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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 73

The Eighteenth Annual Report of the Educational Institute of Otago 1894-5

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The Eighteenth Annual Report of the Educational Institute of Otago

Coulls, Culling & Co., Printers, &c. Dunedin: Crawford Street.

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The Eighteenth Annual Report of the Educational Institute of Otago

Officers of the Institute.


  • C. R. Smith, Esq.


  • J. Closs, Esq.
  • J. A. Johnson, Esq., M.A.
  • P. B. Fraser, Esq., M.A.


  • R. G. Whetter, Esq., M.A.


  • W. Eudey. Esq.


  • James Jeffery, Esq.

Representatives of Branch Associations.

  • Dunedin[gap — ]W. A. Paterson, Esq.
  • Bruce-Clutha[gap — ]W. Mcelrea, Esq.
  • Central-Otago[gap — ]F. S. Alfred. Esq.
  • Waitaki[gap — ]J. R. Macdonald, Esq.

Representatives of institute on Committee of Management.

  • W. Davidson, Esq.
  • C. Chilton, Esq., M.A., D.Sc.
  • W. G. Don, Esq.
  • G. A. Simmers, Esq., M.A.
  • John Reid, Esq.


  • R. J. Barrett. Esq.
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Past Presidents of the Educational Institute of Otago.

  • 1878—Professor John Shand, M.A., Ll.D.
  • 1879—Sir Robert Stout, K.C.M.G.
  • 1880—Professor James G. Black. M A, D.Sc.
  • 1881—Professor D. Mcgregor, M.A., M.B.
  • 1882—John B. Park, Esq.
  • 1883—Wm. Macdonald, Esq., M.A., Ll.D.
  • 1884—W. S. Fitzgerald, Esq.
  • 1885—William Milne, Esq., M.A.
  • 1886—James Reid, Esq.
  • 1887—Robert Peattie, Esq., M.A.
  • 1888—David White, Esq., M.A.
  • 1889—David A. Mcnicoll, Esq.
  • 1890—Alex A. Wilson, Esq., M.A.
  • 1891—Charles Chilton, Esq., M.A., D.Sc.
  • 1892—James Rennie, Esq., B.A., B.Sc.
  • 1893—R. G. Whetter, Esq., M.A.
  • 1894—W. Davidson, Esq.
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Eighteenth Annual Report of the Educational Institute of Otago,

The Committee of Management beg to lay before members the Eighteenth Annual Report of the Institute.

During the year six meetings of the Committee have been held, at which the average attendance of members has been eight.

Meeting of the Council of the N.Z. Educational Institute.

The Council of the N.Z. Educational Institute met at Invercargill in January of this year; when the Otago Branch was represented by Dr. Chilton and Messrs. W. Davidson. D. White, and R. G. Whetter. Copies of the report of the meeting of Council have already been sent to Branches; and others will be distributed amongst members at the Annual Meeting in Dunedin, when delegates will report as to the business done.

The most important items of business done had reference to a colonial Scale of Staff and of Salaries. The Council decided to recommend the Minister of Education to amend the Education Act so as to make it imperative for Boards to carry out reforms in the following directions:—
(1).That a uniform Scale of Staff be adopted by the various Boards.
(2).The Council recommend to the consideration of the Minister of Education the Scale of Staff adopted by the Otago and Southland Boards.page 5
(3).That all schools and positions under Boards be classified on a basis of average attendance, providing for a uniform scale of salary throughout the colony.
(4).That, in order to secure a systematic method of promotion, a minimum qualification be required for each class of position.

The Executive, in its Annual Report to the Council, stated, that considering the time had arrived to introduce a Bill into the House of Representatives for the purpose of establishing a Court of Appeal for teachers, it had instructed Messrs. Bell, Gully, and Izard to draw up a Bill for the purpose. This Bill was favourably received by the House, and after passing its first reading was dropped, on the understanding that the Minister for Education would introduce such a Bill next session as a Government measure.

