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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 84

The Rules and Objects of the Otago Acclimatisation Society

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The Rules and Objects of the Otago Acclimatisation Society.

left 1. The objects of the Society shall be the introduction, acclimatisation, domestication, and sale of all inoxious animals, birds, fishes, insects, trees, and vegetables, whether useful or ornamental; the perfection, propagation, and hybridisation of races newly introduced or already domesticated: the spread of indigenous animals, &c., from parts of the Colony where they are already known, to other localities where they are not known; the procuring, whether by purchase, gift, or exchange of animals, &c, from Great Britain, the British Colonies, and foreign countries; the transmission of animals, &c, from the Colony to England and foreign parts, in exchange for others sent to the Society; the holding of periodical meetings, and the publication of reports and transactions, for the purpose of spreading knowledge of acclimatisation, and enquiry into the causes of success or failure; the interchange of reports, &c., with kindred associations in other parts of the world, with the view, by correspondence and mutual good offices, of giving the widest possible scope to the project of acclimatisation; the conferring rewards, honorary or intrinsically valuable, upon seafaring men, passengers from distant countries, and others, who may render valuable assistance to the cause of acclimatisation.

left 2. A Subscriber of ten shillings or upwards annually shall be a member of the Society; and contributors within one year of Ten Guineas or upwards shall be Life Members of the Society; and any person who may render special service to the Society, by contribution of stock or otherwise, shall be eligible for life membership, and may be elected as such by the Council, or by any annual general meeting.

left 3. The Annual Subscription shall be payable on the first day of February in each year, and shall be received by the duly-appointed Collector, who, on receiving the same shall cause the person so subscribing to be enrolled a Member accordingly.

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left 4. The society shall be governed by a Council of eight-teen Members; to include a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, and Honorary Secretary, to be elected by ballot at the first general meeting of the Society; three of whom (to be determined voluntarily or by lot amongst themselves) shall retire annually, but shall be eligible for re-election.

left 5. In case of any vacancy occuring by death or resignation of any Member of Council, or the non-attendance of any town member of Council for the period of three months, the remaining members shall appoint another member of the Society to be a member of the Council in the place and stead of the deceased, resigned, or absenting Member, without such absence be caused by ill-health, when and upon the Council receiving information from the absenting member to that effect, the Council may abstain from electing a fresh Member of Council in his stead; providing that such vacancy shall not be supplied by the Council except after seven days' notice given of thy new Member to be proposed, and unless in the presence of at least five Members of the Council.

left 6. The Society shall hold periodical meetings at which papers and other communications relating lo the objects of the Society, and reports prepared by the Council shall be received; and such discussion shall be encouraged as may be of value in propagating a knowledge of acclimatisation amongst the Members and the public, and such business generally shall be disposed of as may be brought under consideration by the Council, or by any Member who shall have given seven days' previous notice thereof to the Honorary Secretary, or as a majority of two-thirds of the Members present shall see fit to entertain and consider; and each Member shall have the privilege of introducing two friends at such meetings.

left 7. The Council shall meet at least once a month, and three Members, of whom the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, or Honorary Secretary shall be one, shall form a quorum, and be capable of transacting the business of the Council, subject to such limitations as may be imposed by any bye law of the Council, or rule, or resolution of the Society which may be hereafter made.

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left 8. The Council shall have the sole management of the affairs of the Society, and of the income and property thereof, for the uses, purposes, and benefits of the Society; and shall have the sole and exclusive right of appointing paid servants, as a manager, or assistant-secretary, collector, and such other officers, clerks, and labourers, and at such salaries as they may deem necessary, and of removing them if they think fit, and shall prescribe their respective duties. And such Council shall have power, to consider and determine all matters, either directly or indirectly affecting the interests of the Society, and If they shall think fit so to do, shall bring the same under the notice of the Members of the Society, at any general or special meeting, and to make such bye-laws as they may deem necessary for the efficient management of the affairs an the promotion of the objects of the Society, and for the conduct of the business of the Council, provided the same are not repugnant to the Rules; to appoint one or more sub-committees, for any purpose contemplated by these Rules; and generally to perform such acts as may be requisite to carry out the objects of the Society; which bye-laws are to be subject to ratification, or emendation, or rejection by the next annual or special general meeting of the Society convened for that purpose. And it shall be the duty of the Council to exercise the foregoing powers as occasion may require, and to furnish report of the proceedings at every periodical and annual meeting of the Society.

left 9. The Society shall have power to affiliate or associate itself with other Societies of kindred objects, and to found Branch Societies if desirable, and the council shall have power to carry out any arrangement for this purpose, and to furnish any monthly or other reports.

left 10. Minutes shall be made in books, kept for that purpose, of all the proceedings at the general and special meetings of the Members, and minutes shall also be made of the proceedings of the Council at their general and special meetings, and the names of the Members attending the same, and such minutes shall be open to inspection by the Members of the Society at all reasonable times.

left 11. All moneys payable to the Society shall be paid to the Treasure, who shall forthwith place the same in a bank, to be named by the Council, to the credit of the Society, and no sum shall be paid on account of the Society until the page 27 same shall have been ordered by the Council, and such order be duly entered in the books of the proceedings of the Council. No sum of money exceeding twenty pounds shall be paid by order of the Council until notice of such has been sent to each Member of the Council. Cheques shall he signed by the Treasurer as such, and be countersigned by the Honorary Secretary, or some other Member of Council, delegated by the Council to act as such.

left 12. An Annual Meeting shall be held on the first Wednesday in March of each year; or, if a holiday, then upon the next day following; and the Council shall report their proceedings during the past year, and shall produce their accounts, duly audited, for publication if deemed desirable: and the meeting shall elect new Members of Council to supply the vacancies therein. Any notice of motion must be furnished to the Honorary Secretary, or Assistant Secretary, one day previous to the holding of such meeting, or such motion may be rejected by the Chairman.

left 13. All privileges of Membership shall cease in case any Member shall be three months in arrear, subject, however, to his restoration by the Council on the payment of such subscription as aforesaid, accompanied by a satisfactory explanation.

left 14. Upon receiving a requisition in writing, signed by twelve or more members of the Society, or upon a resolution of the Council, the Honorary Secretary shall convene a Special Meeting of the Members, to be held within 15 days of the receipt by him of such requisition or resolution, and the notice thereunder convening the meeting shall specify the subject to be considered at such meeting, and that subject only shall be discussed at such meeting.

left 15. The Council or any general meeting of the Society may admit, as Honorary Members, such ladies or gentlemen as may have distinguished themselves in connection with the objects of the Society, or in objects of a kindred nature.

left 16. It shall be lawfull for any annual or special meeting of the Society to alter, vary, or amend the Rules, or to substitute another for any of the same; or to make any new rule which may be considered desirable; if and after notice specifying the nature of such alteration, variation, amendment, substitution, or new rule shall have been given to the Honorary Secretary fifteen days before the holding of such meeting. And such alteration, variation, amendment, substitution, or new rule shall be valid, if carried by a majority of not less than two-thirds of the members present at such meetings.

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