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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 84

Act I. Scene. I.—A Square in Madrid

Act I. Scene. I.—A Square in Madrid.

Opening Chorus.
Sing pretty maiden, sing that lovely song again;
Sing pretty maiden, sing; the thrilling airs of Spain :
Sing of love and beauty, bower and tented plain—
Sing, sweet Maritana, sing that song again !
Sing, sing Gitana !

It was a knight of princely mien, one blue and golden day
Came riding through the forest green, that round his castle lay,
And there he heard a gipsy maid, her song of love reveal;
Like a spirit of light,
She enchanted the knight.
'Twas a king !


'Twas a king !


' I'was a King of Castile !


Sing, sing Maritana,

No delay, no delay,
Love's minstrel Maritana,
He will play, thus we pay.

(Giving her money.)


Her beauty's blaze, her magic tone,

His lost heart fled in vain;
And soon he raised her to a throne
O'er fair Castile to reign.
And so it chanced, a gipsy maid,
As legends old reveal,
From enchanting the throng
With one beautiful song,
Was a queen ?


Was a queen !


Yes the queen of Castile.


So, of old then, it befell,

Just as you the story tell ?
Brava, Brava, Maritana
It befell.
Then, as you tell, &c.


How beautiful she is ?