The Committee of Management would draw the special attention of members to the appendix to the Council's Annual Report. This appendix, a copy of which has been sent to every teacher in the province, contains an account of the. work, history, and constitution of the Educational Institute of New Zealand.

The next meeting of the Council will be held at Wanganui on January 7th, 1896.

Text Books.

On the invitation of the Convener of a Committee appointed by the Education Board to revise the list of School books in use in Otago, the Committee of Management, after long and careful consideration, and after consultation with the Branches, submitted the following recommendations to the Board:—

(A)"Longman's Series of New Readers," and
(B)As an alternative course, "The Royal Crown Readers," Books I., II., and III., and the other numbers of this series if they are equally as good as Books I., II., and III.
  • Of all the grammar books examined none were found suitable.
  • If it is advisable to have a text book, the Institute would recommend "Longman's Junior Composition."
page 6
(A)"The Southern Cross Arithmetics" of Messrs. Whitcombe and Tombs.
(B)"Neilson's Royal Arithmetics"—all the parts of the "B" Series.
(C)"Goyen's Exercises in the Compound Rules." and "Goyen's Complete Arithmetic for Standard III."
(A)The "Southern Cross Series" of Messrs. Whitcombe and Tombs, for Standards I., II., III., and IV., and
(B)Horsburgh's "Zealandia Geography, No. 3," for Standards V. and VI.
  • No text book in single volumes brought under the notice
  • of the Institute commends itself as suitable. "Arnold's Historical Readers" appear to be an excellent series; but the range of matter in the various volumes does not correspond exactly with the epochs prescribed for our standards. If, however, the Education Board will accept the periods dealt with in these Readers as equivalent to the present requirements, the Institute would urge the adoption of "Arnold's Historical Readers," Nos. III. to VII.

Classification Scheme.

At a meeting held in October, the Dunedin Branch, after a discussion on the Classification of Schools and Appointments, resolved that the Committee of Management be requested to endorse the following resolutions:—
(1)"That this Branch approves of the principles of classifying schools, of fixing a minimum classification for appointments, and of grading salaries so as to secure a system of promotion that will give experience in the management of the different classes of schools."
(2)"That the Committee of Management be requested to take steps to bring Mr. Davidson's System of Classification under the notice of the Education Board."

After carefully considering these resolutions your Committee decided to forward them to the Board, accompanied with the request that an opportunity be given to Mr. Davidson to explain the scheme.

page 7


Owing to the disapproval expressed by all the Branches against the abolition of the regulations regarding "Exceptions," this Institute is of the opinion that the Minister of Education should be asked by the Executive of the New Zealand Educational Institute to reintroduce the former regulations providing for "Exceptions."

The Wrigley Case.

In September, a letter was received from the Secretary of the New Zealand Educational Institute, appealing to this Institute to assist in defraying the amount of Miss Wigley's costs.

The Executive of the New Zealand Educational Institute has, also, in its annual report, endorsed this appeal.

Your Committee has arranged to bring this matter up for discussion.


The Balance Sheet, duly audited, will be found appended.

During the year a letter was received from the Otago-Central Branch, requesting the Committee of Management to take into consideration the advisability of reducing the contributions from the Branches to 5s. per male member, and 2s. 6d. per female member.

In reply your Committee pointed out that it had no power to reduce the subscription, and suggested that the representative of the Otago-Central Branch might bring the matter up at the Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting.

This year's Annual Meeting will be held on the 10th, 11th, and 12th July, in the Normal School, the use of which having been kindly granted by the Education Board.

The Board has also agreed to send to school committees a circular informing them of the date of the Annual Meeting.

On the last page of the Report will be found a list of remits from country Branches, to be brought up for discussion.

page 8

A social, tendered by the lady teachers in and about Dunedin to the members of country Branches, will be held at the end of the Conference. A complimentary ticket has been sent, enclosed in the Annnal Report, to every country member of the Institute.

Branch Reports.

Reports from the Dunedin, Bruce-Clutha, Central-Otago, and Waitaki Branches are attached.

