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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 84

Knights' Widows

Knights' Widows.

Adam, Lady.—Anne Lindsay, da. of the late John Maberley, Esq. : m. 1851, Gen. the Rt. Hon. Sir Frederick Adam, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., P.C., who d. 1853. 15, Sister's Avenue, Clapham, S. W.

Adams, Lady.—Katherine, da. of Rev. Thomas Coker Adams, Vicar of Anstey : m. 1843, Maj.-Gen. Henry William Adams, C.B., of Anstey Hall, who was killed in the Crimea, 1854; raised to rank of a Knight's widow 1855. The Lodge, Anstey, Coventry.

Aitchison, Lady.—Ellen Elizabeth, youngest da. of Thomas Mayhew, Esq., of Fairfield House, Saxmundham, and Crespigny House, Aldeburgh : m. 1857, Gen. Sir John Aitchison, G.C.B., Col. Scots Guards, who d. 1875. 4, Devonshire Place, Portland Place, w.

Alexander, Lady.—Eveline, da of the late Lieut.-Col C C. Michell, K.H. : m. 18—, Gen. Sir James Edward Alexander, C.B., who d. 1885. westerton, Stirlingshire.

Allen, Lady.—Marian, da. of the Rev. William B. Boyce : m 1851, Sir George Wigram Allen, Speaker of Legislative Assembly, New South Wales, 1875-1883, who d. 1885. Toxteth Park, Sydney.

Amphlett, Lady.—Amelia, da. of the late C. W. Martin, Esq., of Belvedere, Hants : m 1880, as his 2nd wife, the Rt.Hon.Sir Richard Amphlett, a Lord Justice of Appeal, who d. 1883. Latitmers, Christchurch, Hants.

Anderson, Lady.—Janet, only da. of the late Archibald Wight, Esq., of Ormiston, East Lothian : m. 1833, Sir George William Anderson, K.C. B., Gov. of Ceylon, who d. 1857. 99, Westbourne Terrace, W.

"Debrett" furnishes fuller particulars of the services of Knights than any other volume, and is the only work that devotes a separate section to Knights' Widows.

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Adams, Francis Ottiwell, C.B., son of the late J. H. Adams. Esq., Comy .-Gen.; b 1825; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B A. classical and mathematical honours 1848, M.A. 1851); Bar. Lincoln's Inn 1852; appointed Attaché in Diplo. Ser. at Stockholm 1854 and at St. Petersburg 1856, 3rd paid Attaché at Tehran, 1858, and transferred as 2nd Paid Attaché to St. Petersburg; in 1859 passed examination in French, Russian, and Swedish languages, and in International Law (honourably mentioned); transferred to Paris 1859; appointed 2nd Sec. 1862; employed in Foreign Office 1863; transferred to Washington 1864, and to Paris 1866, being Chargé d'Affaires July to Aug. 1867; promoted to Sec. of Legation in Japan 1868, and was Acting-Charge d'Affaires at Yedo 1871-2, being also in charge of Austro-Hungarian interests during absence of Austrian Minister; promoted to Sec. of Embassy at Berlin 1872, where he wastwice Acting-Charge d'Affaires; transferred to Paris 1874, where he was accredited as Min- Plen. in absence of Ambassador, and has acted as such at different periods each year; was first British Delegate to Postal Congress at Paris 1878; appointed a Min. Plen. in Diplo. Ser. 1879, and Envoy Extraor. and Min. Plen. to Swiss Confederation 1881; cr. C B., 1878. British Legation, Berne; St. James's and Travellers' Clubs.

Ardagh, Lieut.-Col. John Charles, C.B., son of the late Rev. W. J. Ardagh; b. 1840; ed. at Trin. Coll. Dublin, and at Roy. Mil. Acad., Woolwich; entered R.E. 1859, became Capt. 1872, Major 1878, and. Lieut.-Col. 1882; has passed Staff CoH.; thanked on parade for services on board the " Victoria," when that vessel was in danger of foundering 1862; was Sec. to Committee on Fortifications 1868; accompanied Gen. Sir W. F. D. Jervois on Mission to Nova Scotia and Bermuda 1869; was Sec. to Committee on Coast Defences 1870; D.A.Q.M.G. Intelligence Depart. 1876; employed on Missions in Holland, Austria, Italy, and Turkey, also under Foreign Office at Conference of Constantinople 1876; attached to Special Embassy for Congress of Berlin 1878, to Commn.for Delimitation of Frontiers of Bulgaria, &c. 1878-9, and to Conference of Berlin, 1880; was H.M.'s Ch. Commr. for Delimitation of new Turco. Greek frontier 1881; frequently mentioned in despatches and repeatedly received official thanks; appointed Instructor in Mil. History, Tactics, &c., at Sch. of Mil. Engineering 1882; served in Egyptian campaign 1882 (medal with clasp and 4th class Osmanieh), and as Comdg. R.E. and Head of Intelligence Branch in Soudan Campaign 1884 (two clasps), and as A.A.G. and Comdt. at Base in Nile Expedition 1884; has been D.A.A. and Q.M.G. to Army of Occupation in Egypt since 1882; cr. C.B. (Civil) 1878, (Mil.) 1884. Junior United Service Club.

