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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 84

Collateral Branches Living

Collateral Branches Living.

Issue of the late Right Hon. Lord Granville Charles Henry Somerset, M.P., 2nd son of 6th Duke, b. 1792, d. 1848 m. 1822, the Hon. Emily Carington, who d. 1869, dau. of 1st Baron Carrington :—

Leveson Eliot Henry, R.N., b. 1829; became Vice Adm. 1884; served in Baltic during Russian War 1854-5 (medal); was a Naval A.D.C. to H.M. 1876-8: m. 1872, Efah, dau. of Col. the Hon. Richard Thomas Rowley, son of 1st Baron Langford. Residence,—44, Curzon Street, W.

Clubs,—Carlton, United Service.—Raglan George Henry, b. 1831; is a Gentleman Usher to H.M. Residence,—2, Morpeth Terrace, S.W. Clubs,—Travellers', Carlton.—Emily Catherine Ann, b. 1826 : m. 1859, Henry Ayshford Sanford, Esq., formerly Col. 3rd Batn. Oxfordshire L.I., and Capt. 43rd Regt. Residence,—29, Chester Street, S.W.——Constance Henrietta Sophia Louisa, b. 1827 : m. 1857, Rowland Smith, Esq., and has issue living, Granville Rowland Francis, b. 1860,—Constance Eugenia,—Constance Emily. Residences,—Duffield Hall, Derby; 131, Queen's Gate, S.W.

Grandchildren of the late Gen. Lord diaries Henry Somerset, M.P., 2nd son of 5th Duke :—

Issue of the late Lieut.-Gen. Sir Henry Somerset, K.C.B., b. 1794, d. 1862 : m. 1817, Frances Sarah, dau. of Adm. Sir Henry Heathcotc [Heathcote, Bart.] :—

Henry George Edward, b. 1829; entered Army 1848, became Hon. Col. on retired list 1882; formerly of 3rd Buffs: served in Kaffir Wars 1847 and 1850-2 (medal) : m. 1853, Harriet Lade, dau. of Major Coast (formerly of 52nd Regt.), and has issue living, Henry Calthorpe, b. 1856; is Capt. 2nd Batn. The Buffs (E. Kent Regt.): served in Zulu War 1879 (medal with clasp),—Charles Wyndham, b. 1862; is Lieut. 2nd Batn. Royal Sussex Regt.,—Frances Constance.—FitzRoy Maclean Henry, b. 1839 : m. 18—, and has issue living.—Louisa, b. 1824: m. 1844, Major-Gen. Montagu Cholmeley Jonnstone, who d. 1874 [see Johnstone, Bart., colls.].—Augusta, b. 1833.—Maria Caroline, b. 1835: m. 1857, Henry Edward Leeke, Esq., and has issue living, Henry Somerset, b. 1859 : m. 1881,—Alan FitzRoy Walter Henry, b. 1863,—Maria Augusta Frances. Residence,—Copnor Farm, Portsmouth.—Frances Augusta Rose Blanche,b. 1837.—Mary Matilda Gertrude, b. 1841.

Issue of the late Rev. Villiers Henry Plantagenet Somerset, b. 1803, d. 1855 : m. 1844, Frances Dorothy, who d. 1885, dau. of John Henry Ley, Esq., of Trehill, co. Devon :—

Rev. Henry Plantagenet, b. 1845; ed. at Queen's Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1869, M.A. 1872); is V. of Raglan : m. 1881, Charlotte Elizabeth, dau. of Col. Rose Wynter, and has issue living, Richard Henry Plantagenet, b. 1882,—Charles Henry Plantagenet, b. 1884,—Charlotte Rose Mary, b. 1883. Residence,—Kaglan Vicarage, Monmouth.—John Henry William, b. 1848; is a Clerk in House of Commons.—Frances Dorothea Charlotte, b. 1846 Mary Isabella Frances, b. 1849.

