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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 84

Article XI.—Duties of Officers

Article XI.—Duties of Officers.

Sec. 1. President.—The President may, through the Recording Secretary, call special meetings of the Executive Committee when she may deem it necessary, or in response to page 7 the written request of any seven members of the Executive Committee; and shall perform all other duties usual to such office.

Sec. 2. Corresponding Secretary.—It shall be her duty to send to each District Corresponding Secretary, at least two months before the Annual Convention, a blank form, for her report of that District for the current year, the District Corresponding Secretary to supply local Unions in her District with blank forms for that purpose. She shall then collate from such reports her own Annual Report.

Sec. 8. Recording Secretary.—She shall attend all meetings of the N.Z. Union and Executive Committee, and keep correct reports of their proceedings. She shall send to each member of the Executive Committee (who shall send a copy to the Secretary of each local Union in her district) a proper notice of each meeting, and designate in said notice the topics which are to be especially considered at the meeting. She shall apprise members of Committee of their appointments. At the first session of the Annual Meeting, she shall read the minutes of all sessions of the Executive Committee since last Annual Meeting; and shall perform all other duties pertaining to that office.

Sec. 4. Treasurer.—It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to receive all monies due to the N.Z. Fund, and to keep accurate account of all receipts and disbursements, and to present a detailed report thereof to each Annual Meeting. She shall pay no bills, except on an order signed by the President and Recording Secretary. The fiscal year shall terminate one week previous to the Annual Meeting, when the books shall be closed.