Armstrong, Gen. Edward, C.B., son of the late Francis Armstrong, Esq. : b. 1803; entered Madras Army 1820, became Capt. 1828, Major 1839, Lieut.-Col. 1843, Col. 1853, Maj.- Gen. 1854, Lieut.-Gen, 1868, and Gen. 1873; served in Burmese War 1824-5 (medal), in numerous staff appointments 1825-39, in Kurnool Campaign 1839 (thanked by Mil. Authorities and by Govt, for conspicuous and gallant conduct in action at Zoorapore, when he as Major commanded his Regt. and personally ca tured the Nawab of Kurnool), on staff of Govs, of Madras (F.M. the Marquess of Tweed-dale, and Gen. Sir Henry Pottinger, Bart.) 1842-53, and in command of a Div. of Indian Army 1862-67; is a J.P. for Folkestone : m. 1827, Antoinette Bertholda, who d. 1877, da. of the late P. J. Truter, Esq., Judge of High Court, Cape of Good Hope; cr. C.B. 1873. Kirtleton House, Folkestone; United Service Club.

Austin, John Gardiner, C.M.G., son of William Austin, Esq., whose grandfather was one of the original settlers of Barbados; was Assist. Stipendiary Magistrate in British Guiana 1849-50, Assist. Govt. Sec. 1850-3, Immigration Agent-Gen. 1853-64, Lieut.-Gov. of Honduras 1864-8, and Colonial Sec. of Hong Kong 1868-78, being in 1874 and 1875 Administrator of the Govt.: m. 1836, Emma, who d. 1879, da. of Charles Wilday, Esq., Registrar of Supreme Court of British Guinea; cr. C.M.G. 1876. 71, Harcourt Terrace, S. Kensington, S.W.

Beath, Dep.-Surg. Gen. John Henry, M.D., C.B., son of the late Andrew Beath, Esq.. Surg. of Stirling; b. 1835; L.R.C.S. and M.D. Edin. 1857; entered Med. Depart, of Army 1857, became Surg. 1872, Surg.-Maj. 1873, and Brig. Surg. 1882; retired as Dep.-Surg. Gen. 1883; served in Indian Mutiny Campaign 1857-9 (medal with clasp), in China War 1860 (medal with clasp), and in Egyptian Campaign 1882 (medal with clasp, C.B., and 3rd class Medjidie): m. 1st 1866, Mary, da. of the late A. Whitelaw, Esq., of Glasgow; 2nd 18—, Mary Stewart, da. of the late D. P. French, Esq., Collector-Gen. Revenue Depart., Jamaica; cr. C.B. 1882. The Crescent, Hamilton, N.B.

Borlase, Vice-Adm. John C.B., son of the late John Borlase, Esq., of Castle Horneck, Penzance; b. 1811; entered R.N. 1826, became Lieut. 1841, Com. 1849, Capt. 1855, Retired Rear- Adm. 1873, and Vice-Adm. 1878; served with Naval Brigade in Crimean Campaign 1854-5, and commanded Rocket party at Inkerman (honourably mentioned, medal with two clasps and Turkish medal), in command of a division of gunboats at capture of Takoo Forts 1860, of Naval Brigade in operations against Chinese rebels 1862 (medal), and of H.M.S. " Pearl " at battle of Kagosima 1863 (Legion of Honour and Medjdie): m. 1864, Jane Troughton, da. of William C. Chads, Esq., of Fareham; cr. C.B. 1855. Alverton Vean, Penzance; United Service Club.

Bowring, Lewin Bentham, C.S.I., son of the late Sir John Bowring, LL.D.; b. 1824; served in B.C.S. 1843-70; was Assist. Resident at Lahore 1847, Private Sec. to Gov.-Gen. of India (E. Canning) 1858-62, and Ch. Commr. of Mysore and Coorg 1862-70; is a J.P. for Devon : m. 1st, Mary Laura, who d. 1866, da. of the Hon. Sir John Talbot, G.C.B.; 2ndly 1867, Katharine, da. of the late Mr. Serjeant E. Bellasis; cr. C.S.I. 1867. Lavrockbere, Torquay; East India United Service Club.

Buller, Walter Lawry, C.M.G., D.Sc., F.R.S; son of the Rev. James Buller, of Canterbury, New Zealand; b. 1838; ed. at Auckland, New Zealand (Hon. Doctor of Science of Tubingen Univ.); was Resident Magistrate and Native Commr. in various districts of New Zealand 1862-72; Bar. Inner Temple 1874; author of "A History of the Birds of New Zealand"; awarded Silver Medal for Scientific Literature at New Zealand Exhibition 1865; is a Fellow of numerous learned Sos., has orders (1st class) of Francis Joseph of Austria, Frederick of Wurtemberg, and the Merit of Hesse Darmstadt: m. 1862, Charlotte 3rd da. of Gilbert Mair, Esq., J.P.; cr. C.M.G. 1875. Wellington, New Zealand.

Gilbert, Col. Walter Raleigh, C.B., son of the late Rev. John Pomeroy Gilbert; b. 1813; ed. at Roy. Mil. Acad, Woolwich,; entered R.A. 1831; appointed to R.H;A. 1835; was Adj. of R.H.A. and Capt. of a Troop till 1855, when he retired as Lieut.-Col.; has Hon. Col. in command of Cornwall Artillery Vol. since 1860; appointed Ch. Constable of Cornwall 1857; m. 1848, Marianne Charlotte Isabella, da. of William Peters, Esq; of Becken-ham Place, Kent; cr. c.b. 1885. the Priory, Bodmin.