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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 84

Extracts from Reviews of:— — "Debrett's Peerage, Barnetage & Knightage."

page 14

Extracts from Reviews of:—

"Debrett's Peerage, Barnetage & Knightage."

Times, March 4th, 1884.

The work has been most carefully and minutely revised from beginning to end.

Daily Telegraph, April 6th, 1885.

Dr. Mair, who edits ' Debrett's Peerage and Baronetage,' may be reasonably proud of the position which that invaluable Directory has attained. Its usefulness is too familiar to need commenting on.

Daily News, March llth, 1884.—

Carefully corrected.

Morning Post, March 16th, 1885.—

Enjoying the proud distinction of being the premier annual, having first appeared in the time of Queen Anne, it shows no signs of weakness with advancing years, but for accuracy and extent of information it holds its own with any of its younger brethren.

Globe, April, 1884.

A trustworthy standard work of reference.

Graphic, May 24th, 1884.

For information about living members of the titled classes we always turn to ' Debrett.'

Athenvbum, March 24th, 1881.

Few books of reference have been so im. proved of late years.

March 7th, 1885.

Is as usual remarkable alike for the exactness and extent of its information. Dr. Mair bestows great care on its corrections.

Court Journal, April 4th, 1885.

The best and most reliable work extant for reference to living members of the titled classes, about whom the information is ample and reliable. Dr. Mair makes the Peerage he so indefatigably supervises invaluable.

Court Circular, March 22nd, 1884.

So admirable that it is worth preservation as a record not only of what we want to know, but also of intelligence and perseverance. Dr. Mair has carried out his task with skill.

March 28th, 1885.

Has made distinct advances in the way of improvement. Need fear no rivals.

The Queen, March 14th, 1885.

The best book of its class, and may he regarded as the most satisfactory for ordinary reference and consultation.

Army and Navy Gazbttb, April 4th, 1885.

The latest intelligence is to be had in 'Debrett,' which has stood the test of competition and received public support for 170 years; and the latest growth seems to be best.

Modern Society, April 4th, 1885.

Is as complete and reliable as it is possible for such a work to be. It is by far and away the best work of its kind extant.

Field, May 29th, 1884.

Well maintains its old reputation.

Country Gentleman, March 22nd, 1881.

There is no book of reference more serviceable to dwellers in country houses than a peerage, and of peerages ' Debrett ' is most complete.

Record, March 21st, 1884.

Invaluable, accurate, laboriously full of matter and methodically arrauged. Information is supplied as to younger scions of the aristocracy who have settled abroad; had this been done more carefully in former years there might now be fewer titles dormant for lack of heirs.

Observer, April, 1884.

A book generally known and well read.

Whitehall Review, March 12th, 1884.

Full of useful and trustworthy information. Dr. Mair deserves commendation.

Weekly Dispatch, March 15th, 1884.

The most complete enumeration which published of the titled members of our population, with short biographical information about their ancestors and living relatives, as well as about themselves.

John Bull, March 18th, 1884.

Combines fulness of information with con. ciseness.

Bookseller, April, 1884.

'Debrett' is synonymous with Peerage. it has obtained this happy reputation on account of its excellence. It contains everything that a Peerage should contain and a great deal more than most similar works.

Spectator, March 22nd, 1884.

Contains two months' later information than kindred works.

Leeds Mercury, March 4th, 1885.

Well known and favourite book of reference.

Bristol Mercury, March 18th, 1885.

Marked by accuracy and copiousness of in- formation.

March 13th, 1884.

Under the editorship of the famous compiler, Dr. Mair, ' Debrett ' is as familiar as a household word.

Tunbridoe Wells Advertiser, March 13th, 1885.

One of the most marvellous productions of the age. It should be in the hands of every house agent and substantial tradesman, and in every library of the town.

Huddersfield Chronicle, March 12th, 1885.

Indispensable in all public libraries, reading rooms, clubs and hotels.

The Scotsman, March 19th, 1885.

Containing everything the most curious could wish to know about the nobility and gentry.

Liverpool Mbrcury, March 12th, 1885.

It is only by means of this book the various branches can trace the changes that occur from time to time in the personnel of their numerous relatives.