Seeing that there is a Branch in every centre except in Tuapeka, your Committee would suggest that steps be taken to re-establish a Branch in that district.

At the beginning of this year the Committee of Management had the misfortune to lose the valuable services of two of its members, Dr. Chilton and G. Simmers, Esq. Both of these gentlemen have, for many years, devoted a very considerable amount of energy and time to the interests of the Otago Educational Institute.

Signed on behalf of the Committee of Management,

C. R. Smith

, President.

R. G. Whetter

, Secretary.


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Annual Reports.

Dunedin Branch.


President, W. A. Patterson, Esq; Hon. Secretary and Treasurer J. A. Johnson, Esq., M.A.; Representative on Committee of Management, W. A. Paterson, Esq.

The Committee of the Dunedin Branch has the honour to present the Annual Report for the year 1894-95.

During the session the following syllabus of work was carried out:—
Aug. 4—"Ambulance" Mr. A. Matthews.
Sept. 1—"The Teaching of the Blind" Mr. W. A. Paterson.
Oct. 6—A discussion on "Classification of Schools and Appointments" Opened by Mr. W. Davidson.
Nov. 3—"A Colonial Scheme of Salaries" Mr. W. J. Moore.
Mar. 2—"Shakespeare—his Life, Genius, and Personality" Prof. Gilray.
Apr. 6—"Phonography" Mr. J. M. E. Garrow.
May 4—"Sanitation" Mr. G. Balsille.
A special meeting was held on 4th December, 1894, to discuss a classification scheme, proposed by Mr. M. Cohen, when the following motion was passed, embodying objections to Mr. Cohen's proposal:—

"Inasmuch as under the proposed 'Classification of Schools and Positions' and 'Re-arrangement of Salaries,' the page 10 salaries of a large number of teachers are so seriously affected as to produce a very widespread dissatisfaction, the staffing of several large schools is so altered as to disorganise the work, and such a radical change is made in the qualification for promotion as to cause very great discouragement to a large body of the teachers, the Board be respectfully asked to postpone decision with regard to the classification scheme at present before it. so that all teachers may have an opportunity of considering the provisions of the scheme."

The Branch has a membership of 66, being an increase of 4 on that of last year. While the membership has increased, the average attendance has decreased. Last year it stood at 18: this year it has dropped to 17. This excludes the attendance at the special meeting, when there were present 71 teachers.

The thanks of the Branch are due to the Press for full and regular reports of the meetings.

The Balance Sheet shows a credit of £1 7s. 6d.

List of Members.