Issue of the late Col. Poulett George Henry Somerset, C.B., M.P., b. 1822, d. 1875 : m. 1st, 1847, Barbara Augusta Norah, who d. 1870 dau. of John Mytton, Esq.. of Halston, Salop; 2ndly, 1870, Emily (who m. 2ndly, 1882, Richard John Kinkead, Esq., M.D., of West House, Galway), dau. of John Hubert Moore, Esq., of Cherry Hill, co. Chester :—

"Debrett" is the only volume that published the Services, Residences and Clubs of Younger Sons of Peers, or that gives the Names of the Children of Married Daughters and Sisters of Peers.

page 4 Vere Francis John. b. 1854 : m. 1875, Annette Katherine, dau. of Col Richard Frederick Hill [see V. Hill, colls.], and has issue living, Francis William, b. 1876,—Charles, b. 1878—Hugh, 1879,—Claud, b. 1381.—Charles Fitzroy, b. 1860.—Cicely Mary Poulet, b. 1871.

Grandchildren of the late Lieut.-Gen. Sir Henry Somerset (ante):—

Issue of the late Col. Charles Henry Somerset, C.B., b. 1819, d—1863; m. 1848 Christiana Emma, who d. 1863, dau. of R. W. Thompson, Esq. :—

William Henry, R.N., b. 1849; became Lieut. 1874.—Henry Plantagenet, b. 1852; ed at Wellington Coll.; formerly Ensign 52nd Regt.; is a Squatter and Gen. Manager for the Australian Meat Co., Ramornie Station: m. 1879, Katherine Rose, dau. of David Cannon M' Connel, Esq., of Cressbrook, Queensland, and has issue living, Mary Georgiana, b. 1880,—Joan, b. 1881,—Christiana, A. 1884. Residence,—Ramornie, Clarence River, New South Wales.—Charles Fitzroy Maclean, R.N., b. 1854; became Lieut. 1879.—Georgiana Frances Emma, A. 1853; is a "Sister" of All Saints, Margaret Street, W. Residence,—St. George's Home Cape Town.

Issue of the late Gen. Lord Robert Edward Henry Somerset, G.C.B., 4th son of 5th Duke, b. 1776, d. 1842: m. 1805, Louisa Augusta, who d. 1823, dau. of 2nd Viscount Courtenay [E. Devon] :—

Edward Arthur, C. B; b. 1817; entered Army 1836, became Lieut.-Gen. 1877, and retired Gen. 1883; was Acting Gov. of Gibraltar 1875-6, and in 1878; is Col. 1st Batn. King's Roy. Rifle Corps and a J.P. for Monmouth; served in Kaffir War 1852-3 (medal), and in Crimean Campaiga 1854-5 (medal with four clasps, Turkish medal, Legion of Honour, and 5th class Medjidie); sat as M.P. for W. Gloucester (C) 1867.9 : m. 1849, Agatha, dau. of Sir William Miles, 1st Bart, and has issue living, Edward William Henry, b. 1866,—Agatha Georgiana, b. 1850 : m. 1879, Capt. Charles Arthur B. Knyvett-Leighton, 1st Batn. Roy. Welsh Fusiliers [see Leighton, Bait.],—Ada Frances, b. 1861,—Maude Catherine, b. 1862,—Lilian, A. 1864,—Blanche Louisa, b. 1868,—Muriel, b. 1870,—Hilda, b. 1872. Residence,—Troy House, Monmouth. Club,—Carlton.—Louisa Isabella, b. 1807.—Frances Caroline, b. 1808 : m. 1840, Theophilus Clive, Esq., who d. 1875, and has issue living, Henry Somerset, A. 1841; is Major R.E. : m. 1st, 1862, Alda Blanche Thomas, who d. 18—: 2ndly, 1879, Ellen Lizzie, dau. of the late Lieut.-Col. H. W. Lugard.—Matilda Elizabeth, b. 1815 : m. 1842, Horace Marryat, Esq., and has issue living, Ida Horatia Charlotte : m. 1863, Gustaf Frederick, Count Blonde, of Sweden. Georgiana Emily (Hon. Mrs. Robert Lawley), b. 1819 : m. 1852, the Hon. Robert Neville Lawley, son of 1st Baron Wenlock. Residence,—Grandchildren of the late Lord Arthur John Henry Somerset, 5th son of 5th Duke:—

