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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 84

Officers, 1886-7

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Officers, 1886-7.


  • Mrs. A. Dudley Ward, Christchurch.

Corresponding Secretary.

  • Miss Susan Brett, Chester Street, Christchurch.

Recording Secretary.

  • Mrs. Fanny Troy, Coote Road, Napier.


  • Mrs. C. A. Baker, Wellington.

N.Z. Superintendents of Departments.

Evangelistic Mrs. A. Dudley Ward, Christchurch.
Organising Agent Mrs. A. Dudley Ward, Christchurch.
Franchise and Legislation. Mrs. Clark, Worcester Street, Christchurch.
Temperance Literature Mrs. Wright, Wellington.
Influencing the Press Mrs. Helen Snow, Aurora Terrace, Wellington.
Juvenile Work Mrs. C. Fulton, Dunedin.
Young Women's Work Miss Sorley, Wanganui.
Work among Young Women Mrs. Blanche Paterson, The Manse, Napier.
Prison and Gaol Work Mrs. J. Plimmer, Wellington.
Social Purity Mrs. Hinton, Invercargill.
Hygiene Mrs. May, Sloane Road, Christchurch.
Unfermented Wine. Mrs. Emma E. Packe, Christchurch.
Inebriate Home
Scientific Instruction
Drawing Room Meetings
Cottage Meetings Mrs. Bennett, Woolcombe Street, Wellington.
Literature Mrs. Wright, Wellington.
Band of Hope Work
Sunday-School Work
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Officers of the Local Unions.

President* Mrs. Ann Brame.
Secretary (Corresponding). Mrs. E. J. W. Holloway, Ponsonby Road.
Secretary (Recording)
Treasurer Mrs. Dewar.
President Mrs. Blanche Paterson, The Manse.
Secretary Mrs. Fanny Troy, Coote Road.
Treasurer Mrs. Emma Hutchens, White Road.
New Plymouth.
President Mrs. Sadler.
Secretary Mrs. Mary Collis, Sarnia House.
President Mrs. Goodacre.
Secretary Mrs. Cooper.
Treasurer Mrs. Wilson.
President Mrs. Innis.
Secretary Mrs. Salter.
Treasurer Mrs. Philips.
President Mrs. Bertram.
Secretary Miss Sorley.
Treasurer Mrs. Harper.
President Mrs. Oldham.
Secretary Mrs. Rogerson.
Treasurer Mrs. Gibbs.
President Mrs. R. Hunter, Willis Street.
Secretary Mrs. J. Plimmer, Courtenay Place.
Treasurer Mrs. C. A. Baker.
President Mrs. Emma E. Packe.
Secretary (Corresponding; Mrs. A. C. Newton, North Belt.
Secretary (Recording) Miss Aldred, Spring field Road.
Treasurer Mrs. Cecilia Wroughton, 78, Chester-street
Treasurer (Assistant) Mrs. Toneycliffe, Richmond.
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President Mrs. Rouse.
Secretary Miss Dudley.
Treasurer Mrs. Kear.
President Mrs. Cawsey.
Seoretary Mrs. H. M. Carson.
Treasurer Mrs. R. Alcorn.
President Mrs. Todd.
Secretary (Recording) Miss H. B. Filleul.
Secretary (Corresponding) Miss France.
Treasurer Miss M. McHutcheson.
President Mrs. Catherine Fulton.
Secretary Mrs. E. R. Dick.
Treasurer Mrs. Catherine Boot.
Port Chalmers.
President Mrs. M. Johnstone.
Secretary Miss J. B. Thomson.
Treasurer Mrs. Adams.
President Mrs. Hinton, Kelvin-street.
Secretary mrs. F. E. Horder, Spey-street.
Treasurer Mrs. Lennie, Eye-street.