Cheshire Guardian, March 14th, 1885.

No one who can afford it should be without this full and accurate record of our aristocracy.

Leicester Advertiser, March 21st, 1885.

Every page bears testimony to the pains which are taken to ensure accuracy.

Edinburch Courant, March 14th, 1885.

Perhaps the strongest testimony we can give of the usefulness of ' Debrett' is to say that is never found wanting in the multifarious references which must be made to such volume in the course of the work of a news paper office. Other books may be larger and more abstruse, but 'Debrett is always practical] and reliable.

Kent Hbrald, March 13th, 1884.

Comprises a large amount of directly and indirectly concerning the object of the work.

Sheffield Independent, March 13th, 1884

For accuracy and convenience of arrangement, this book is unsurpassed. Dr. Mair edits most carefully.

Carmarthen Journal, March 21st, 1884

The amount of work represented is enormous, and the public are indebted to Dr. Mair.

Western Daily Mercury, March 18th, 1884

The volume is almost perfection.

Dublin Evening Mail, April 2nd, 1884

Carefully edited and full of accurate Information.

"Debrett" is the oldest annual in the world, and in 1886 will enter upon its l73rd year.

page 15

Sussex Daily News, March, 1884.

The work is in every respect so complete that we can imagine none other with similar pre- -tensions being put on the same shelf with it. The information relating to residents abroad is unique.

Warrington Guardian, March 19th, 1884.

Is a work as much in request as any book published in our day.

Glasgow News, March 10th, 1884.

Dr. Mair surprises us by the extraordinary amount of information the book supplies, and in the accuracy of the details.

Northampton Mercury, March 15th, 1884.

Every one who aspires to be anybody should possess ' Debrett.'

Glasoow Herald, March 14th, 1884.

Important book of reference.

Derbyshire Advertiser, March 28th, 1884.

Under the efficient editorship of Dr. Mair it may be accepted as a reliable authority.

Nottingham Guardian, March 19th, 1884.

The mass of information respecting the younger branches of the nobility is remarkable, and gives ' Debrett ' quite a distinctive character.

Birmingham Gazette, March 20th, 1884.

Edited with scrupulous care and accuracy, by Dr. Mair, the book has gained a strong hold on public favour.

Bristol Times, April 2nd, 1884.

Full of useful important information, and supplies a want that is often felt in general society where politics or current history are under discussion.

Sportsman, March 20th, 1884.

The most valuable work of reference so far AS contemporary fashionable life goes.

Leicester Chronicle, March 22nd, 1884.

Contains most reliable information concerning our great families.

Gloucester Journal, March 15th, 1884.

A reliable book of reference.

Leicestbr Journal, March 28th, 1884.

Ably and carefully edited by Dr. Mair, the book is as perfect as possible.

Durham Chroniclr, March 28th, 1884.

As Dr. Mair keeps the book thorouglily abreast of the times, it possesses all the characteristics of youth with the advantages gained from age and experience.

Manchester Evening News, Mar. 17th, 1884.

Dr. Mair has done his work excellently. The book is a model of full and accurate infor. mation.

Lincolnshire Free Press, March llth, 1884.

No work of the kind will compare with it in the fulness and accuracy of its information.

Westebn Daily Mercury, March 18th, 1884.

Invaluable work of reference.

Bath Chronicle, March 12th, 1885.

Contains a mass of useful and not easily obtained information, brought together at great trouble and expense and methodically arranged so as to be easy of reference. The name of ' Debrett' is an old and an honoured one, and Dr. Mair the editor is Justly conscious of the prestage which it thereby enjoys and of the responsibility which belongs to him to uphold and extend it. The necessities and demands of this generation have obliged him to extend his enquiries far beyond the point at which the original ' Debrett ' was content, or compelled to stop. Every fresh name added to the long list necessitates fresh enquiries, and it will give an idea of the enormous and really costly labour and carefulness involved in the preparation of the work that upwards of 20,000 correspondents annually supply the editor with information, all of which has to be considered and methodized. The general reader, we fear, is hardly sufficiently grateful for the results of so much labour and pains.