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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 88

Rules of the Wellington Working Men's Club, established July 1877

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Rules of the Wellington Working Men's Club.

Established - - July, 1877.

Printed at the "N.Z. Times" Office, Wellington: Willis St., Wellington

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Wellington Working Men's Club.


  • His Excellency the Marquis or Normanby, K.C.M.G.

President :

  • P. Galvin.


  • W. Hutchison, Esq., Mayor.
  • S. Brown, Esq.


  • V. Claridge.


  • H. E. Warcup.


  • J. Austing
  • J. A. Capper
  • F. A. Harper
  • F. Jennings
  • G. T. Richardson.


  • The Colonial Bank of New Zealand.
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Constitution and Rules of the Wellington Working Men's Club.



This Club shall be entitled "The Wellington Working Men's Club."


The object of the Club shall be to provide a Reading Room, Writing Materials, Refreshments, Chess, Draughts, Cards, Dominoes, and such other Amusements as the Committee shall think fit; and also to promote genial and social intercourse among the Members.


The Club shall consist of Life, Honorary, and Ordinary Members. The Club is open to Working Men over twenty-one years of age; and youths over eighteen years of age will be admitted, if nominated by a senior Member.

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Any donor of a sum of not less than Ten Guineas shall be entitled to a Life Membership (subject to the approval of the Committee); and the Club shall have power to grant the same for special services. The yearly subscription for Honorary Members shall be One Guinea; the entrance fee for Ordinary Members shall be Five Shillings; and the subscription shall be Ten Shillings per annum, Five Shillings half-yearly, or One Shilling per month; and all subscriptions shall be due and payable on the first Monday in each month, in advance.


The Club shall be governed by a President, Treasurer, two Trustees, together with five Members, chosen with them to act as a Committee, who shall be appointed at a General Meeting held every six months. The first half-yearly meeting to be held on Monday, 14th January, 1878.

The Trustees shall retain office until they resign or are removed at a Special Meeting convened for the purpose.


The Secretary, Steward, Stewardess, and all paid Officers shall be appointed by the Committee, and shall act at all times under their direction. The Committee shall have the power of suspending or dismissing them; any Officer so suspended or dismissed shall have the right of appeal to a General Meeting of the Club.


The President shall preside at all Meetings, whether Committee or General; but should he be absent at page 5 any Meeting, the Committee or Members shall have power to choose one from the Meeting to act as Chairman.

The Trustees to hold in trust all property belonging to the Club, and to sign all cheques and bills.

The Treasurer to receive all monies, and pay the same into the Bank to the credit of the Club; and he shall pay all accounts passed by the Committee: all accounts to be paid by cheque.

The Secretary's duties shall be to keep a clear statement of the accounts of the Club, and take correct minutes of meetings, conduct all correspondence, and receive entrance fees and subscriptions, and hand over all monies so received to the Treasurer at least once a week.


Any resolution in Committee, involving an expenditure of over £25 for special purposes, to be posted in the Club Rooms fourteen clear days before such resolution shall come in force.


The Committee shall have the power of suspending Members for misconduct; but any Member so suspended shall have the right of appeal at the next General Meeting.


Any Member's subscriptions being in arrear three months shall be suspended from the privileges of the Club until the same be paid; but any Member leaving the city for any lengthened period, on giving notice of his intention of so doing to the Secretary in writing, shall be placed on a separate list, and his subscriptions be suspended until he returns.

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No intoxicated person shall be allowed in the Club Rooms.


No swearing or obscene language shall be allowed in the Club, and any Member persisting in such or other disorderly conduct, after being cautioned by any of the Officers, shall render himself liable to expulsion.


No gambling to be allowed in the Club, and any complaints thereof to be decided by the Committee.


No Member shall remove any book, newspaper, or other article, the property of the Club. Any Member breaking, tearing, or injuring any such property, shall be compelled to make good and restore the same.


No wines, spirits, or refreshments shall be sent out of the premises of the Club.


No refreshments shall be supplied to any but bonâ fide Members of the Club; but any Member introducing a friend shall have the privilege of calling for refreshments for the said friend. Any Member found taking money, for the purpose of calling for refreshments, from the friend so introduced, shall render himself liable to expulsion.


Any person desirous of joining the Club as an Ordinary Member shall be required to be introduced page 7 by a Member of the Club; and any Member knowingly introducing any improper person shall render himself liable to expulsion. The Committee shall have the power to expel any Member so introduced.


No expelled or retiring Member shall have any claim on the Committee, either collectively or individually.


The Committee shall have the power to make Bye-Laws as occasion may require : provided these Bye-Laws are not inconsistent with the Rules; and these Bye-Laws shall have the same effect as the Rules.

All complaints in connection with the Club to be made in writing to the Committee.


The President shall have the power to call Special General Meetings, on a written requisition of not less than twenty Members; the requisition to state for what purpose the meeting is called, and to be posted in the Club Rooms fourteen clear days before such meeting.


Two Auditors shall be elected from the general body of Members at each half-yearly meeting; members of Committee not to be eligible for election as Auditors. The Auditors' fees to be fixed by the Committee.


The hours during which the Club shall be open on week days shall be from 9 a.m. until 11 p.m., and page 8 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Sundays; and the bar shall be closed from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays.


Should any Member of Committee resign during the six months for which he was appointed, the Committee shall have the power to fill up such vacancy until the following General Meeting.


The Club shall not be dissolved so long as there are five members; and should the Club be dissolved, any monies remaining shall be handed over to the Benevolent Institution, or some such charitable institution.


No alteration shall be made in the foregoing Rules without one clear month's notice being given before a General Meeting; and the said notice shall be posted on a notice-board, to be provided for the purpose, in the Club Rooms, for the same period.