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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 84

Scene III—A grand Fair in the public Prantz, Presburg

Scene III—A grand Fair in the public Prantz, Presburg.

Life itself is at the best
One scene in mask of folly dressed,
And there is no part of its wild career
But you will meet with here;
To these symbols of life your voices swell,
Viva la masque, et viva la bagatelle.

Quartette—Arline, Queen, Thaddeus, Devilshoof, From the valleys and the hills,

Where the sweetest buds grow,
And are watered by rills
Which are purest that flow:
Come we ! Come we !
Light of heart, fleet of foot, reckless of slight or gibe,
Who can compare with the free happy gipsy tribe.

Sir Knight and Lady, listen !
That bright eye seems to glisten
As if his trusted tale
Did o'er thy sense prevail
page 14 Pretty maiden take care, take core,
What havoc love maketh here !
And this token from love you borrow,
Is the perlude of many a sorrow;
There are those who have lived, who knew
The Gipsies' words to be true.


Light of heart, fleet of foot, reckless of slight or gibe,

Who can compare with the free happy gipsy tribe.

[Count Arnheim and some other officers of state enter


My dear uncle, it delights me to see you amongst us, and here is a little gipsy girl that would delight you still more (aside) if you had my blood in your veins; she s positively a charming creature.


I have lost the taste of joy, and the sight of youth and beauty recalls to my memory that treasure of both—my beloved and lost Arline.

[He gazes attentively on Arline, then exit with his retinue Flo. It's no use restraining me, I am positively smitten. Fair creature, your manner has enchanted me, and I would fain take a lesson from you.


Of politeness, sir ? By all means; to begin, then; whenever you address a lady always take off your hat.


Very smart, 'pon my word, very smart. Your naviete only increases the feeling of admiration and devotion which a too susceptible heart—


Ha, ha.


Your indifference will drive me to despair.


Will it really?


Do not mock me, but pity my too susceptible nature, and let me print one kiss upon—

Queen It is the very person from whom they stole the trinkets I made them give him back again. This too is his, and now my project thrives. You have acted well your part, and thus your Queen rewards you. Places the medallion round Arline's Forget not the hand that gave it. [neck


Let this bespeak my gratitude.


And now let our tribe depart,

[Florenstein perceives his medallion on the neck of Arline


Though you treated me so slightly, some moments past you will not do so now. That medallion is mine, my friends here recognise it.


We do, we do.


And I accuse you of having stolen it.


Stolen 1 It was this instant given me by our queen, and she is here to verify my words.


That's an every-day sort of subterfuge. Worthy people and friends, that medallion on her neck belongs to me, and I accuse her or her accomplices of having robbed me.