  • Miss Alexander, Kaikorai School
  • Miss Anderson, High Street
  • Miss J. Black, Kaikorai School
  • Mr. Ballantyne, Normal School
  • Prof. Black, University
  • Mr. R. J. Barrett, Arthur Street School
  • Mr. G. Balsille, Sandymount School
  • Dr. Chilton, Port Chalmers School
  • Miss J. Cairns, High Street School
  • Miss J. Campbell, Kaikorai School
  • Mr. W. Davidson, Waitati School
  • Mr. W. G. Don, Caversham School
  • Mr. J. R. Don, Normal School
  • Mr. W. Eudey, Kensington School
  • Mr. H. Fisher, Kaikorai School
  • Mr. J. L. Ferguson, Albany Street School
  • Mr. J. A. Fitzgerald, N. E. Valley School
  • Mr. W. S. Fitzgerald, Inspector Miss Fitzgerald, Normal School
  • Mr. W. Grey, George Street School
  • Mr. J. Garrow, Kaikorai School
  • Mr. J. Horsburgh, GeorgeStreet School
  • Miss Hooper, Kensington School
  • Mr. R. Huie, Waikouaiti School
  • Mr. Mr. J. A. Johnson, Normal Schoolpage 11
  • Mr. W. Jeffery, Anderson's Bay School
  • Mr. C. O. Lillie, N. E. Valley School
  • Miss Little, Ravensbourne School
  • Mr. L. A. Line, Union Street School
  • Miss Murray, Port Chalmers School
  • Mr. W. Milne, Caversham School
  • Mr. A. Mathews, Union Street School
  • Mr. J. A. McNickle, Albany Street School
  • Mr. D. McNicoll, George Street School
  • Mr. W. J. Moore, Kensington School
  • Mr. J. McDonald, Macandrew Road School
  • Mr. C. Mahoney, Pine Hill School
  • Mr. D. Murray, N. E. Valley School
  • Mr. J. Nelson, Saddle Hill School
  • Mr. W. A. Paterson, Waikari School
  • Mr. J. Rennie, Port Chalmers School
  • Miss Renfrew, Forbury School
  • Miss Rutherford, Caversham School
  • Mr. J. Robertson. High Street School
  • Mr. J. Rutherford, Kensington School
  • Mr. Reid, Ravensbourne School
  • Mr. J. W. Smith, High Street School
  • Mr. A. Sligo, George Street School
  • Sir R. Stout, Wellington
  • Prof. Shand, University
  • Mr. A Stewart, Union Street School
  • Prof. Scott, University
  • Mr. Southwick, St. Leonards' School
  • Mr. G. Simmers, Ashburton High School
  • Mr. G. M. Thomson, High School
  • Mr. W.Thomson, Albany Street School
  • Miss Turnbull, George Street School
  • Mr. J. S. Tennant, High Street School
  • Mr. R. G. Whetter, Forbury School
  • Mr. A. Wilson, Girls' High School
  • Miss Wilson, Kaikorai School
  • Mr. D. White, Normal School
  • Miss White, Union Street School
  • Miss M. Walker, Macandrew Road School
  • Mr. C. Young, Caversham School
  • Mr. A. W. Tyndall, Blue Spur School

J. A. Johnson

, Secretary.
page 12

Bruce-Clutha Branch.


  • President—Wm. McElrea, District High School, Milton.
  • Vice-President—Mr. Valentine, District High School, Balclutha.
  • SecretaryJno. A. Robertson—Fairfax, Milton.
  • TreasurerMiss M. Ferguson, Fairfax. Milton.
  • Representative on Committee of ManagementC. R. Smith, Stirling.

Annual Report.—During the year 1894-95 six meetings have been held. The average attendance at the meetings has been good, although somewhat less than that of last year. Various subjects of interest to teachers were discussed, the new classification scheme coming in for a good deal of attention. A paper on Elementary Composition was read by Mr. C. R. Smith, being much appreciated. One of the meetings took the form of an outing to Mount Stuart, and was greatly enjoyed by all. An exposition of Kindergarten work was allotted to the June meeting (to, be held). I have again to report that the year just ending has been a successful one.

List of Members.

  • Miss McLaren, Milton D. H. School
  • Miss Allen, Balclutha D. H. School
  • Miss Paterson, Kaitangata School
  • Miss Sinclair, Kaitangata School
  • Miss Paul, Glenledi School
  • Miss Kinder, Stony Creek School
  • Miss Gibb, South bridge School
  • Miss Tregonning, Stirling School
  • Dr. Fitzgerald, Kaitangata
  • Mr. J. Reid, Milton D. H. School
  • Mr. J. Nicholson, Kaitangata School
  • Mr. W. McLaren. Kaitangata School
  • Mr. T. Pope, Waitepeka School
  • Mr. R. Peattie, Taieri Ferry School
  • Mr. J. Smith, Milburn School
  • Mr. Grigor, Inchclutha School
  • Mr. W. Renton, Balclutha School
  • Mr. J. McNeur, Port Molyneur School
  • Mr. J. Gray, Glenore School

Jno. A. Robertson

, Secretary.
page 13

Central Otago Branch.


PresidentMr. J. G. Gloss, Alexandra; Vice-PresidentMr. J. Fleming, Bannockburn; Secretary and TreasurerMiss M. Anderson, Moutere, Alexandra; Delegate to the Committee of ManagementMr. F. S. Aldred, Greytown.

