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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 71

[extract from The Fernley Lecture delivered by Dr. Randles]

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"Perhaps a word ought to be said about discrepancies. A large number of these so-called discrepancies are only so in appear nice. They are not so in reality. A certain percentage may be attributed to defects in the copies of Scripture or to defeats in translation and exposition, sometimes a little additional information would make all perfectly clear A large number have boon satisfactorily explained; others are sure to be cleared up, a few will remain to the end because the needed information is lost beyond recovery While, therefore, it would be too much to say that all difficulties have been removed, and all seeming discrepancies satisfactorily accounted for, we will be bold to say no real error in the whole Bible, as it left its original wiiters, has been demonstrated."—The Feraley Lecture, delivered by the Rev. F. W. Sharr, before the Wesleynn Conference at Nottingham, July, l891.

"It" (criticism) "has failed to make good its charge of falschood and contradiction against the Old Testament, On close examination, the alleged fictions have generally turned out to be facts, and the contradictions have vanished."—The Fernley Lecture, delivered by Dr. Randles, Professor of Systematic Theology, before the Wesleyan Conference at Bradford, July, 1892