and trusts not permitted 3 to 6
Definition of Shareholder, and Limitation of Holding 7
Calls, and how Payable 8
Calls on Emergency 9
Interest on Calls overdue, or paid in advance 10 & 11
Transfer of Shares.
Execution of, Form of, power to refuse, and when Books closed 12 to 15
Certificates for Shares, and renewal if lost 16 & 17
Transfer Books closed 18
Transmission of Shares.
On Death, Bankruptcy, Marriage, &c. 19 to 23
Forfeiture of Shares.
Notice of Overdue Calls and Forfeiture 24 to 29
Increase of Capital.
Power to Increase, &c 30 & 31
General Meetings.
First, Subsequent, how Convened, and Notice 32 to 38
Not ice of Special Resolution 39
Quorum, Dissolution or Adjournment, and Chairman 40 to 43
No Special Business without Notice 41
Votes in Person, by Proxy, by Attorney, and Method of Polling 45 to 48
Business without Not ice 49
Votes of Lunatics, &c., by Guardians 50
Votes not allowed, if Calls, &c., unpaid 51
Proxy Form and Regulations 52 to 55
Number. Quorum, Qualification, and First Directors 56 & 57
Powers of Directors.
General and Special, including Remuneration 58 & 59
Disqualification of Directors.
In certain cases, Power to remainder to act during vacancy 60
Rotation or Directors.page break
Method of Retiring, and Election or Reflection, and Notice 62 to 69
Proceedings of Directors.
Meetings, Committees, and Minutes of all Meetings 70 to 75
Dividends, Bonuses, Reserves, Notices, Receipts, &c. 76 to 83
Books and Accounts not for General Inspection 84
Accounts, Financial Periods, and Balance Sheets 85 & 86
Auditors Election, Qualification, Remuneration, Duties, Powers, and Reports 87 to 96
Local Auditors, if required 97
Service of Joint Holders, Absentees, Proof of Service, Advertisements 98 to 102
To Directors, Officers, &c. 103
On Meaning of Regulations 104
Certificate of Incorporation.