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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 84

Sea Fish

page 11

Sea Fish.

Previous to his death Mr. Arthur liad begun the collection of a series of data from which he hoped to gain some information regarding our sea-fish, and ultimately to arrive at something definite in regard to the nature and habits of some of the most important of them. Since Mr Arthur's death this work has remained in abeyance: but we are pleased to say that Mr. G. M. Thomson, F.L.S., has intimated his intention of continuing the collection and tabulation of these returns and of carrying on these important investigations.

We have again to express our warmest thanks to Sir James Gibson Maitland, of Howietown for the cordial manner in which he has, by gift or otherwise, seconded our efforts in the acclimatisation of salmonidœ to the New Zealand Shipping Company and the Union Steam Shipping Company, for the conveyance of our ova freight free, and for the facilities given towards the proper care of the ova in transit; and also to the railway officials for giving us the same facilities in the distributing season.

The special thanks of the Society are also due to our Manager, Mr Deans, for the active interest be always takes in our work and the success with which he conducts it, and to Rangers Burt and Reilly for their continued efforts to protect our interests.

We have also to thank Mr Job Wain fur the use of his ground for hatching purposes, and Messrs Orbell, Hertslett (of Wai-kouaiti), and Constable M'Kenzie (of Outram) for their kindly assistance in the distribution of young trout.

In conclusion, we desire to say that the state of the law in regard to our acclimatised salmonidœ is not quite what it ought to be, and it is desirable that some joint action by the various societies should be taken to have this somewhat amended.

James Wilkie,

Hon. Secretary.