I have the honour to submit for your approval the Annual Report for the year 1894-95.

Six meetings have been held during the year alternately at Clyde and Cromwell.

The average attendance has been 8, which out of a membership of 13 is very creditable, considering the long distances members have to travel to attend the meetings. All the members have attended at least one of the meetings during the year.

The following has been the programme:—
June 2—"Home Lessons" Mr. D. S. Mason.
June 29—"The Revised Syllabus" Mr. A. Warburton.
June 29—"Technical Education" Mr. M. South.
June 30—Model Lesson on "Proportion" Mr. J. E. Stevens.
June 30—"Composition for Upper Standards" Mr. J. Fleming.
Oct. 6—"Science in Schools" Mr. J. Closs.
Dec. 8—"Discussion on present system of Representation to N.Z. Council.
Mar. 2—Discussion on "Classification Scheme."

One feature of the year's work was a two days' meeting, held at Cromwell during the midwinter holidays, when a very profitable time was spent, Nor was the social element wanting, for a conversazione was held which proved most enjoyable.

page 14

List of Members.

  • Miss Weir, Tarras School
  • Miss Waddell, Cromwell School
  • Mr. Warburton, Cromwell School
  • Mr. South, Nevis School
  • Miss McGrogan, Cromwell School
  • Mr. Stevens, Clyde School
  • Mrs. Stevens, Clyde School
  • Miss Green, Hawea Flat School
  • Miss Annett. Luggate School
  • Miss McKellar, Alexandra School
  • Mr. Closs, Alexandra School
  • Mr. Fleming. Bannockburn School
  • Mr. Mason, Lowburn School

W. Anderson

, Secretary.

Waitaki Branch.


PresidentMr. P. B. Fraser, M.A.; SecretaryMr. O. I. Flamank; TreasurerMr. Wm. McDonald.

During the year ending April 30th. 1895, there have been sis ordinary and two special meetings of the Branch. The average attendance at these meetings has been 13, and the highest 20. The total number of members is 20.

The first four meetings of the Branch were held at intervals of two months. At a special meeting held in December, 1894, it was decided that "The Branch should, in future, meet monthly, except in January and February," so as to give a better chance for discussing any matter requiring immediate attention without calling a special meeting.

The following is a syllabus of the chief work done during the year:—
(a)Paper—"Average Attendance at Schools, and Methods of Increasing it"[gap — ]Mr. P. B. Fraser.
(b)Paper—"N.Z. University, from a Teacher's Standpoint"[gap — ]Mr. G. Macdonald.
(c)Discussion on "School Books," "Exceptions," "School Attendance Bill," and "University Scholarships for Pupil Teachers."
page 15

A special meeting of teachers, called by this Branch, was held in February, to consider the Teachers' Classification Scheme. From that meeting a resolution was sent to the Education Board, expressing disapproval of the scheme.

List of Members.

  • Miss Alexander, Teaneraki School
  • Miss A. Thompson, Oamaru North School
  • Miss Andrews, Waiareka School
  • Miss Weilding, Oamaru Middle School
  • Miss McGregor, Windsor School
  • Miss Livingstone, Duntroon School
  • Miss King, Oamaru Middle School
  • Miss Cooke, Oamaru South School
  • Mr. Piper, Oamaru Middle School
  • Mr. Grant, Maheno School
  • Mr. Eraser, Dunback
  • Mr. Robertson, Ngapara School
  • Mr. Murray, Livingstone School
  • Mr. Flamank, Oamaru North School
  • Mr. Morris, Duntroon School
  • Mr. Moir, Pukeuri School
  • Mr. Walters, Oamaru South School
  • Mr. W. McDonald, Oamaru South School
  • Mr. Rennie, Papakaio School
  • Mr. G. MacDonald, Otepopo School
  • Mr. Rice, Oamaru South School

Jean Cooke

, Hon. Secretary.

