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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 84



One other subject remains to be dealt with, and one alone. That is the financial aspect and characteristics of the Parnellite movement. For money has played no mean part in the workings of the past seven years. Indeed, as a financial speculation, the Parnellite type of Irish Patriotism has proved second to none. It will surprise many people, though it is, nevertheless, an undisputed fact, that from the starting of the Parnellite conspiracy to March last—when the last Return was made by a competent authority—the total subscriptions amounted to something like £670,000, or considerably over half-a-million of money. Very much more than the half of this came from the Extremists in America; and so prominent have the American subscriptions figured in the acknowledgments of the Agitators, that the phrase "American Paymasters has come to be pretty freely employed in speaking of those who really direct and control the movement. The greatest page 37 possible amount of scandal has attached to the financial matters of the League; and although charges of misappropriation and embezzlement have been repeatedly made against some of those charged with administering its funds, no proper balance-sheet has been forthcoming. At the time when Patrick Egan, the treasurer-in-chief, tied the country, on being implicated in the Fenian part of the conspiracy by the "Invincible" informer, Carey, it was a matter of notoriety that, although official acknowledgments in the daily press indicated the receipt by him of an enormous sum subscribed to that period, his statement of account showed a deficit of £3,658. 0s. 3d. on the Distress Fund; £8,461 on the Defence Fund; and £137,417 on the Land League Fund. These are typical instances, which have been multiplied long ere this. There is no use troubling the reader with further details, for what has been already said will have fully indicated the immense financial aid which has been, and in all probability will be, forthcoming to aid the "Separatist" policy; and the unscrupulous character of the men themselves who are carrying it out.

This is a bird's-eye-view of events in Ireland for the past seven years; and having rapidly outlined the different occurrences and passages of history which called for notice, little more remains to be done. But still a few words may be added on behalf of those who are fighting the battle against such heavy odds; and an appeal may well be addressed to those who, partaking of the benefits and privileges of Imperial connection, can have sympathy with those who seek to preserve the Empire intact. It is a far cry from Ireland to Australia. So it is. But over Australia, as over Ireland, the Royal Standard still floats; and in Australia, as in Ireland, there are loyal hearts and true. Australian loyalty did not pause when, two year since, the Imperial forces in Egypt seemed to need assistance: but quickly and powerfully gave evidence of its active sympathy, by the despatch of Colonial troops to fight side-by-side with their red-coated brethren from British shores. And Australia will not pause to-day, when, from a far-away land, the cry comes across the sea, to tell of a reign of murder and assassination; and the deeds of blood by which men seek to destroy the fabric of Empire which the unity of our nations, has succeeded in putting together. Irishmen have contributed too much to this end, to look lightly upon the deprivation page 38 of those Imperial privileges which self-seeking agitators and scatter-brain enthusiasts would fain east off, in the pursuit of that phantom which they style "Republican Freedom;" and, as true patriots, basing their plea upon their services in the past, and their claims as Loyalists in the present; they appeal to those scattered Anglo-Saxon races throughout the world, for encouragement and assistance in their struggle with lawlessness and crime, and their efforts to preserve intact that Empire whose benefits they all enjoy.

Printers: C. & E. Layton, Farringdon Street, London, England.