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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 88

Rules & Regulations of the Wellington Club

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Rules & Regulations of the Wellington Club..

Incorporated, August, 1878, Under the "Joint Stock Companies' Act, 1860," and Amendments thereof.

Printed at the "New Zealand Times" Office Willis Street, Wellington: 1877

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General Management Rule
Committee of Management 1
Officers —
President, Vice-President, and Trustees 2
Trustees 3
Auditors 1
Committee may appoint Auditors 5
Members of Committee 6
To be elected at Annual General Meeting 7
Non attendance of Members of Committee 8
Vacancies in Committee 9
Committee to make Regulations, keep Minutes, &c. 10
Number of Members 11
Election to be by Ballot. Nomination of Candidates 12
Mode of Ballot 13
Fifteen Members to vote 11
Proxies . 15
Rejected Candidates 10
Notice to New Members 17
Entrance Fee and Subscription—
Entrance Fee and Subscription 18
Entrance Fee and Subscription to be paid in advance 10
Non payment of Entrance Fee and Subscription by NewMembers 20
Non-payment of Subscription by Members 21
Reinstating Members 21
List to be posted of those who have ceased to be Members 22
Non-proprietary Members 23
List of Supernumerary Members 24
Retiring Members 25
General and Special Meetings—
Annual General Meeting to be held in May 26
Business at Annual General Meeting 27
Special General Meeting 28
No Meeting without fifteen Proprietary Members 20
Resolutions conclusive and binding 30page 4
Misconduct of Members 31
Members becoming Bankrupt 32
Removal of Books, &c. prohibited 33
Restrictions concerning Gaming 34
Rules and Bye-laws open to inspection 35
Gratuities to Servants prohibited 36
Tariff to he posted 37
Dogs 38
Payment of Bills by Members 39
Hours Club-house open 40
Smoking 41
Members in arrear 12
Honorary Members—
Governor and Staff 43
Admission of Visitors 44
Officers of Army and Navy 45
Officers of Colonial Forces 46
Members proposing Honorary Members 47
Honorary Members 48
Strangers 49
Breakfast 1
Early Breakfast 2
Removal of Breakfast 3
Lunch 4
Removal of Lunch 5
House Dinner 6
Choice of Room 7
Exchange of Room 8
Compulsory Vacating of Room 9
Giving up Room 10
Retaining Room during temporary absence 11
Smoking Prohibited in Bed rooms 12
Charges per Day 13
Mode of making Payments 14
Cards 15, 16, 17
Billiard Room 18
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General Management.

1. The general affairs of the Club shall be managed

Committee of Management.

by a Committee, who shall, from time to time, make such Bye-laws and Regulations, consistent with the General Rules, as they may think necessary or expedient for the well-being of the Club; and their regulations and decisions on all questions shall be binding, until set aside by a Special General Meeting of the Club, to be assembled as hereinafter directed.


2. There shall be a President, a Vice-President, and

President, Vice-President, and Trustees.

Trustees of the Club, who shall remain in office until death or resignation, or until a Special General Meeting of Proprietary Members, convened by the Committee expressly for the purpose, shall think fit to remove any of them.
3. The property of the Club shall be vested in Trustees,


and upon any resolution, that a Trustee be removed, being passed, all property belonging to the page 6 Club then vested in him shall thereupon become vested in the other and continuing Trustees, and he shall cease to have any interest therein as Trustee.


4. There shall be two Auditors (who shall not be members of Committees) elected annually at the General Meeting, who shall audit the accounts.

Committee may appoint Auditors.

5. Should the General Meeting fail to elect Auditors, the Committee may appoint them.


Members of Committee

6. The Committee shall consist of the President, Vice-President, the Trustees, and seven elected Proprietary Members; three to form a quorum.

To be elected at Annual General Meeting.

7. The seven elected Members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club, and shall hold office for one year and until the election of their successors.

Non-attendance of members of Committee.

8. Any elected Member of the Committee absenting himself from three consecutive Meetings without permission of the Committee, shall, at their option, cease to be a Member thereof, and the Committee may elect a substitute for his unexpired term of office.

