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The Pamphlet Collection of Sir Robert Stout: Volume 55



There are some subjects, perhaps, I ought to have referred to which you will naturally excuse me for not doing, considering the length of time I have already detained you. I hope you will not consider me unmindful of the destiny of the colony, and of those who live in it, and I think I put that destiny upon a high pedestal when I say to you, you are not likely to gain your end by merely fighting out theoretical questions of the old country; you shall count for success on your own self-reliant industry and exertions—

I hold it truth with him who sings
To one sweet harp in divers tones,
That men may rise up stepping-stones
Of their dead solves to higher things,

(Cheers).—Ladies and gentlemen : I than you very much for the hearing you have given me.

The conclusion of the address was erected with loud and continued cheering.

Mr John Reid, Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, moved: "That this meeting tenders a cordial vote of thanks to Sir Julius Vogel for the able and interesting address which he has now delivered." It was, he said, un-necessary to detain the meeting with further remarks at that late hour, but he relied upon them to give it their unanimous and hearty support. (Cheers).

The resolution was then put and carried unanimously by show of hands.

Sir Julius Vogel expressed his appreciation of the kindness of the meeting and the good taste displayed. Although it was apparent that there were some in the meeting who did not agree with all he had said, they had not allowed their feelings to interfere, but on the contrary had given him a patient hearing. He expected that they would yet come to believe that his earnest wish and desire was to aid in the success and advancement of the colony.

A vote of thanks was passed to the Mayor for presiding, on the motion of Sir Julius Vogel.

Three cheers for Sir George Grey were called for and enthusiastically given, and a similar compliment to Sir Julius Vogel was also heartily responded to.

The proceedings then terminated.