Unattached Members of Institute.

  • Mr. A. M. Nicol, Waikoikoi School
  • Mr. A. M. Barnett, Waitahuna Gully School
  • Mr. J. Stewart, Clinton
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Educational Institute of Otago.

STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS FOR THE YEAR 1894-95. RECEIPTS. £ s. d. To Balance ... ... ... 10 4 4 " Members' Subscriptions ... ... 1 2 6 " Dunedin Branch (66 members) ... 22 2 6 " Bruce-Clutha Branch (20 members) 6 17 0 " Central Otago Branch (13 members) 3 13 0 " Waitaki Branch (21 members) ... 5 0 0 £48 19 4 EXPENDITURE. By Secretary's Expenses—£ s. d. Mr. J. R. Don (1893-94) ... 5 0 0 Mr. Whetter (1894-95) ... 2 5 0 " Advertising (Star and Times) ... 1 4 6 " Printing Circulars ... ... 0 11 6 " Printing Annual Report—(Coulls, Culling & Co.) ... ... 5 15 6 " Stationery ... ... ... 0 4 3 " N.Z. Educational Institute ... 10 0 0 " Balance ... ... ... 23 18 7 £48 19 4 Audited and found correct, R. J. BARRETT. Auditor. WALTER EUDEY, Hon. Treasurer. 25th June. 1895.

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Educational Institute of Otago. Eighteenth Annual Meeting

Will be Held in Normal School, Moray Place, on 10th, 11th and 12th July, 1895.

Programme of Proceedings.

Wednesday, 10th July. 11 a.m.

Adoption of Annual Report, Election or Officers and Members of Committee of Management, Appointment of Committees.

Report of Delegates to Council Meeting, 1895.

Wednesday, 8 p.m.

Address by the President C. R. Smith, Esq.

A discussion on the "Remits, (1 and 2)," from the Otago Central Branch, to be opened by F. S. Aldred, Esq.

Thursday, 11th July. 11 a.m.

"Instruction of the Blind"—W. A. Paterson, Esq., President Dunedin Branch.

"Remits, (1, 2 and 3)," from Waitaki Branch.

Thursday, 8 p.m.

"Vertical Writing: Result of Five Years' Experiment at the Normal School" D. White, Esq., M.A.

A discussion on "Keeping in," to be opened by C. R.Smith, Esq.

Friday, 12th July, 11 a.m.

"A Scheme of Spelling, suitable for the Standard Requirements" C. Mahoney, Esq.

Remits from Branches.

The Wrigley Case.

Friday, 8 p.m.

Social, in Oddfellows' Hall, Rattray Street.

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From Otago Central Branch.

(1)"That this Branch, being dissatisfied with the present mode of electing representatives from Otago, who are nearly always members of the Dunedin Branch, would bring this matter under your notice, and ask for your co-operation in altering the constitution of the Otago Educational Institute, so that country Branches may have fair representation on the Council. Our suggestion is that of the four representatives from the Otago Educational Institute, the Dunedin Branch elect two and the country Branches two."
(2)"That the Institute take into consideration the advisability of reducing the contributions from the Branches to 5s. per male member and 2s. 6d. per female member."

From Waitaki Branch.

(1)"That the change of franchise be extended so that electors should vote for members of the Educational Board in the same manner as they do for members of Parliament."
(2)"That a recommendation be sent to the Otago Educational Institute from this Branch, 'That the Education Board be asked to remove the vote of censure passed on Miss Andrews and Mr. Fraser, for omitting to remind the Inspector that he had not examined certain subjects.'"
(3)"That the time has come when teachers should have representation on the Education Board."

From Waitaki, Otago Central and Bruee-Clutha Branches.

(1)"That this Institute expresses its strongest disapproval of the abolition of the regulations regarding 'Exceptions,' the abolition of which, although quite just and fair in large towns, is most unjust in country districts; and that this Institute approves of the action of the Inspectors' Conference, in requiring 250 attendances during the school year."