Vacancies in Committee.

9. In the event of a vacancy occurring in the Committee, the remaining Members of the Committee shall fill up such vacancy for the unexpired term of office.
page 7
10. The Committee shall make Regulations for, and

Committee to make Regulations, keep Minutes. &c.

keep Minutes of, their Meetings and Proceedings, and such Minutes, together with the Accounts of the Club and Balance Sheet, shall be open for inspection of Members one week before every Annual Meeting.


11. The number of effective Members of the Wellington

Number of Members.

Club shall not exceed three hundred.
12. Members shall be elected by a general ballot.

Election to be by Ballot. Nomination of Candidates.

Each Candidate for admission must be proposed by one Member, and seconded by another; and the name of the Candidate, with the names of the proposer and seconder in their own handwriting, must be exhibited in the dining-room of the Club for twenty-eight days preceding the day of ballot.
13. The ballot shall take place between 8 and

Mode of Ballot

9 p.m., on the second Saturday of every month, during which time the ballot shall be kept open in the presence of two Members of Committee.
14. No ballot shall be valid unless fifteen Members

Fifteen Members to vote.

actually vote. One black ball in five shall exclude.
15. Proxies to be available; but no Member to hold


more than two.
16. No rejected Candidate shall be re-proposed for

Rejected candidates.

election within the space of twelve months after page 8 rejection, unless with the sanction of a majority of the whole of the Committee, at a Meeting convened for the purpose of considering the question.

Notice to New Members.

17. On the admission of each new Member, the Committee or Secretary shall notify it to him, furnishing him, at the same time, with a copy of the Rules, and stating the amount of the entrance fee and annual subscription, on payment of which he shall be enrolled on the books of the Club, and become entitled to its privileges.

Entrance Fee and Subscription.

Entrance Fee and Subscription

18. The Entrance Fee shall be Ten Pounds Ten Shillings, and the Annual Subscription shall be Ten Pounds Ten Shillings, payable in advance. Members elected within the latter half of the financial year shall only be charged with half the subscription for that year.

Entrance Fee and Subscription to be paid in advance.

19. No newly elected Member shall enjoy the privileges of the Club until he shall have paid his Entrance Fee and Subscription.

Non-payment of Entrance Fee and Subscription by New Members.

20. If a newly elected Member does not pay his Entrance Fee and Subscription within three months after his election, his election shall be void, unless he shall justify the delay to the satisfaction of the Committee,
page 9
21. The Annual Subscription is due on the first day

Non-payment of Subscription by Members.

of May. If any Member fail to pay on or before the 31st July his Annual Subscription due on the 1st May preceding, he shall pay a fine of One Guinea; and if any Member shall fail to pay his Annual Subscription and the fine, or any call that may be made within six months from the 1st May, or from the time the call was made, the Member so in default shall cease to be a Member of the Club, and the Secretary shall signify the same to him in writing, but the Committee may reinstate any Member who

Reinstating Members.

shall give them a satisfactory explanation upon his paying subscription, and a fine of £2 2s. in all, or calls made.
22. At the end of every three months, a List shall

List to be posted of those who have ceased to be members.

be posted in the Dining-Room of the Club of the names of Members who have died, and of persons who have ceased to be Members during the preceding three months. The first of such List shall be so posted on the first day of November, 1877.
23. Those who are Non-Proprietary Members have

Non-proprietary Members.

no interest in the property of the Club, and no voice in its management; but are nevertheless responsible for any calls made by the Committee. They may become full Members on payment of Ten Pounds Ten Shillings on or before 30th April, 1878.
page 10

List of Super numeray Members.

24. Any Member of the Club intending to leave the Colony, may, upon his, or his agent's application in writing to the Committee (his subscription for the current year being paid), be placed on the list of Supernumerary Members, and be exempted from payment of Annual Subscription until his return, when it will be necessary, before he is replaced on the effective list, that he should pay a portion of the subscription for the then current year, calculated from the first day of the month in which he returned to the Colony, and all calls that may have been made during his absence.

Retiring Members.