Issue of the late Rev. George Henry Somerset, b. 1809, d. 1882 : m. 1835, Phillida Elizabeth, dau. of Sir William Pratt Call, 2nd Bart. :—

FitzRoy, b. 1851.—Anne, A. 1837.—Frances Elizabeth, b. 1838.—Elizabeth Anne, b. 1846;m. 1873, George Airey Talbot Stapleton, Esq. [see Stapleton, Bart.] Residence,—4, Sumner Terrace, S.W.—Alice Catharine, b. 1850.—Rose, b. 185—.

Issue of the late Arthur Edward Somerset, Esq., b. 1813, d. 1853: m. 1850, the Hon. Frances Boscawen, who d. 1882, sister of 6th Viscount Falmouth:—

Edith, b. 1851 : m. 1885, Bertram Savile Ogle, Esq. Residence,—Steeple Aston, Oxford.—Florence, b. 1852: m. 1879, John Henry Oglander Glynn, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, and has issue living, Denys, b. 1883,—Joan, b. 1884. Residence,—12, Onslow Crescent, S.W.

Issue of the late Rev. Lord William George Henry Somerset, 6th son of 5thDuk, b. 1784, d. 1851 : m. 1st, 1813, Elizabeth, who d. 1843, dau. of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Thomas Molyneux, 5th Bart.; 2ndly, 1844, Frances Westby, who d. 1851, widow of C. O'Callaghan, Esq., and dau. of Henry Brady, Esq. :—

Henry Charles Capel, b. 1816: entered Army 1833; became Col. (h-p) 1870: m. 1840, Alice Elizabeth, dau. of the late Lieut.-Gen. Sir Maurice Charles O'Connell, K.C.H., and has issue living Charles Bruce Henry, b. 1841 (late 3rd Buffs): m. 1852, Victoria Alice Anne, dau. of the late William Fitz Gibbon, Esq., of Sidney House, Cork [judicially separated 1874], and has living, May, Geraldine, Rose, Sybil, Mary Blanche,—Raglan Molyneux Boscawen, b. 1855,—Caroline Emily Allwood, b. 1842: m. 1872, the Rev. Henry Basil Hayward, R. of winstone, Cirencester, and has issue living, Maurice FitzRoy b. 1881, Claude Somerset b. 1883, Muriel b. 1873, Gladys A. 1875, Leila b. 1877,—Blanche Isabella, b. 1847 : m. 1866, George Henry Hopkinson, Esq., of 3, Regent Street, S.W.,—Georgiana Hester Cornelia, b. 1848: m. 1872, Count d'Epineul, who d. 1881, of The Red House, Ashford, Middlesex. Rev. William, b. 1822; ed. at Magdalene Coll., Camb. (S.C.L. 1848, LL.B. 1851); is Chap. to Duke of Beaufort, and R. of Wollastone: m. 1st, 1842, Helen, who d. 1849, dau. of the late Capt. J. Donald, 94th foot; 2ndly, 1850, Georgiana Amelia, dau. of Lieut.-Gen. William Lindsay Darling, and has issue living (by 1st marriage) Frances Cornelia Georgiana Elizabeth, b. 1848, (by 2nd marriage) FitzRoy George Henry, b. 1852,—Raglan Tuberville Henry, b. 1859: m. 1884, Elizabeth Horatia Anne, dan. of the Rev. Horatio Nelson Nelson-Ward, R. of Radstock, Bath,—charles Edward, Henry, b. 1862,—Georgiana Laura Alma Henrietta Elizabeth, b. 1854 : m. 1875, Edwin Henty, Esq., of Goffs Hill, Crawley,—Rose Ida Geraldine, b. 1856,—Edith Amelia Caroline Leilia, b. 1858,—Mary Adelaide Helen Elizabeth, b. 1867. Residence,—Wollastone Rectory, Lydney, Gloucestershire.—FitzRoy Molyneux Henry, b. 1823; entered R.E. 1843, retired as co. 1881; was Acting Gov. and Com. in Ch. of Bermuda 1874, and a M.L.C. of that colony 1874 6; m. 1st, 1849, Jemima Drummond, who d. 1874, dau. of the late J. Drummond Nairue, Esq., of Dunsinane, Perth; 2ndly, 1882, Emily, widow of Winchcombe Henry Howard Hartley, Esq., of Lye grove, Gloucestershire, and Bucklebury, Berks, and dau. of the late Rev. George A. Biedermann, R. of Dauntsey, Wilts, and has issue living by 1st marriage), Arthur William Fitz Roy, b. 1855,—Emily Jane Anne Elizabeth, b. 1851 : m. 1872, Lieut.-Col. William Merriman, K.E., and has issue living, Elizabeth Frances Caroline b. 18—Elizabeth Frances Caroline. Residence,—Frimley Priory, Surrey. Club,—Junior United Service.—Rev. Boscawen Thomas George, Henry, b. 1833; ed. at Oriel Coll., Oxford (B.A. 1856, M.A. 1858); is R. of Crickhowel : m. 1st, 1863, Florence Smallwood, who, d. 1874, dau. of the late John Were Clarke, Esq., of Bridwell House Cullompton; 2ndly, 1878, Sophia Vernon, dau. of the late Right Rev. the Hon. Horatio Powys, son of 2nd Baron Lilford, and has issue living, William Horace, b. 1880. Residence,—crick-

