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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 84

The Knightage

The Knightage.

Abbott, Maj.-Gen. Sir Frederick, C. B., 3rd son of H. A. Abbott, Esq.; b. 1803; ed. at Addiscombe; entered Bengal Engineers 1822, and retired as Maj.-Gen. 1847; served in Burmese War 1824-6 (wounded), as Ch. Engineer with Gen. Pollock's force against Cabul 1841-2, and in 1st Sikh War 1845; was Sup. Engineer N.W. Provinces 1841-7, and Gov. of Addiscombe 1851-61; has medals for Ava, Sobraon, and Cabul; appointed a Commr. of National Defences 1858, and a Member of Council of Mil. Education 1862; m. 1835, Frances, da. of Lieut.- Col. Cox, R.A., and widow of Lieut.- Col. H. De Burgh, Bengal Cav.; cr. C.B. 1846, K.B. 1854, Bicknor, Cheltenham.

Abel, Sir Frederick Augustus, C.B.,D.C.L., F.R.S.; b. 1827; is chemist to War Depart., Chemical Referee to Govt., a Member of Roy. Engineer Committee, and of Ordnance Committee, Past Pres. of Institute of Chemistry, of So. of Chemical Industry, of Chemical So., and So. of Telegraph Engineers and Electricians, Chm. of So. of Arts, Roy. Medallist for researches on Explosives, Member of Roy. Commn. on Accidents in Mines, and Hon. Member of Institutes of Civil and Mechanical Engineers; was, Commr. to Electrical Exhibition at Vienna 1883; Hon. D.C.L. Oxford 1883; cr. C.B. 1377, K.B. 1883. Woolwich Arsenal; Alhenaum Club.

Acland, Sir Henry Wentworth Dyke, K.C.B., M.D., &c.; cr. C.B., 1883, K.C.B. 1884. [See Acland, Bart.]

Adye, Lieut.-Gen. Sir John Miller, G C.B., son of Major Jamcs Adye, R.A.; b. 1819; ed. at Roy. Mil. Acad., Wook- wich; entered R. A 1836, became Lieut. - Col. 1857, Col. 1860, Maj.-Gen. 1875, Lieut.-Gen. 1879, and Col.-Comdt 1881; served in Crimea 1854-5 as A.A.G. of R.A. (medal with four clasps, Turkish medal, Legion of Honour, and 4th class Medjidie), in Indian Mutiny Campaign 1857-8 as A.A.G. of R.A. (three times mentioned in despatches, and medal), with expedition of 1863, against tribes on N.W, Frontier of India (medal with clasp), and as Ch. of Staff and 2nd in comnand in Egyptian Campaign 1882 (medal with clasp, thanked by Parliament, G.C.B., and Grand Cross Medjidie); was D.AG. of R.A. in India 1863-6, Director of Artillery and Stores 1870-75. Gov. of Royal Mill. Acad., Woolwich, 1875-80, and Surveyor-Gen. of Ordnance 1880-2; has been Gov. and Com.-in-Ch. of Gibraltar since 1883; is Hon. Col. 3rd Vol. Batn. the Queen's Own (Roy. W. Kent Regt.): m. 1856 page 9 Mary Cordelia, da. of the late Vice-Adm. the Hon. Sir Montagu Stopford, K.C.B; [E. Courtown colls.]; cr. C.B. 1855, K.C.B. 1873, G.C.B. 1882. Gibraltar; Uniled Service Club.

Airey, Gen. Sir James Talbot, K.C.B., son of the late Lieut.-Gen. Sir George Airey, K.C H.; b. 1812; ed. at Sandhurst; entered army 1830, became Major 1851, Lieut.-Col. 1854, Col. 1859, Major-Gen. 1868. Lieut.-Gen. 1877, and Gen. (retired) 1881; served as A.D.C. to Maj.-Gen. Elphinstone in Affghanistan 1841-2, at storming of Khoord Cabul Pass 1841 (horse shot), during insurrection at Cabul 1841-2, at storming Rickarb Bashee and neighbouring forts, and at battle of Beymaroo; was a hostage to the Affghans Dec. 1841 to Sept. 1842; present at storming and capture of Istaliff; served in Gwalior Campaign 1843, including battle of Punniar (bronze star), also through Crimean Campaign 1854-5 as A.Q.M.G. of Light Div.;on Sept. 14, 1854, captured 75 Russian waggons laden with forage and flour; present at affair of Bulganac, the battles of Alma (horseshot), Balaclava, and Inkerman; was Q.M.G. of Expedition to Kertch 1855; present at entire siege of Sebastopol and attack of the Redan (medal with four clasps, Legion of Honour, 4th class Medjidie, and Turkish medal); cr. C. B. 1855, K.C.B. 1877. 6, Albert Mansions, S.W.; United Service, Marlborough, and Boodle's Club.

Airy, Sir George Biddell, K.C.B., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., son of the late William Airy, Esq., of Alnwick; b. 1801; ed. at Trin. Coll., Camb. (B.A., Senior Wrangler, 1823), and Fellow of his coll. 1824-30; is Hon. D.C.L. Oxon, and Hon. LL.D. of Camb. and of Edinburgh; was Lucasian Professorat Camb. Univ. 1824-36; contributed actively to science of optics; as Plumian Professor, 1828-35, entirely managed the Camb. Observatory, and introduced the forms of calculating and publishing observations now generally used; was Astronomer Royal 1835-81; has introduced new instruments and new modes of calculation, illustrated the Newtonian theory of gravitation, approximated the object of ascertaining the weight of the earth, improved marine chronometers, and initiated the diffusion of accurate time signals; his system for correcting the disturbance of compasses in iron-built ships is universally adopted; was a Railway Gauge Commr., and Chm. of Commn. to consider the questions of Standards and of constructing new Standards of Length and Weight; conducted the astronomical operations preparatory to defining the boundary between Canada and the U.S.A., and aided in tracing the Oregon boundary; superintended British Expedition for Transit of Venus, 1874; was one of the first members of Senate ot Univ. of London; is a Foreign Associate of French Academy, and a Member of many Foreign Academies : m. 1830, Richarda, who d. 1875, el. da. of the Rev. Richard Smith, of Edensor, Chatsworth; cr. 1872. Play-ford, near Ipswich.

Aitchison, Sir Charles Umpherston, K.C.S. I., C.I.E., LL.D., son of the late Hugh Aitchison, Esq., of Edinburgh; b. 1832; entered B.C.S. 1856; was Sec. to Govt, of India Foreign Depart. 1870-8, and Commr. of British Burmab 1878-81; has been Lieut.-Gov. of the Punjaub since 1882 : m. 1863 Beatrice Lyell, da. of James Cox, Esq., of Cardean House, co. Perth, and Clement Park, co. Forfar; cr. C.S.I. 1870, K.C.S.I. 1881, C.I.E. 1882. Lahore, India; East India United Service Club.

Alcock, Sir Rutherford, K.C.B., D. C.L., F.R.C.S. Eng., son of the late Thomas Alcock, Esq.; b. 1809; was Surg. of Marine Brigade of Portugal 1833-4, Dep. Inspector-Gen. of Hospitals in British Auxiliary Legion 1835-37, British Commr. for adjudicating claims of British Auxiliary Legion 1839-40, British Commr. in Portugal 1840-4, Consulat Foo-Chow-Foo 1844-6, at Shanghai 1846-54, and at Canton.