25. No Member retiring from the Club, or ceasing, from any cause, to be a Member, or who shall not have paid an Entrance Fee. shall be entitled to, or have any claim upon, any portion whatever of the property of the Club.

General and Special Meetings.

Annual General Meeting to be held in May.

26. An Annual General Meeting of the Proprietary Members of the Club shall be held in the month of May, with power of adjournment. The Chairman of the meeting shall have an original and casting vote at such meeting.

Business at Animal General Meeting.

27. The Annual General Meeting shall elect the Committee for the ensuing year, and make any modification of, or addition to, the Standing Rules of the Club: page 11 provided, however, that any proposed alterations or additions shall be posted in the dining room, for one month previous to such meeting.
28. A Special General Meeting of the Proprietary

Special General Meeting.

Members of the Club may be called by the Committee, of their own motion, and shall be called at the written request of six Proprietary Members of the Club. All Special General Meetings shall have the same powers of an Annual Meeting, with this right, that only one week's notice of the subject matter to be discussed at such meeting need be posted in the Club.
29. No General or Special Meeting of the Club

No Meeting without Fifteen Proprietary Members.

shall be formed without the presence of fifteen Proprietary Members, either personally or by proxy.
30. All resolutions passed at meetings of the Club

Resolutions conclusive and binding.

shall be conclusive and binding on all the Members of the Club, whether they shall be present at such Meetings or not, provided that such Meetings are held in conformity with the Rules at present, or which may hereafter be in force in the Club.


31. Any Member wilfully infringing any of the laws

Misconduct of Members.

or bye-laws of the Club, or becoming a defaulter to the Club, or grossly misconducting himself, whether within or without the Club, shall be answerable to the Com- page 12 mittee, who may, at their discretion, suspend such Member, and convene a Special General Meeting of the Club thereon. The opinion of such Meeting shall be ascertained by ballot, without proxies; when, if two-thirds of the votes shall so decide, the accused shall forthwith cease to be a Member of the Club.

Members becoming Bankrupt.

32. Any Member becoming bankrupt or insolvent, or making any general assignment of all his property for the benefit of his creditors, shall, cease to be a Member of the Club. Any Member ceasing to be such, under this rule, may, on obtaining his certificate or release, or otherwise ceasing to be bankrupt or insolvent, be re-admitted under the regulations for the election of Ordinary Members; and upon being so readmitted. shall be exempt from the payment of any entrance fee, unless he has been a Non-Proprietary Member, in which event he must pay such entrance fee, as may be payable for the time being.

Removal of Books, &c., prohibited.

33. No Member of the Club shall take away from the Club House, or deface, tear, or injure, any newspaper, book, pamphlet, or other article, the property of the Club. Members breaking or injuring any article, the property of the Club, shall pay for the same.

Restrictions concerning Gaming.

34. No game of chance shall he allowed; nor shall dice be used, except for backgammon. At whist, and similar games, no higher stakes than half-crown points shall be played for; nor any bet made exceeding five shillings on the rubber.
page 13
35. A copy of the Rules and Bye-laws shall be always

Rules and By-laws open to inspection.

open to the inspection of Members and Honorary Members.
36. Gratuities to the Club Servants are prohibited.

Gratuities to Servants prohibited.

37. The Tariff shall be posted in the Steward's room and dining room.

Tariff to be posted.

38. No Member shall bring a dog into the Club on


any pretence whatever.
39. All Members are to pay their Bills for any expenses

Payment of Bills by Members.

they incur in the Club House, weekly; the House Steward having positive orders not to keep open an account beyond that period, and being under the necessity of accounting to the Secretary weekly for all Moneys passing through his hands. To every debt remaining unpaid for one month, a fine, at the rate of ten per cent. for each month, shall be added.
40. The Club House shall be open from seven

Hours Club-House open.

o'clock a.m., till twelve o'clock p.m., after which hour no refreshments will be supplied, except on such special occasions, as the Committee may direct, or during time Parliament is in Session.
41. No Smoking shall be allowed in the Club House,


except in the room or rooms designated or appointed for that purpose.
42. No Member whose Subscription is in arrear

Members in arrear.

for three months shall be entitled to vote, either for the page 14 Election of a Member, or at any Meeting of the Members of the Club.

