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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 84

Rules of the Alexandra Home for Destitute and Friendless Women

Rules of the Alexandra Home for Destitute and Friendless Women.

1.The Home shall be managed by a Committee of twelve ladies, including a President, Treasurer, and Secretary, five to form a quorum; and the Committee shall meet on the second Monday in each month at 3.30 p.m.
2.Every application for admission must contain a statement of the name of the candidate, her present abode and occupation, the names and circumstances of her nearest relatives, and the reason for making application; and must also state whether the applicant has ever applied before.
3.No person shall be received into the Home without an order from two Members of the Committee; and the consent of three members must be obtained before a patient is admitted from the Hospital.
4.An unmarried woman who has previously been a mother shall not be admitted to the Home for her confinement.
5.Any woman admitted to the Home for her confinement must pay a sum of not less than £3 towards her expenses; but in special cases of destitution the Committee may relax this rule, or set it aside altogether.
6.Every unmarried woman admitted to the Home for her confinement shall be required to sign a paper promising to remain for a period of not less than six months after her confinement.
7.No inmate who has left the Home without leave shall be re-admitted except by order of two Members of the Committee.
8.No person shall be admitted as an inmate until she has signed a declaration in the following form :—

"I, an applicant for admission to the Alexandra Home for Friendless Women, do hereby promise to conform to the rules which I have now heard read, to obey the orders of the Matron, and to do the work allotted to me."

9.The inmates shall be expected to do the domestic work of the Home, and any work taken in to be done, under the direction of the Matron.
10.Every inmate must attend morning and evening prayers.
11.Cleanliness in person and habits, and orderly and punctual conduct, will be strictly required. Quietness must at all times be observed in the dormitories. All light or unkind speech, and, above all, profane language, is strictly forbidden.
12.The Matron shall have the right to road all letters written by inmates or received by them, and may, if she think fit, insist on being present at any interview between an inmate and any person visiting such inmate.
13.The consent of the President and one other Member of the Committee must be obtained before any infant born in the Home is committed to the care of anyone outside of the Home.