"Debrett" is the only volume that publishes the Services, Residences and Clubs of Collateral Branches of Poors, or that furnishes the Residences of Female Collaterals, and the Names of the Children of Female Collaterals who are descended in the male line.

page 5 howel Rectory, Breconshire. Emily Georgiana Elizabeth, b. 1818 : m. 1839, the Rev. Charles George Newcomb, V. of Halberton, who d. 1862, and has issue living, Fitz Roy William Dawnay, b. 1846,—Louisa Thomasine Emily, b. 1840 : m. 1869, Henry Strickland Bryant, Esq. (of 41, Green Street, Grosvenor Square, W.), son of the late Sir Jeremiah Bryant, K.C.B.,—Elizabeth Mary Blanche, b. 1842,—Edith Louisa Maria, b. 1848. Residence,—Raglan, Christchurch Road, Bournemouth.

Grandchildren of Col. Henry Charles Capel Somerset (ante) :—

Issue of the late FitzRoy William Henry Somerset, Esq., b. 1845, d. 1877 : m. 1869, Anna Martha, dau. of Capt. William Geary, R.N. :—

Henry Charles FitzRoy, b. 1870. Raglan, b. 1872. Elizabeth Alice, b. 1874. Helen Susan, b. 1876.

Issue of the late Col. Lord John Thomas Henry Somerset, 7th son of 5th Duke, b. 1787, d. 1846: m. 1814, Lady Catherine Annesley, who d. 1865, dau. of 1st Earl of Mountnorris (ext.) :—

Alfred Plantagenet Frederick Charles, b. 1829: is J.P. and D.L. for Middlesex, Westminster, and Essex, and Hon. Col. and Lieut.-Col. Comdt. 7th Batn. Rifle Brig. (Prince Consort's Own); m. 1857, Adelaide Harriet, dau. of Vice-Adm. Sir George Brooke-Pcchell, 4th Bart., M.P., and has issue living, Gwendolin Adelaide Katherine Georgiana Matilda, b. 1865. Residences,—Enfield Court, Middlesex; Castle Goring, Worthing. Club,—Army and Navy.

Field-Marshal Lord FitzRoy James Henry Somerset, G.C.B., 8th son of 5th Duke, was created Baron Raglan [see B. Raglan].