Honorary Members.

Governor and his Staff.

43. The Governor of New Zealand and his Staff shall be Honorary Members of the Club.

Admission of Visitors.

44. Gentlemen newly arrived, or being visitors to the district of Wellington, may be admitted by any two members, one being a Member of the Committee, as Honorary Members for any period not exceeding one month, during which time they shall not be called upon for any subscription. And it shall be in the

power of the Committee to permit such gentlemen to remain Honorary Members for a further period of six months upon payment of one pound subscription monthly in advance.

Officers of Army and Navy.

45. Officers of Her Majesty's Army and Navy, on actual service, and during their stay in Wellington, shall be Honorary Members.

Officers of Colonial Forces.

46. Officers of Her Majesty's Colonial Forces, on actual service, may, during their stay in Wellington, be admitted as Honorary Members, at the discretion of the Committee.

Members proposing Honorary Members.

47. The Member proposing a candidate for Honorary Membership is to be held responsible for his obligations, if he is admitted as an Honorary Member.
page 15
48. No person residing within the Provincial District

Honorary Members.

of Wellington shall be entitled to be an Honorary Member.
49. Honorary Members are not entitled to introduce


strangers into the Club.



1. Breakfast shall extend from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Removal of Breakfast.

2. Any Member requiring Breakfast earlier than 8

Early Breakfast.

a.m., or later than 10 a.m., shall pay sixpence extra.


3. Breakfast shall be removed at 10.30.

Removal of Lunch.


4. Shall extend from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.


5. Lunch shall be removed at 2.30 p.m.

6. The House Dinner shall be at 7 p.m., unless otherwise ordered, by the Committee.

House Dinner.

7. Any Member or Honorary Member may have the choice of any room that may be vacant.

Choice of Room.

8. No Member or Honorary Member shall be compelled

Exchange of Room.

to exchange or remove from the room he first occupies, save at his own desire, so long as any other room remains vacant.
9. Should all the Bedrooms be full, the first arrived

Compulsory Vacating of Room.

Honorary Member (or Subscribing Member, provided page 16 he shall have occupied any room for two weeks or more) must vacate his room, should any Subscribing Member require for his own use; but no such change shall be made after twelve o'clock of any day.

Giving up Room.

10. Any Member or Honorary Member who has occupied a Bedroom on the previous night, shall be deemed in occupation the following night, unless he give notice to the Steward before twelve o'clock noon of his intention to vacate it.

Retaining Room during temporary absence.

11. Subject to Bye-Law No. 9, any Member or Honorary Member may retain his room during a temporary absence, not exceeding one week, by notifying his wish to the Steward, and paying for the time during which he retains it.

Smoking Prohibited in Bedrooms.

12. Smoking will not be allowed in any of the Bedrooms.

Charges per Day.

13. Members and Honorary Members residing in the house to be charged at the rate of ten shillings per day. This charge to cover cost of board. This charge not to apply to Members who occupy a bedroom for a single night merely. Subscribing Members residing for a period of six months or more shall be charged at the rate of six days for seven.

Mode of making Payments.

14. No Servant of the Club, with the exception of the House-Steward, is allowed to receive cash in payment from Members or Honorary Members; and for all refreshments payments shall be made by means of page break Cards, to be signed by the Member or Honorary Members, or by Tickets of money value, to be purchased from the Secretary or House-Steward; and Members are requested to accept such tickets only in sheets of ten, and to separate before using them.


15. Members playing dummy must, on the entrance


of a Member or Members, sufficient to make up a full set, finish at the end of their rubber; and on cutting, must cut as Members who have last entered the room

16. Members, who have played dummy, desirous of cutting into a table, being formed, will likewise, if any other Member is waiting, cut in as Members who have last entered the room.

17. When two tables finish their second rubber at the same time, any player may demand a general cut.

Billiard Room.

18. Any person cutting or tearing the cloth, or otherwise

Damaging Billiard Table.

damaging the Billiard Table, shall pay a fine of Two Guineas.