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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 55

Executive Committee's Report

Executive Committee's Report.

"At a meeting convened for the purpose and held in the Kapunda Institute on the 13th May, 1884, the South Australian Land Nationalization Society was formed to promote the principle of State ownership of land. An Executive Committee was at the time appointed. During the year the Society held 11, and the Executive Committee 33, meetings.

"To advertise itself, the Society soon after its formation issued 6,000 cards, on which were printed the objects of the Society, and some appropriate quotations from leading authorities. Of these 1,000 were printed in German. The objects of the Society were also advertised for three months in the Observer, the Chronicle, and the Kapunda Herald.

"The number of members enrolled is 221. The accession of members was greatest in the first few months of the Society's existence, but has been continual throughout the year.

"The following pamphlets were printed and published at the Society's expense during the year :—
Title. No. Copies.
The Labour Difficulty 1,000
The Accumulation of Wealth 1,000
The Extent of our Taxation, &c. 5,000
A Lay Sermon on the Land, by William Webster 6,000
The Manifesto, 1st edition 10,000
The Manifesto, 2nd edition 5,000
"The following pamphlets and books were purchased for distribution by the Society :—
Title. No. Copies.
Land Nationalization, by a South Australian farmer 1,000
Progress and Poverty, by Henry George 50
Land Nationalization, by A. R. Wallace 500

"A large number of copies of the following pamphlets were presented to the Society by the author, the Rev. W. T. Carter:—"Sources of Henry George's Errors" and "Argyle versusArgyle and George."

"The greater portion of the foregoing publications have been distributed by the Society.

"Lectures were delivered by the Vice-President (Mr. P. McM. Glyun, B.A., LL.B.) in the following places—Gawler, Burra, Quorn, Tarlee, and Terowie. A branch was formed at Terowie.

"In last September letters containing the following questions, to which answers were solicited, were addressed to the Members of the House of Assembly:—No. 1. Are you in favor of substituting the system of leasing from the State for absolute alienation in fee simple of unsold Crown Lands in South Australia? 2. Should a Bill be introduced during this or any ensuing session of the present Parliament to stop the further alienation of all Crown Lands, will you support and vote for it? Six replies were received, five of which expressed more or less of sympathy with the principles of land nationalization.

"The balance-sheet shows a deficit for the year of £32 13s. 1d. The Executive Committee hope to clear off this deficit in a few weeks, but at the same time request the public to come to the Society's aid. To give due prominence to this most vital of all social questions, and keep sympathy from relapsing into indifference while awaiting action in Parliament, funds are needed. The support of the public is therefore earnestly solicited."

Mr. Glynn briefly moved, and Mr. Patrick seconded without comment, the adoption of the report and balance-sheet, which was carried unapimously.