Predecessors.—[1] Sir Charles Somerset, K.G., natural son of Henry Beaufort, 3rd Duke of Somerset, who was 3rd in descent from John of Gaunt and Catherine Swynford; Sir Charles was summoned to Parliament in right of his wife, as Lord Herbert (peerage of England, cr. 1461); cr. Baron Herbert of Raglan, Chepstow and Gower (peerage of England) 1506, and Eurl of Worcester (peerage of England) 1513; appointed Lord Chamberlain for life; d. 1526; s. by his el. son [2] Henry, 2nd Earl; d. 1549; s. by his el. son [3] William, K.G., 3rd Earl; d. 1589; s. by his son [4] Edward, K.G., 4th Earl; was Master of the Horse 1601-15; his 3rd son, cr. Viscount Somerset, was Master of the Horse to Queen Anne, consort of James H.; the Earl d. 1628; s. by his el. son [5] Henry, 5th Earl; a devoted royalist; garrisoned Raglan Castle, and at his own expense held it for nearly four years against the Parliamentary forces; cr. Marquess of Worcester (peerage of England) 1642; d. 1646; s. by his el. son [6] Edward, 2nd Marquess; a zealous partisan of Charles I., who addressed him as Earl of Glamorgan before he s. as Marquess, granted him exceptional concessions, and entrusted him with blank patents under the great seal for creating titles from Bart, to Marquess, a privilege he resigned in 1660; d. 1667; s. by his son [7] Henry, K.G., P.C., 3rd Marquess; Lord Pres, of Wales; cr. Duke of Beaufort (peerage of England) 1682; on the accession of William and Mary he refused to take the oath of allegiance and afterwards lived in retirement; d. 1699; s. by his grandson [8] Henry, K.G., 2nd Duke; d. 1714; s. by his el. son [9] Henry, K.G.. 3rd Duke; d. 1746; s. by his brother [10] Charles Noel, 4th Duke; m. Elizabeth, sister of 4th Baron Botetourt [see infra]; d. 1756; s. by his son [11] Henry, K.G., 5th Duke; was Master of the Horse to Queen Charlotte 1768-80; s. as Buron Botetourt [see infra]: d. 1803; s. by his el. son [12] Henry Charls, K.G., 6th Duke, Lord Lieut, of cos. Gloucester, Monmouth, and Brecon; d. 1835; s. by his el. son [13] Henry, K.G., 7th Duke; b. 1792; served with distinction in Peninsula War: m. 1st, 1814, Georgiana Frederica, who d. 1821, dau. of the Hon. Henry FitzRoy [B. Southampton]; 2ndly, 1822, Emily Frances, dau. of Culling Charles Smith, Esq.; d. 1853; s. by his son [14] Henry, 8th Duke and present peer.

[1] John de Botetourt, an eminent military commander, took a leading part in the Scottish Wars of Edward I.; was entrusted with the government of the strongest castles, the command of the Fleet, and other duties of the highest importance; summoned to Parliament of England as Baron Botetourt 1305-24; d. 1324; s. by his grandson [2] John, 2nd Baron; was constantly engaged in the French Wars of Edward III.; summoned to Parliament 1342-85; his son John predeceased him, leaving one dau. Joyce (infra); the Baron d. 1385, leaving three surviving daus.; s. by his grand-dau. [3] Joyce (ante), wife of Sir Hugh Burnell, Knt.; d. 1406, when the barony became abeyant between her three aunts (ante), and the abeyance continued until 1764, when it was terminated in favour of [4] Norborne Berkeley, 4th Baron, as the descendant of Katherine (youngest dau. of 2nd Baron) by her marriage with Maurice de Berkeley, of Stoke Gifford, co. Gloucester; the Baron d.s.p. 1776, when the barony again became abeyant and continued so until 1803, when the abeyance was terminated in favour of his nephew [5] Henry, 5th Duke of Beaufort (ante), son of Elizabeth, only sister and sole heiress of 4th Baron.

Beauchamp, Viscount, title borne by the Marquess of Hertford.

Beauclerk, family name of Duke of St. Albans.

Bective, Earl of, M.P., son of Marque's of Headfort

Bentinek, Count, see " Foreign Titles of Nobility."