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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 71


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Class Legislation 1
All past legislatiom, class legislation
The victims of it.
History of
The masses have been left uncared for Its effect on land laws in New Zealand
The Wrongs of Labour 5
Condition of labourers 50 years ago
"The Cry of the Children"
"The Song of the Shirt"
Necessity the mother of invention
Labour's champions
Legislation in labour's interest justified by experience
The Free Labourer 9
The Anti Combination Laws
Development of unionism
Lord Brougham on the building trading trades strike
Lord Granville in reply
The free labour's position an unjust one
The rights of man
The free labourer benefits from [unclear: unionism]
What [unclear: uninniflm] has secured
The justice of unionists' demands
Competition 15
Limitation of capitalists
Raising of prices by capitalists
Competitions debasing effects
"Cutters" demoralise trade
Standards of prices desirable
Borrowing 20
Unequal distribution a menace
Debts; of the colonies
History of the national debt
Colonial debts on reproductive works
Mr. Tyson, the millionaire
Non-borrowing policy of New Zealand
Her future, in consequence
Development of Resource 26
Large estates in the colonies
Large estates in older countries
The mischief should be undone
What is best for the whole population
The miner's right in Victoria
Riches of Great Britain
Awake, arise and go forward
Labour must develope resources
Development the real work of the future
State Education 33
Addison's views
Progress already made
Only an initiatory stage reached
Compulsory attendance required
Favouritism in schools
School books
A simple code of moral teaching
Working men's colleges and libraries Universities
State Banking 40
Growth of Banking institutions
The Bank of England
United States Bank
The simpale issue
People to use their own money
State Saving Banks
The Sinking Funds
What is the difficulty?
State Lawyers 48
The State prosecutes
It should also provide a defender
State Socialism 53
The Chartists
Three kinds of Socialists
Growth of State Socialism
Vogel's public works scheme
Functions of Government expading
Conservatives desire individualism
Growth of co-operative business
Capitalists co-operating
Labour Members 60
C. J. Don, the first Labour member
M.P.'s hitherto represented capital
The Labour member represents the masses
Labour members in N.Z. and N.S.W.
"Shoot'em down"
We come not for revenge"
Shearers' strike in N.S.W.
Broken Hill strike
Wanted, leaders
Parnell, and Home Rule
Incorporation 68
Benefits of unionism
Strikes necessary
Arbitration and Conciliation Acts
Unions must be incorporated
A venerable institution—"the poor"—doomed
Class Legislation
Extension of unionism
The Future 76
A policy for Labour
"One man, one vote"
Strength lies in organisation and union
Unionism must be developed
Labour and Capital
"Stick to your party"
What is a gentleman?
A brilliant future waiting