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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 84

The Maori at Home — Catalogue

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The Maori at Home


Lower Wanganui River
Upokongaro, Wanganui River 3501 to 3503
Near Upokongaro 3504
Wanganui River at Parekino 3507
Groups of Maoris in front of Wharepuai at Parekino 3508, 3509
Atene (Athens), Wanganui River 3510 to 3512
Koroniti (Corinth), Wanganui River 3513, 3515
Interior of Wharepuni at Koroniti 3514
Wanganui River at Koroniti 3516
Neha (Maori warrior) at Koroniti 3517
Ngahino (Maori belle) at Koroniti 3518
Karatea (Galatia) looking to Mataiwi, Wanganui River 3519
Karatea (Galatia) looking to Mataiwi, Kaingaroa Hill 3520
Ranana (London), Wanganui River 3521, 3522
Huriwhenna, Major Kemp's Council Hall, Ranana 3523
Our Canoe and Crew, Ranana 3524, 3525
Battlefield of Moutoa, near Ranana 3526
Hiroharama (Jerusalem), Wanganui River 3527 to 3530
Near Hiroharama 3531
Kioroto's Tomb, Pipiriki, Wanganui River 3532
Village Scenes and Groupa, Pipiriki 3534 to 3538
Near Pipiriki 3539, 3540
The King Country (South)
A Tangi, at Ti Eke 3541, 3542
Our Camp at Ti Eke 3543
Groups at Ti Eke 3546 to 3548
The Fair Orini, Te Eke 3549page 4
Haratira, Wanganui River 3544
Tawaroa, Wanganui River 3545
Utapu (ultra Hauhau Village) 3550
On the Wanganui River, near Utapu 3551
Tukipo (village scenes) 3552 to 3554
Otaianga, Wanganui River 3555
Ohauora, Wanganui River 3556
Getting the Canoes up the Taherepokiore Rapid, Wanganui River 3557 to 3559
Ruined Wharepuni, Whakahoro 3560
Retaruki Creek, Wanganui River 3561
Topine te Mamaku (100 years old) at Tawhata 3562
Topine te Mamaku and Ngatai 3563
Unwilling Sitters, Tawhata 3564
Native Group, Tawhata 3565
Kakahi Fall, near Tawhata, Wanganui River 3566, 3567
Paparoa Fall, near Whenuatere, Wanganui River 3568
Taumaranui, King Country (Central). Junction of the Wanganui and Ongarehu Rivers.
Various Characteristic Village Groups 3569, 3571, 3577, 3581 to 3585, 3590 to 3592
Ngatai and Family 3572
A Whore in a Swamp 3573
Our Whare 3574
Rane, a Maori belle 3570, 3575, 3576
Taitua, a Maori warrior chief in full native dress 3578 to 3580
Wanganui River, from Taumaranui 3586
Junction of Wanganui and Ongarehu Rivers 5587
Ongarehu Hiver 3588
Ongarehu Valley 3589
Woman's Work 3593
Native Critics 3594
Woman (Ani) carrying babe at back 3595
Ngaruahoe (Tongariro), active volcano, 7376 feet, from Taumaranui 3596
Ruapehu, 8878 feet, from Taumaranui 3597
The Central King Country, showing Ngaruahoe (Tongariro), Ruapehu, and Hatiungataki 3598
page 5
King Country (North) Between Taumaranui and the Aukati Line.
Ta Ringamotu 3599, 3600
Ngaparu and Wife (Kahu Topune) at Waimiha 36501
Te Hurinui, Kahu Topune, and Ngaparu 3602
Kahu Topune 3603
Te Kuiti (formerly the Court of King Tawhiao) 3604
Tawhiao's Wharepuni (a most beautiful specimen of Maori carving) at Te Kuiti 3605
Te Hauhau, Maori Warrior 3606, 3007
Carved Maori Tomb at Te Kuiti 3608
Te Kumi, scene of the Hursthouse outrage 3609
Te Mahuki (Mr. Hursthouse's chief assailant) and Paru Kau at Te Kumi 3610
Rewi Maniopoto (or Manga) the great chief of the Ngati-maniopotos 3611
Taonui 3612
Te Haere (companion in Mr. Hursthouse's imprisonment) 3613, 3619
Wetere te Rerenga, great Mokau chief 3614
Te Rangituataku, great Mokau chief 3615
Rewi's Wife 3616
Rewi's Wife and Daughter 3617
Te Naunau 3618
Kahu and Pare, Taonui's wife and daughter 3620
Wetere te Rerenga, wife and daughter 3621
Meeting of Great Chiefs at Whare Komiti, Haerehuka—Rewi, Wetere te Rerenga, Te Rangituataka, Taonui, Tawhana, and Te Naunau 3622
Meeting of Ten Great Chiefs at Haerehuka 3023
Maori Meeting at Whare Komiti, Haerehuka; general group 3624
Groups of Women at Haerehuka 3625, 3626
Whatiwhatihoe (King's Residence).
Whitiora at Whatiwhatihoe 3632
"Persuading" a Sitter 3633
Tamate and his Dog "Pore" 3634
Maori Sawyers 3635
Whatiwhatihoe 3636page 6
Whatiwhatihoe, looking to Kakepuku 3637
Whatiwhatihoe, the King's Palace 3638
Huingatini 3639, 3640
Rangitutaki and Huingatini 3641
Pitoritoki, Puniu River.
Tukorehu and Kohika 3647
Pactae 3648, 3650
Paetae and Son 3649
Te Hahipu, Poipoi, and Ngataua 3651
Group of Women 3652
Just Across the Aukati Line.
The Great Ngatimaniapoto Chief Wahanui at his house in Alexandra 3627, 3628
Wahanui : Family and Friends 3629
Wahanui : Wife and Son 3630
Whaaru (leader of Hursthouse rescue party) and Wife 3631
Group of Railway Engineers, &c., at Kihikihi 3642
Group of Waori Women at Kihikihi 3646
Kihikihi 3653, 3654
Battlefield of Orakau, from Kihikihi 3655
Maungatautari, from Kihikihi 3656

The above Pictures are uniformly of the "standard" or "wholeplate" size, viz., eight inches by six inches.

Mounted on Tinted Boards, eleven inches by nine inches 2s. each or 21s. per dozen.

Unmounted, 2s. each; 18s. per dozen; or 1s. each for quantities of not less than fifty.

Copies of all our Catalogues :

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